Freezing Flame

Summary: "You such a bitch! You cross me again, I roast you alive!" Warren said. "Well, you cross me again, I freeze you alive!" Anna said. Hothead Warren Peace and Freeze Girl Anna Bright didn't get along since their freshman year. So how could they dance at Homecoming? REWRITTEN

Chapter 1

Warren Peace was Baron Battle's son for anyone. For girls, he was a hot, smart, handsome, dangerous pyro. A bad boy type everygirl wanted. For Principal Power, he was a smart good boy who lived under his father's shadow. For Anna Bright, he was a stubborn jerk, full of himself and very annoying.

Anna Bright was Freeze Girl, a smart girl with blond hair and blue eyes. Popular in a different way cold, sometimes kind, stubborn, and never gave up. For Warren, she was an annoying bitch who liked to involve in someone else's life and thought she could do anything she wanted.

They were different. Tan skin and pale skin, black hair and blond hair, brown eyes and blue eyes, tall and short and of course Fire and Ice. They both had something related besides being smart and rather outcast. They both were too stubborn to admit their feeling to each other.

Warren was walking to cafeteria when he bumped onto someone, a girl. He looked down at the girl, who was on the floor, and narrowed his eyes. She was with him in the gym earlier meaning that she was a freshman too, the ice girl or freeze girl like Coach Boomer called her. The girl stood up quickly and looked up.

"Sorry." she said, offering a small nervous smile. Warren looked at her up and down before glaring at her.

"You should use your eyes, Freeze Girl!" He hissed. He expected the girl to be scared then cried or something but to his surprise, she was glaring back at him. A temperature around them suddenly dropped few degress making everyone around them rubbed their hands together and looking around to know what was happening. The girl's blue eyes narrows as she took a step forward and looked directly into his eyes.

"I have said sorry Mr. Hothead! You don't have to be so rude! Beside I didn't hurt you anyway, what's the deal?" She said, annoyed. Warren glared harder.

"You're such a bitch! You cross me again, I roast you alive!" Warren threatened.

"Well, you cross me again, I freeze you alive!" She said and walked away, brushing her shoulder with his. Warren's eyes followed the girl until she disappeared around the corner. This was the the first time he met a girl who wasn't afraid of him. He was secretly impressed.

Anna scowled when she walked passed him. She knew who he was. Warren Peace a.k.a Hothead as Coach Boomer called him. Who the hell did he think he was? She had apologized to him. Besides it was her who fell down on the hard floor. Just because he was Barron Battle's son, he thought everyone would afraid of him? Ha, he was wrong! She wouldn't be afraid to him. Never!

Anna sat down beside her best friendas well as her fellow freezer, Lee Raze. Coach Boomer called him Ice King. He was a nice boy with long black hair (longer than Warren, just passed his shoulder) and blue eyes due to his power. He got his Asian face from his Chinese mother.

"What's wrong?" He asked, closing his book and turned his attention to Anna. Anna sighed and nodded to a certain direction. Lee frowned and looked over his shoulder. He raised his eyebrows which were hidden behind his long bang when he saw Warren sat there, reading a book.

"What's wrong with him?"

"He was such a jerk! I bumped onto him on the way here and I apologized and you know what he said?" Anna looked at him and tired to mimic Warren's deep husky voice "You cross me again, I roast you alive"

Lee laughed. Anna glared at him but it just made him laughed harder.

"Stop laughing, Lee! It's not funny" Anna said, annoyed.

"It is. You should see your face, Anna! You're bad when you try to mimic someone, y'know!" Lee laughed once more.

"I think both of you're just too stubborn." He added. Anna huffed.

"I am stubborn? No, no, no, I am not. He's the ne who stubborn, Lee. I am not!" Anna said pointing at Warren. Unfortunately, Warren saw it and glared at her. Anna glared back.


"You know Anna? I think you have this umm...crush at the first sight" Lee said easily. Anna's eyes widen.

"WHAT?! Are you crazy? No, NO WAY!"

"Well, Love at the first fight, then." Lee shrugged.

"Stop it. I don't like him! I will never will, okay!" Anna glared at him.

"Well, if you say so." Lee said as he opened his book and began to read again. Anna glanced at Warren and saw that the boy was glaring at her. Anna sighed and put her head onto the table.

"Today was a crazy day" She muttered to herself.


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