Freezing Flame

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Chapter 2

Italic is flashback and thinking. Bold is Chinese.

-A month later-

Warren sighed as he put his head on the table. He was exhausted. All he wanted to do was sleeping in his nice room at home rather than sitting in the Mad Science Class. He had spent all night cleaning his hair from disgusting sticky cheese cream. Memory from yesterday afternoon was still fresh in his mind.


"I tell you, Lee! That's the strangest thing I have ever seen" Anna said as the walked out the cinema with Lee following behind.

"I think that's the best thing I have ever seen. Seriously, it would be so amazing if we can go to someone's dream then manipulate it into something we want. No heroes can do that, right?" Lee said. Both of them were coming out from to theatre after watching Inception.

"Well, yeah but dream inside the dream? That's really strange and impossible. I have to admit that the movie is so awesome and Leonardo is so hot but still it's strange."

"Well, we're strange as well so it's not surprising. Beside it jut a movie." Lee said.

"Well, let's go fid something to eat. I'm starving." Anna grabbed Lee's hand and dragged him to the nearest food booth.

"Um, can I have a cheese burger and a large cup of cheese cream. " Anna said, telling the girl her favourite food.

"I'll just have a cheese burger, thank you" Lee said. The girl smiled flirtatiously at him before walked away to get their food.

After got what they wanted, the teenagers continued their journey. Anna had finished her burger and tried to open her large cup of cheese cream. She tried many time but it wasn't moving. She huffed in annoyance and tried harder. Suddenly, the cup flew from her hand and it opened on the air before landing on someone's head. Both Anna's and Lee's eyes widen in shock as they looked at the poor victim. Familiar figure with black hair with red streak on it and leather black jacket was standing few feet in front of them. His hair soon changed from black into white-yellowish colour because of the cream. The figure turned around with a murderous expression on his face. Shit! They were going to be barbequed. The duo freezers took few steps back when his attention was on them.

"Lee, what should we do?" Anna whispered, grabbed his hand.

"!" Lee said and both of them ran as fast as they could with Warren on their tails. Along the way, many curious eyes were staring at them. Once they looked at Warren's state, they could guess why the boy in black was mad. Once they arrived in a secluded area, Lee stopped and froze half of Warren's body from waist to feet along with his hand. When Warren was busy trying to unfreeze his body, both of them ran for their life.

End Flashback

He sighed and was about to fall asleep when the door was suddenly slammed open. It caused a loud bang when it hit the wall. He looked up and saw Anna stood there, panting.

"Miss Bright, you're late for... three minutes" Medulla said, looking at his watch.

"I am sorry, Sir. It won't happen again."

"Well, take a seat next to Mr. Peace over there."

"WHAT?!" Both Anna and Warren shouted.

"Well, that's the only unoccupied seat and you'll need a partner today so just do it. Now!" Medulla said. Anna looked at Warren and they glared at each other before she made her way to the back of the room slowly. Oh, why didn't she have this class with Lee instead? And after the accident last night, he would be very mad!

Warren tensed when Anna took a seat next to him. Her natural cold aura radiated everywhere and when it touched his hot skin, he felt her body turned to normal human temperature. Warren glanced at her and saw that she was little tense. Maybe she felt something too. His body temperature was always hotter than normal since he was a pyro and this kind of thing never happened before.

Anna tensed when her temperature went normal. Since her power was ice, her body was colder than the others. That was why she usually sat next to Lee who had same temperature without bothering someone. Everyone who sat next to them usually complain how cold they were. Although it was natural for them and they couldn't help but to feel bad. Now, sitting next to the famous pyro, Anna felt great. She felt...normal. She wondered if his body was so warm that would melted her ice...

'Umm, must be great to cuddle...' She thought before shaking her head, 'What the hell I was thinking?'

"Let's get to work; I don't want to get an F because of you." Warren said, breaking a silent. Anna scoffed.

"If we got F, I will blame you for it." She said and the two began their work.

"I'm sorry." Anna said quietly few minutes later. Warren stopped from doing whatever he did and turned to his partner. He couldn't believe what he just heard.

"Excuse me?"

"I know you heard me. I want to apologize about last night. I didn't mean to do it." She said, quietly. Warren looked at her and sighed.

"Well... just for you know, I spent the whole night to clean my hair from that disgusting stuff."

"Hey, it's not disgusting. It's my favourite food." Anna complained and punched his arm.

"Why I am not surprise." Warren said. Anna glared at him.

"By they way, you're forgiven. But if you do it again, I will roast you alive." Warren said. Anna's glared change into a bright smile.


"Yeah. Oh and tell Lee that's his power is awesome."

"Awesome? What about mine? I have a power of ice too."

"No, yours is not." Warren said and Anna's glare returned into a full mood. Warren continued his work with an amused smile on his lips.

Surprisingly, they managed to keep themselves from ripping each other's throat until the end of the class. They had few arguments of course, but at least they got an A from Medulla. As soon as the class ended, Anna run out the room and went to Hero History where she would share it with her best friend. Once she walked into the room and spotted the Half-Asian boy immediately. She smiled and sat down beside him.

"How's Mad Science?" Lee asked, took out his history book from his bag. Anna looked at the pretty boy beside him and sighed.

"It was fine." she said quietly.

"Who's your partner?" He asked, although with the look of her face, he could easily guess who.

"It's Mr. Hothead." Anna said annoyed. "He was so annoying, I tell you. He always commented everything I did. Good thing we managed to finish the work before I lost my patience."

"You aren't a patient person, Anna."

"Well, y-yeah, but at least I try to be a patient person when I am with him or else we will get into a big fight and get detention."

"Well, I think you should be around him much, then."


"So you can be a patient girl. You're killing me with those whines and everything." Lee said and laughed when Anna smacked his head.

-Lunch time-

Anna tapped her foot on the floor impatiently. Lee was called by Principal Power and here she was, alone in cafeteria waiting for him. She looked across her and saw Warren Peace sat there, reading his book as usual. Anna's eyes wandered from his black hair to his handsome face. Her blue eyes swept his strong jaw and kissable lips. She unconsciously bit her own lips when she stared at those lips that were pressed tight. She averted her gaze when Warren looked up and looked down at her lunch.

Warren was reading his book peacefully since there was no one who dared to sit next to him. At first he was too consumed with his book that he didn't notice a pair of blue eyes were studying him from far, but after few moment, he sensed it and looked up on to find his enemy sitting few tables from his. He stared at her. Was she the one who staring at him earlier? He noticed how her blond hair fell on her flawless skin. How her cheeks had their own natural blush. Those blue orbs that didn't even flinch when they locked with his. She was really beautiful in fact.

Warren didn't avert his gazed when she looked up, meeting his eyes. He saw a blush crept up her cheeks and it got redder every time she looked down and up again, caught Warren's unusual gaze. She stood up immediately when she saw her friend came and grabbed him, dragging her confused friend out of cafeteria. Warren shook his head and went back to his book, unawared of a small smile that appeared on his lips since he saw her blush.

"Anna, what's wrong with you?" Lee asked once she let go of his poor arm. Lee rubbed his sore arm and gave the blonde haired girl a what-was-that-about look. Anna muttered a low 'sorry' before sat down on the ground. Lee sighed and sat down beside her.

"What's wrong?" He asked softly.

"Nothing" she said. She couldn't tell him that Warren was looking at her with a small smile on his face. She sighed and leaned her head on Lee's shoulder. A comfortable silent swept them.

"Let's go to class" Lee said when they heard the bell rang. Anna reluctantly nodded and stood up.

-Later at night-

Warren sighed as he looked around. His mother ordered him to find a job. Not because their family needed some more money but he could learn how to control his temper. He had burned half of his room when he found out that his father was arrested. So after his room was repaired, her mother ordered him to find a job. Warren looked at his favourite restaurant. The Paper Lantern. His family always gathered there every weekend. His family would joke around, laughing. Warren missed those days. The days before his father suddenly went evil.

Warren poked his head to the Chinese restaurant. It was still empty since it just opened fifteen minutes ago. He walked in and went straight to a woman who was cleaning a table.

"Um, excuse me?" The woman turned and looked at him in confused. (Bold means Chinese)

"Can I help you?" she asked in Chinese. Warren blinked. He didn't understand her at all. Great how he supposed to know what was she talking about. Warren sighed and looked around, hoping a help from someone.

"Warren?" a familiar voice was heard behind him. Warren turned around and couldn't help but to feel relieve when he saw Lee standing there.


"What are you doing here?" the shorter boy asked, walking closer to him.

"I'll take care of him, Mrs. Chen" he said to the woman. The woman nodded and left them.

"So what do you want?" Lee asked, sitting on the nearest table. Warren followed him and sat across him.

"Well, I was looking for a job and I want to know if I can work here." Warren said and looked at Lee hopefully.

"Why? Do your family have some problem with money right now?" Lee said, as long as he knew, Warren was a rich, yeah RICH boy. Although his father was in prison, his mother could earn much money too.



"I burned half of my room few months ago when my father was... arrested. My mum thought it was a good idea if I work it can help me control my temper." Warren explained.

"What are you doing here anyway?" Warren asked the pretty boy in front of him.

"My Mum is the owner of this restaurant. I usually be here at night and help my mother handle this place." Warren nodded.

"So, can I work here?"

"Warren, can you speak Chinese?" Warren looked at him in confused.


"Well, Mrs. Chen can't speak English, so in order to work here you have to be able to speak Chinese" Lee explained. Warren groaned. He didn't want to work somewhere else.

"Please Lee... I need this job. Do you want me to always lose my temper? Lee, come on...!" Lee laughed.

"Are you really Warren? I never known Warren Peace can beg to someone." Warren scowled when Lee continued to laugh. Warren put his head on the table and groaned.

"Wait till Anna heard about it." Those words sent Warren to glare at Lee.

"You wouldn't!"



"Okay...okay... I won't" Lee said amused. Warren let out a relief sigh.

"I have an idea. You can work here and I will teach you Chinese while you work here." Lee offered. Warren gave him a small smile.




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