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Timeline: Rewriting of the 41st Night: Omen, and the 42nd Night: Three Men and a Child

~ This takes place after "Black Carnival", but before "What Lies Hidden" ~

Disclaimer: I don't own…

Warning: will have some innuendo and also some 'groping' in future chapters (aka Sexual Harassment! Run Ellen!),

because this is Tyki we're talking about after all! Nothing to Explicit however *sad face*

Pairing: Tyki x Ellen (Fam!Allen)

"How can anyone take three hours to look around a little train like this?" Lavi was grumbling under his breath from behind her. The young white haired Exorcist giggled softly at the Bookman's disbelieving tone.

"Maybe he found something interesting." Ellen Walker said in a light sounding voice, though the young woman also didn't think that it could take anyone three hours to look around a train …

But then this was Arystar Krory the two were looking for, and quite frankly, the man was one of the most trusting and gullible men that Ellen had ever met.

The young woman opened the door and stepped out onto the walkway between this train car and the next, Ellen's chin length white hair being blown about and into her eyes by the wind.

The young woman's left hand rose, her white gloved fingers tangling and brushing back the white strands from her blinking silver eyes. Ellen sighing and moving forward and crossing the walkway to open the next door, the young Exorcist not having to look to know that Lavi was only a few steps behind her.

The door swung open, the young woman pausing, her silver eyes blinking in confusion at what she saw.

On the middle of the train car floor sat the Black Order's newest Exorcist. The rather tall man sniffling and shivering as he turned to fix Ellen and Lavi with one of the most pitiful looks the young woman had ever seen in her life.

The twenty eight year old Romanian sat naked (except for his boxers) before three other men. The three men were dressed like drifters, between them sat a suit case that was at the moment doubling as a table. A deck of black and white checkered cards sat atop the suite case innocently.

"Eh?" one of the drifters muttered, his head tilting to the right in question as he looked the two new arrivals over. Ellen frowned when she got the feeling that the man was staring at her a second later, though the young woman couldn't really tell, his thick black framed glasses were preventing Ellen from seeing his eyes. "Sorry, but this room is off limits to women and children right now."

The cigarette in the man's mouth shifting a little as the man chuckled and turned back to a shivering and mostly naked Arystar Krory. "Alright my good man, shall we have another round? What'll you wager this time?"

Krory fidgeted and Ellen frowned deeper, the young woman feeling her heart fill with even more pity for her new comrade. The young white haired woman was then taking a step forward and leaning down, her right hand coming to rest on the Count's bare shoulder to offer the poor man support.

"What are you doing Krory?" Ellen asked softly, her silver eyes chancing a glance at the other three men sitting on the floor of the train compartment.

All three men looked like your average drifter. Ellen noting that the group was most likely heading for the coal mine that was this trains next stop. Each man was definitely physically fit enough to be a coal miner…

Starting from Krory's left there was a man of about average height with chin length brown hair and wearing a dark brown long coat. The next man looking to be just as tall, black framed glasses and dark purple curly hair, this man sat relaxed and continued to smoke his cigarette like he didn't have a care in the world. The next drifter seemed shorter then the other two, this man wearing a dark green knitted hat, a black long coat and was most likely bold beneath his cap.

By the look of things, the man sitting directly across from Arystar Krory, the one wearing the glasses, was the leader of this little group of vagabonds. Behind him sat Krory's things and a small boy that had to be no more then seven or eight, the child wearing a dark green worn jacket and a white mask that was covering his mouth and nose.

The Romanian sniffled again and tried to smile politely at her, though Ellen could see the tall man was distraught but didn't want to disappoint Lavi and her. "These people invited me to play a game called 'Poker' with them." The Count started, the man glancing back to the small group that had conned him. "And before I knew it… well…"

The young woman sighed, her thin shoulders sagging in disbelief. Ellen could even hear Lavi letting out his own sigh of frustration. Arystar Krory was just so... so easy to trick and was just so terribly innocent, the man was practically a walking target for swindlers and cheats.

Ellen straightens herself then; her thin gloved fingers starting to work lose the buttons on her Exorcist coat. "Ellen, what are you doing?" Lavi was whispering into her ear, but the young woman ignored the Bookman, only offering the red head a smile.

The black and silver coat slid off her petite frame easily once all the buttons were undone, the young woman completely aware that she was being watched. Her pale cheeks threatening to darken, but the young woman pushed her embarrassment from the looks she was receiving aside.

The Exorcist held out her black and silver Exorcist coat, the smile on her pink lips pulling just a little wider at the looks on the drifters' faces, especially the one with the black framed glasses. "All the accessories on this coat are made of silver." Ellen spoke in a light and honest tone, her silver eyes looking at the man still smoking the cigarette. "Will you allow me to use this to ante in and try and win back Krory's belongings?"

Lavi made a strangled sound from behind her, the young man stepping up to her side and taking her left arm, pulling Ellen back a step. "E-Ellen? What're you…? These guys will literally take the clothes off your back! You can't-!"

Ellen once again ignored her red haired comrade, her silver eyes never once looking away from the drifter with the glasses. The man's mouth had gone slack, his cigarette almost falling from his lips. Then the bastard was shaking his head and fixing her with this very infuriatingly sly smile.

"No deal." The man said simply, almost like he had been slighted, the other two men throwing in their cards as the hobo with the glasses started to collect the deck.

Ellen's polite smile stayed on her pink lips, her head tilting to her left. The young woman's silver eyes narrowing and filling with confusion. Never once had Ellen been turned down in a challenge to play poker. When ever she challenged men to a card game they were always more then eager to play, thinking that because she was a woman they would be able to beat her.

That, and the fact that the places that she usually went to play poker always seemed to find the losers losing their clothes, betting everything in hopes that they could win with just one more hand. The men in those kinds of places were all perverts, more then willing to try and cheat a young petite innocent looking woman out of her clothes.

Usually all Ellen needed to do was make the request to play a game of cards, but if the offer of silver wasn't going to get her a game, then she would have to go to 'Plan B'.

"Are you afraid that a woman might beat you in a simple game of cards?" The Exorcist asked in a soft and sweetly challenging voice, the man with the glasses pausing in putting his cards into the pocket of his trousers, catching the bite in her tone.

His mouth pulled into a knowing smile, the man starting to shuffle the black and white checkered cards in his hands off handedly. Ellen noting the ease of the motion and the ease in the way that this 'Glasses' handled the cards, Ellen's mind telling her that this man was good, and that this would be much harder then what she had originally thought.

But then, Ellen Walker wouldn't lose in any card game, especially Poker.

"I'm not going to play a little girl in a game of strip poker." He added, though the drifter never paused in his shuffling. The young woman fought to not let her lips twist into a soft frown, the Exorcist's silver eyes narrowing just a fraction more.

Little girl?

She didn't like the fact that she couldn't see this man's eyes; Ellen couldn't tell if he was just playing with her or… or waiting for something else to be offered...

The man to 'Glasses' left was turning to fix his friend with a frown, the brown haired vagabond looking slightly confused over the younger man's behavior. "Hey, what's up…?" He questioned, his eyes glancing over to Ellen's Exorcist coat, which was still being offered out to the small group. "If it's really lined with silver…"

Ellen didn't understand what the man with the black framed glasses was waiting for; it was obvious that his friends wanted to play her for her silver lined coat. So what else could the man want? The silver on her coat could feed and house the small group for well over a month.

'Glasses' smile pulled a little wider and the young woman once again had the distinct feeling that he was looking her over, or more like staring at the collar of her blouse. It was then that realization dawned on the white haired Exorcist.

He was waiting for the pot to be sweetened.

Ellen Walker's smile pulled just a little wider also. The young woman folding her Exorcist coat and proceeding to sit on the ground next to Krory, the Romanian now looking at her in worry and Ellen knew that Lavi was also wearing the same look upon his face.

The young woman simply continued to smile politely, the fingers of her left hand raising and removing the red ribbon from her throat. The Exorcist dropping it atop her black and silver Exorcist coat laying on the floor next to her, Ellen's silver eyes flashing with challenge when 'Glasses' smile twisted into a satisfied grin.

The drifter chuckling in amusement, the man proceeding to deal out five cards to her and each player…

Ellen continued to smile.

Seven rounds of Poker later...

Found Ellen still smiling as she lay down her cards for the group of drifters to see. "Call." the young woman said sweetly, her smile pulling even wider in pleasure when the three men she was playing stared at her cards, completely disbelieving what they were seeing.

"Royal Straight Flush. ~" Ellen found herself adding in a sing song tone despite her self.

The three drifters continuing to stare, 'Glasses' irritatingly annoying and sly grin long gone as he sat across from her in only his boxers. A look of bewilderment and annoyance twisting his rather roguishly handsome features into a grimace, the pervert's friends also in the same state of dress as bastard with the glasses.

Behind the fifteen year old woman was the pile of their clothes and belongings, her winnings.

Krory was practically smitten as he whispered in aw that she was absolutely amazing. Ellen giggling in embarrassment when her pale cheeks started to darken with the praise. The red haired Bookman sat behind her and slightly to her left, Lavi looking more then a little confused, the young man leaning close so he could speak to her without being overheard. "What's going on Ellen…? No one is this lucky...especially you."

The young woman fought back a wicked little giggle as her smile widened. Ellen watching the group of drifters grumble and complain to each other heatedly, the three men no doubt trying to figure out how she kept winning. Ellen Walker's silver eyes flashing in true enjoyment at their obvious confusion and distress.

Yes, Ellen Walker didn't lose in any card game, especially poker.

"It's not luck Lavi," Ellen whispered, the young woman once again fighting to not let that impious little giggle lose. "I'm cheating." the white haired Exorcist added like it should have been obvious.

Ellen was sure that the group of drifters had finally come to the conclusion that she was cheating as 'Glasses' demanded to play another hand, determination to out swindle her clearly seen on his face, even if she couldn't see his eyes.

The young woman allowed a little innocent giggle to escape her smiling pink lips then, "Sure." Ellen breathed out airily.

More cards were dealt and once again Ellen won. The Exorcist laying out her cards and laughing oh so sweetly, "Call!"

"What? No WAY!"

The young woman felt an odd and small amount of pity and disappointment when they threw up their hands in defeat. The group of vagabonds grumbling as they made to stand, the three men complaining about the chill in the air and something about having to work in the mine with no clothes…

Once Krory had gotten dressed, Ellen also stood, retying her red ribbon around her throat as she did so. The Exorcist's silver eyes turning to the little boy that was with the group as he tried to cheer up the three men.

That was when the train started to slow and a muffled voice come out over the intercom, "Next stop, Kirilenko Mine Station!"

The three drifters gave out a collected sigh, the man with the black framed glasses taking a long drag from his cigarette, running his right hand through his dark purple hair. Ellen felt a dark blush threaten to stain her cheek as this caused the man's muscles to sift underneath his tanned skin, her silver eyes being drawn to the drifter's naked chest without her consent.

The Exorcist force her treacherous eyes to look away a second later, the young woman shaking her head and offering the group of drifters an apologetic smile. "You can have your stuff back..." Ellen forced her self to say, the young woman partly unwilling to give up her winnings, but knowing that it was for the best.

The young woman was happy that her voice didn't waver with her embarrassment over the fact that she was having a hard time keeping her eyes off 'Glasses' almost naked body.

The drifter wearing the glassesturning to look at her, the man frowning. Though his mouth was soon twisting up into an arrogant smile, "We haven't sunk so low that we need your charity." The man said, his voice conveying that the pervert was more then a little sore over being out cheated by a little girl.

But then the man paused, his smile twisting into a smug grin. The young woman knowing that the bastard had taken notice of the slight reddening of her cheeks. The pervert was then chuckling in amusement, the man moving to collect his things without any further prompting, his friends following and the group quickly dressed.

Lavi was taking a gentle hold of her left arm once the three drifters started to pull on their clothes, Ellen turning to meet her comrade's unreadable green eye. "We should get back to our seats, Ellen." Lavi said in a plan tone, his green eye narrowing just a little when 'Glasses' cleared his throat from behind her.

Ellen turned to look at the drifter, the man once again decent and now holding out her silver and black Exorcist coat, an irritatingly sly grin twisting his mouth wide as he shifted the cigarette in his mouth to the side. "Don't forget your coat; it's not a good idea to be leaving valuable things just laying around…"

The young woman blinked her silver eyes in confusion, then offered a smile as she took her coat from the glasses wearing vagabond.

The two groups were soon parting ways, though Ellen only got a few steps before a small hand was tugging on her grey vest. The young Exorcist turning and smiling as the little boy with curly blond hair stood behind her, his left hand in a fist and held out to her like the child wanted to give her something.

Ellen's silver eyes blinking in mystification, the young woman's right gloved hand extending to except what ever the child wanted to give her. A larger hand reached out and covered the boy smaller hand however, pushing it back to the boy's side a second later, the vagabond with the black framed glasses offering the boy a smile. "That's your treasure Eeze... I'll give her something else as a thank you ok?"

The small boy nodded and his bright blue eyes were turning back to her, the child saying in a happy sounding voice, "Thank you Ms. Card Shark, for giving my friends back their clothes!" and then the boy was off to catch up with the two other drifters that were already moving down the train car to disembark.

"Here." 'Glasses' breathed out in a low tone, holding out the deck of black and white checkered cards, his mouth still set in that irritatingly sly smile of his.

Why did this man keep smiling at her like that? The young woman could feel her pale cheeks threatening to darken in embarrassment at how the man kept looking at her...

The Exorcist shook her head and her pink lips were parting to tell this man that he didn't need to give her anything. The drifter didn't give her a chance to speak though, the vagrant reaching out and taking a hold of her left wrist and puling her closer, his other hand raising and coming to rest lightly on the back of her neck as he bent just slightly at the waist.

Ellen letting out a startled gasp a the touch, the bastard taking a step closer to her. The miner now much to close and very much in the Exorcist's personal space. Ellen could feel a mortifyingly embarrassed flush staining her cheeks as the young woman could feel the man's hot breath ghost across her left cheek.

His mouth was barely brushing against the shell of her ear as he spoke in a sensual purr. "You shouldn't go around making offers to take off your clothes, menina… a guy could get the wrong idea."

The Exorcist stumbled forward a step when the pervert released her and took a sudden step back. A terribly devious smile pulling 'Glasses' mouth wide, the man was then turning and walking away without another word to her, leaving Ellen standing alone and blushing madly in horrified embarrassment.

The young woman felt her pink lips twist into an angry scowl a second later as she watched the pervert exit the train. Though Ellen found herself blinking at her open left hand, the Exorcist just now realizing the bastard had placed his deck of cards into her hand without her realizing it.

"Ellen?" Lavi was calling out to her from the open train car door, the younger Exorcist turning to meet her comrade's concern with a perplexed smile. The Jr. Bookman looking at her questioningly, then his one green eye was sliding to watching the small group of drifters walk away from the train through an open window. "You ok?"

Ellen was mortified that her cheeks darkened at the question, the young woman frowning and shoving the deck into the inside pocket of her Exorcist coat. The Exorcist huffing in irritation as she then pulled the silver and black coat on, her white gloved fingers deafly doing up the silver buttons with ease.

That was until Ellen's fingers reached the top of the jacket, her silver eyes widening in surprised confusion as her left hand came to rest against her throat.

Her red ribbon was gone!

Th-that sticky fingered bum!

He stole her ribbon! That perverted bastard stole Ellen's ribbon right off her neck without her even realizing it!

Hehe! Tyki stole Ellen's ribbon! ^^

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