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Timeline: Rewriting of the 54th Night: Rend Allen's Heart, and the 55th Night: Delete

~ This takes place after "Black Carnival", but before "What Lies Hidden" ~

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Warning: will have some innuendo and also some 'groping' in future chapters, because this is Tyki we're talking about after all! Nothing to Explicit however *sad face*

Pairing: Tyki x Ellen (Fam!Allen)

She heard the sound… of something breaking…

Portuguese Translations by BelleTiger BT




She heard the sound of something breaking…

But then, in that moment…

She didn't care.

Ellen Walker's entire body hurt, white hot pain was flashing and burning from her fingertips to the shoulder of her left arm, the rest of her petite frame aching almost as bad. The Exorcist forced her pained silver eyes to open, the young woman pushing her beaten and bruise body up from the cool forest floor.

Ellen spotting the white silhouette of Suman Dark not to far away from her.

The young woman's heart was twisting within her chest, her blood stained pink lips pulling into a relieved smile when she took note that the other Exorcist was still breathing. "Dark…?" her tired and worn voice called out to her unmoving comrade. Ellen grit her teeth and forced her body to move forward, her left arm hanging unless at her side, the young woman calling out once again, "Suman Dark?"

The Exorcist finally made it to the unmoving body of Lenalee's and Johnny's long time friend. "You're alive..." Her right hand was reaching out and coming to rest against the man's cold shoulder, the words still falling from the young woman's lips, even when her widening silver eyes rose to see the look on the other Exorcist's face. "Thank god for…"

Hollow and empty green eyes continued to stare at her, the man's mouth hanging slack…

No movement, he was barely even breathing. He just stared, unblinking. Horror ripping through the Exorcist's heart then, tears gathering at the corners of her mortified silver eyes. Yes, Suman Dark was alive, but his soul was most definitely dead.

And she had done this to him, she had…

The young woman shut her eyes and forced back her despaired scream. After everything, after pushing herself past her limits, Suman Dark was still dead; once again she was unable to save a life that was right before her!

A soft vibration within her left hand made the Exorcist swallow back her sorrow, her tear stained silver eyes fluttering open to glance down, the young woman hadn't even realized she was holding anything.

A softly glowing green stone sat within the palm of her shacking left hand, her fingers trembling and twitching horribly around the piece of Innocence. Ellen's silver eyes narrowing in anger, her heart filling with a cold bitter rage, a cold and hurting "Why?" hissed past her pink lips.

Suman Dark's Innocence simply continued to glow and Ellen's heart only hurt worse.


Why couldn't Ellen save him, save any of those that needed to be saved?

All Suman Dark had wanted was to return to his family…

….Because he had a family that was waiting for him…

Cold emptiness rose and started to numb Ellen's pain, the young woman shaking her head and forcing herself to once again look at her comrade's face. "Tim… go and get Lenalee and the others." Her rose colored lips twisting into a deeply pained frown. "He's not dead… he can still…"

That was when Suman Dark's body started melting, boiling and then imploding into itself...

The Exorcist could only watch, could only stare in horror, her beaten body unable to move, to even twitch. A long second later a deep and smooth baritone spoke up from behind her, the tone dark and horribly amused. "Bye-Bye Exorcist, obrigado por toda sua ajuda. {Bye- Bye Exorcist, thank you for all your help.}"

Ellen cringing at the voice, the young woman turning and once again becoming frozen. A deep seeded fear rising into the back of her throat, the Exorcist's silver eyes widening at the one that stood behind her.

It was him.

The man, the bastard within Suman Dark's memories.

A Noah…

A member of the Noah Clan, right hand of the Earl.

The man's dark grey mouth was twisting into a terribly pleased smile a second later. The bastard's white gloved hands rising and once again the man spoke. "Come Teeze."

Ellen flinched and a startled gasp ripped free from her lips when something brushed passed her pale right cheek. A black butterfly fluttering innocently passed the confused young woman. Her silver eyes narrowing when Timcanpy hissed at the insect warningly, her master's golem tucking itself against her pale throat, tail wrapping around her neck.

A second later Ellen's silver eyes widened even further in panic, when hordes of the black butterflies shot past the young woman, the swarm twisting and heading for the man still standing in the shadows of the trees. The bugs hitting his open palms and flashes of bright purple light made the Exorcist turn away.

When Ellen chanced a glance back, her eyes now narrowing, all those black butterflies had merged into two larger and more vicious looking versions of what they had been. A deep thrilled chuckle escaped the bastard's throat, his malicious smile pulling much too wide. The man's flashing golden eyes turning to finally look at her, once the two golems had fluttered from his open palms.

A surprised look was quickly twisting the Noah's handsome features into a confused frown, his gold eyes blinking. Then a look of pure pleasure was filling his narrowing golden eyes, the bastard's mouth pulling into a wide and irritatingly sly grin.

The moment the bastard took the first step towards her, Ellen found her voice. Anger rising to burn away her fear. The young woman's silver eyes flashing as she glared heatedly at the Noah that had killed so many of her comrades, at the man that had forced Suman to betray the Black Order. "What did you do to him?" Ellen hissed, her tone wavering with her rage.

The young white haired Exorcist continuing to glare as the man crossed the distance between them without answering her, the bastard dropping to one knee before the young woman. Ellen's flashing silver eyes narrowing, the Exorcist's lips twisting into an even deeper frown.

"Ah, a adorável menina Exorcista do trem. Deve ser meu dia de sorte. {Ah, the lovely little Exorcist girl from the train. It must be my lucky day.} The man breathed out in a throaty purr, his irritating sly smile pulling even wider across his face. "You don't recognize me do you querida? {darling?}"

Ellen's silver eyes continued to glare, the young woman not liking how close this Noah was to her. "Bom, isso não seria tão divertido de outra forma. {Good, this wouldn't be as much fun otherwise.}" The Exorcist bitterly noting that there was very little she could do against this bastard. Her left arm was aching and slowly going numb. If Ellen was to try and invoke now…

"Tell me, minha doce menina {my sweet girl},I heard that red haired Bookman call you Ellen, would your full name happen to be Ellen Walker?" her enemy whispered huskily to her, his burning golden eyes looking her over appraisingly, one white gloved hand rising to touch her. The Noah's fingers barely brushing across her left cheek when Ellen's pink lips twisted into a deeply enraged snarl.

The young woman's left hand jerking up and striking the bastard across his left cheek, the action more of a reflex then anything else. Though the Exorcist took satisfaction in the fact that the blow took that irritatingly devious grin off his face.

"What did you do to him? Did you kill Suman Dark? Answer me!" The young woman shrieked in her rage, her grief for losing another comrade weighing heavily in her heart. The Exorcist left panting after her demand for an answer to her questions. Her shaking right hand gripping her trembling and aching left arm, holding it closer to her slight frame.

Damn it…

Ellen hated it, she hated the fact that her left arm was now useless to her...

The fucking bastard chuckled in amusement, his dark grey lips once again twisting into that terribly wicked and sly smile. "Ah, why so demanding darling?" he purred, the Noah's gold eye narrowing with pleasure as he turned to once again fully face her. "He was my enemy menina, shouldn't I have killed him?"

A darker look flashing within the Noah's gold eyes. The young woman fighting to not flinch when the bastard sat fully upon the ground before her. When the man spoke again his voice was smooth but lined with a dangerous undertone. "Tell me menina, are there any other suitors that I should know about? I could kill them too, just like how I killed Suman..."

The Noah bastard chuckled and pulled out a cigarette from the jacket of his black suit, lighting it and bringing it to his lips.

Ellen growled and held her left arm closer, that terrible fear once again starting to rise within her heart. The Exorcist couldn't even stand, much less fight. The young woman's silver eyes filling with her despair, if this man decided to kill her. Ellen wouldn't be able to fight back; she wouldn't be able to escape.

The young woman's pink lips twisting into a deeply pained smile, Ellen's petite frame shivering. The knowledge that Ellen wouldn't make it through the night weighed heavily within the Exorcist's heart and soul.

If only she was stronger.

If only…

Ellen gasped and flinched as the bastard's right hand shot forward and took a hard hold of her pale chin, her silver eyes widening in confusion. Though that was only for a moment, then the Exorcist's lips were pulling into a snarl. Her silver eyes burning with hate as they narrowed to glare at the bastard before her.

The Noah was leaning in then, his thumb brushing against her bottom lip, the bastard's gold eyes burning with hunger. The bastard was seemingly content to completely ignore the look on the young Exorcist's face. "Your lips look absolutely divine querida." The pervert spoke in a low purr. The Noah's smile twisting into a wicked grin as a pink flush rose to stain Ellen's cheeks at his words. "Maybe I should steel a kiss from you this time menina..."

Ellen's heart twisted within her chest, her silver eyes widening in mortification as the pervert leaned closer, his hot breath ghosting across her trembling lips. The young woman bracing herself for the horribly intimate touch…

Ellen blinked in confusion when the pervert suddenly pulled away and let go of her chin. The Noah's gold eyes now looking at her with a look of smugness, the bastard looking very pleased with himself over how dark her cheeks were now burning. "Ah, it's really to bad menina… I would love nothing more then to taste your lips, but I believe we have some business to see to first."

The Noah removing his cigarette from his arrogantly grinning lips, his eyes narrowing. The man was then gesturing to one of the many black butterflies fluttering around them. "These are Teez, menina. They are man eating golems and they multiply and grow by feeding on humans. The Earl created them and was the one who choose their design."

The man sighed like he was mentally preparing himself for something, then the Noah smiled at her charmingly. The young woman's breath escaping passed her parting pink lips when the Noah's hand once again shot forward. The perverted bastard then leaning in just slightly, Ellen's silver eyes as wide as they could possibly go. The Exorcist glancing down to look at the arm that was now imbedded within her chest numbly.

The Exorcist slow to realize that she didn't feel any pain, that she couldn't even feel the bastard's arm as he slowly started to pull it from her body. "My power," the Noah started in a wickedly amused breath, "Allows me to pass harmlessly through anything…" The man leaning in even more to purr in a horribly sensual tone against her left cheek. "…Unless I decide to touch it, like if I were to decide to touch your heart, menina."

The young woman could feel something, most likely this bastard's hand, take a hold of her fluttering heart. The Exorcist unable to even breathe now, the Noah's mouth brushing against her cheek as he pulled back to look at her face. Ellen fighting to make her body move, or do something-anything other then shake in her panic.

"I could steel it right from your chest, menina. I could take it from you without even exerting myself." Ellen's eye rose to meet his narrowed gold, the young woman feeling fear for one terribly long moment, feeling nothing but that mortifying and horrible fear.

Then calm was washing over her. The young woman couldn't fight, couldn't stop his man from killing her, but then…

"I'm not afraid to die." She whispered in a softly flowing voice, her eyes not looking away as the Noah blinked unbelievingly at her. Then the bastard released her heart and pulled his arm completely free from her chest.

The Noah chuckling in amusement, his voice once again shifting into a delighted purr, "Oh menina, I'm not going to rip your heart out. There are other, more pleasurable ways, to go about stealing a young woman's heart."

Ellen hissed in anger as the man reached out again, his white gloved hand taking a tight grip of the young woman's thin neck. The Exorcist's sore muscles tensing as he pushed her back and to the cold forest floor. Humiliating terror filled embarrassment tainting her pale white cheeks to a deep dark red, the young woman feeling a new type of fear twist within her soul at the position they were in.

The pervert was now leaning over her and between her trembling knees, a dark hunger leer burning within the gold of his eyes. The bastard's smirk pulling insufferably wide and into a wicked grin. "You blush so easily querida {darling}, você nunca afastou as pernas antes? Uma menina bonita como você. {have you never spread your legs before? A pretty little girl like you?}"

The perverted bastard hummed thoughtfully. That horrifying fire burning hotter within his eyes as the man leaned closer to her. His breathe hot and burning her lips when he whispered out more words in that foreign language huskily, his deep baritone smoother then silk. "Você não vai se oferecer a tirar a roupa para mim dessa vez menina? {Are you not going to offer to take off your clothes for me this time girl?}"

The Noah pervert's free hand ghosted across her trembling body, the Exorcist clenching her terrified silver eyes closed, her mind running circles and fighting to find someway out of this… someway to stop this from happening…

Th-this bastard wasn't really going to force himself on her was he?

Ellen's tear filled silver eyes fluttering open to meet the Noah's burning gold, the young woman's voice barely above a whisper, the dark blush staining her cheeks horrible, "You disgusting pervert…Don't touch me…"

The bastard's smile widened and his free hand moved to her left arm...


Burning hot pain shooting through the young woman's whole body then. Ellen's petite frame arching beneath the Noah's broader and toned body, the Exorcist's pink lips parting to scream. The sound full of pain and agony, but then the burning sensation was gone a second later as her left arm was torn from her, the shaking young woman left panting in that terrible pains wake...

The man was pulling away form her and standing then, his horrible grin gone, in its place was a regretful smile. "I'm sorry Ellen Walker, but the Earl wants me to 'kill' you."

Ellen's wide silver eyes turning to follow the bastard's gaze as it shifted, the young woman seeing her left arm, now disconnected from her left shoulder.

The dark green cross that was her Innocence flashing as the man raised his right hand, holding his open palm over her severed limb. "The Millennium Earl and the Clan of Noah can destroy Innocence querida." The bastard spoke in a cold tone, his mouth once again pulling into a small smirk. "I have orders to take special care of yours."

"Stop…" Ellen heard a terribly broken voice plead, the Exorcist barely realizing that it was hers, tears falling from her blurring silver eyes. A cold devouring numbness rising deep within her heart, true despair braking the young woman even further when the Noah stared to lean down, reaching out to the flickering green fragment of Innocence.


The Noah's finger tips brushing against the green stone, dark purple light flashing and burning away the red flesh of what was once her left arm within seconds, leaving only the Innocence behind…

She heard the sound… of something breaking…


The Noah straightened himself, the dim glowing green Innocence now resting in his open palm, the fragment of Innocence pulsing with one more beat of power, like it was also pleading to be speared from destruction…

The bastard's long white gloved fingers curled around the dark green stone, Ellen's heart and breath stuck within her throat as another flash of dark purple light crackled within the Noah's closed fist. When his hand opened, sparkling dark green dust was scattering in the softy blowing wind.

The Exorcist's tears continued to flow, even when the Noah turned back to face her. His gold eyes first looking upon Suman's glowing Innocence, a disappointed look falling over the bastard's face. "To bad…"

A heavy sigh and her enemy was moving back to her. Ellen realizing that this was truly going to be her end, that this man was going to kill her…

"Tim…" The broken young woman choked out, Ellen knowing without looking that her master's golem was fluttering in worry close by. Her silver eyes not looking away from the horrible man slowly approaching her, when she spoke again her voice was hollow. "Take Suman's Innocence and fly, without you the others will never find my master…" Timcanpy hesitated and Ellen hissed out an angry, "Go!"

The Noah bastard blinking and frowned as the golden golem snatched up the other Innocence and was gone into the dark night sky without further prompting. He heavily sighed again, "That wasn't very nice menina." His half lidded golden eyes meeting her burning and defiant silver as he kneeled at her side.

One of those wickedly vicious butterfly golems slithering out of the Noah's palm as he reached out for her. "The Earl's orders are to have her die slow, Teez, so puncture her heart just a little." The Noah said in a low darkly thrilled purr. "Ele espera que, se você chegar perto o suficiente da morte, então aquela maldita mágica de ligação irá enfraquecer o suficiente para permitir que você para despertar. {He's hoping that if you get close enough to death, then that accursed binding spell will weaken enough to allow you to awaken.}"

The Noah's hand pressing down into her chest, once again the Exorcist feeling no pain as his hand passed through her harmlessly. "My name is Tyki Mikk, I am the Noah of Pleasure, remember that my dear sweet Ellen Walker."

A sharp pinch was all she felt, then the bastard pulled his hand free from her chest. The pervert taking a silver button as he withdrew. "Ah, um símbolo muito melhor do que uma simples fita, não acha menina? {Ah, a much better token then a simple ribbon don't you think girl?}" He purred out just under his breath.

Ellen's silver eyes starring lifeless up at the dark night sky, the silver stars nothing but blurry shadows of light. The young woman could feel her life slipping away, each beat of her heart bringing her closer and closer to death. The last thing the Exorcist heard was a sweet pleasure filled whisper breathing into her ears.

"Sweet dreams, minha querida Música. {my darling Musician.}"

Portuguese Translations by BelleTiger BT

Bye-Bye Exorcist, obrigado por toda sua ajuda. = Bye- Bye Exorcist, thank you for all your help.

Ah, a adorável menina Exorcista do trem. Deve ser meu dia de sorte. = Ah, the lovely little Exorcist girl from the train. It must be my lucky day.

Bom, isso não seria tão divertido de outra forma. = Good, this wouldn't be as much fun otherwise.}

querida? = darling?

minha doce menina = my sweet girl

você nunca afastou as pernas antes? Uma menina bonita como você. = have you never spread your legs before? A pretty little girl like you?

Você não vai se oferecer a tirar a roupa para mim dessa vez menina? = Are you not going to offer to take off your clothes for me this time girl?

Ele espera que, se você chegar perto o suficiente da morte, então aquela maldita mágica de ligação irá enfraquecer o suficiente para permitir que você para despertar. = He's hoping that if you get close enough to death, then that accursed binding spell will weaken enough to allow you to awaken.

Ah, um símbolo muito melhor do que uma simples fita, não acha menina? = Ah, a much better token then a simple ribbon don't you think girl?

minha querida Música. = my darling Musician.

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