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Timeline: Rewriting of the 91th night: A Key and Four Doors. Right after everyone follows Lenalee onto the Ark...

~ This takes place after "Black Carnival", but before "What Lies Hidden"~

Disclaimer: I don't own…

Warning: Will have some innuendo and also some groping! Meaning that Tyki's being a handsy bastard!

Pairing: Tyki x Ellen (Fam!Allen)

Portuguese Translations by HTranslator

"I'm so relieved to see that your still alive menina."

Ellen Walker tensed at the whispered words, the young woman gasping. Her silver eyes widening in alarm and surprise when strong arms wrapped around her slim waist suddenly, pulling the young woman back against a hard toned chest. "Mas, infelizmente, eu vejo que você não tenha despertado, como decepcionante ... {But sadly I see that you haven't awakened, how disappointing…}"

The young woman's pale cheeks were burning a horrible red at the rather intimate embrace. The man chuckling in amusement as Ellen remained frozen within his arms, when he spoke again his voice was a deep sultry whisper. "Besides that, you were looking for a way of the Ark, correct querida?" the bastard breathed hotly against her neck, causing a wicked shiver to race along her pale skin. "If it's an exit you want, menina, I'd be more then happy to give you one..."

Another shiver burned its way up the young Exorcist's spine as a hot mouth brushed against the pale skin of her neck, Ellen finally regaining her composure enough to jerk away from the one holding her, the man making no effort to keep the young woman in his arms. Ellen was quick to put four long steps between them, the Exorcist spinning on her heel to face the one who had spoken.

The one that had been holding her had spoken low enough to be unheard by anyone but her. The Exorcist's fast movement finally drawing her friends' attention to what was going on behind them, all five of Ellen's companions turning to face her.

Ellen's instincts screaming that she knew that voice, that she knew the sensual tone the words had been spoken with and the boldness of the one who would speak like that to her, but the one standing behind her wasn't who she thought she'd see. Ellen's silver eyes widening and her pink lips parting in surprise at the sight that greeted her.

'Glasses', the sticky fingered bum who had stolen Ellen's ribbon back on that train, stood before her. His mouth pulled into a wide and irritatingly sly smile at seeing the utterly confused look on her face. His right hand rising so he could take a smooth drag from the lit cigarette held between his figures.

Out of all her comrades present Arystar Krory and Lavi were the first to find their voices. The Romanian Exorcist and the red haired Bookman choking out a confused, "Bug Eyes?" The young woman's comrades moving to be at her side, both confused at the presence of the out of place drifter.

"Huh? What kind of name is that?" The vagrant muttered sourly, his mouth twisting into a deep frown. The man looking more then a little displeased with the nickname.

'Glasses' shook his head and sighed heavily, like he was being put out. "O que as crianças ... {What children…}" The vagabond muttered, the man discarding his cigarette to the smooth white stone of the ground with a flick of his fingers, 'Glasses' snuffing it out with the toe of one of his black dress shoes.

Ellen's pink lips twisted into a confused frown, her silver eyes narrowing. The Exorcist realizing that there was something wrong with this, the questions about how and why this man was on Noah's Ark, only two of the few questions running circles within the young woman's mind...

The white haired Exorcist was snapped out of her thoughts when Kanda Yu decided to speak, his tone carrying a warning that was not to be ignored. "Hey, he's ready to kill you morons."

Krory, Lavi and her turned their eyes to the stock swordsman and away from the harmless drifter without thinking; the moment their eyes left the vagabond there was the sound of movement from the drifter's direction. Ellen's silver eyes widening as Kanda grit his teeth in annoyance, the Japanese Exorcist's dark blue eyes narrowing. The man's hand moving to the hilt of his weapon, his feet sliding apart and into a fighting stance before Ellen could blink.

The white haired Exorcist's slim frame tensing, the young woman turning her head back to the man that had cleared the distance between them in the second that Ellen hadn't been looking, the man now standing right before her and wearing a very wide and devious grin. The vagabond's right hand raising and the young woman gasping when his long fingers took a light hold of her chin, and before she could react, the man was leaning in-

The young Exorcist pale cheeks burning hot, her head flinching just a fraction to the left at the last second. The kiss the man was aiming at her lips missing its target and landing at the corner of her mouth instead.

"Hey!" Lavi growled out, the Bookman taking a light swing at the vagabond. 'Glasses' easily ducking the blow, the man taking a few long strides back, the man now wearing a wide and hauntingly familiar wicked grin. It was now, when her wide and stunned silver eyes met the vagabond's now visible (even through the thickness of his glasses) brown eyes that Ellen knew...

This man, he was...

This man was Tyki Mikk, the Noah of Pleasure. That the harmless traveling coal miner from the train was also the man-the Noah- that had tried to kill her back in China.

The young Exorcist's eyes widening even further, her pink lips parting as the man's smile widened just a little more, the perverted bastard no doubt seeing the flash of recognition within her eyes. It was now that the man leaned back, his skin tinting from a light tan to a dark grey. His thick black frame glasses passing through his face and clattering to the white stone road beneath their feet.

The Noah straightened, one hand pushing into his black pants pocket, the other raising to brush back his dark curly purple hair, revealing the seven stigmata crosses across his brow purposefully. Flashing golden eyes opening and once again meeting Ellen's silver, that grin twisting into a pleasure filled smirk. "You want an exit, right menina?"

The Noah of Pleasure's golden eyes straying to look over her comrades with a cold indifference, when his eyes returned to her the uncaring look was gone, replaced by that exasperating smug and amused look.

Ellen couldn't seem to find her voice, the young woman still reeling. "The Ark no longer has any exits, but I can give you a way out if you'd like." The Noah said in a smooth baritone, it making Ellen shiver despite herself.

Mikk pulled his hand from his pocket, holding his palm out for the small group to see, a glint of gold drawing the white haired Exorcist's eyes to the man's open palm.

"A key?" Ellen's found herself whispering in confusion. Her silver eyes rose and met Tyki Mikk's sharp and burning gold, the Noah of Pleasure curling his long grey fingers around the key. In the next second an all too familiar door burst through the white stone.

Everyone in the small group, with the exception of Lenalee and herself, gasped in surprise at the doors appearance. Ellen's silver eyes widened in recognition of Road's red heart shaped door. The white haired Exorcist's heart twisting with the realization that they might be able to escape from the Ark after all...

The Noah's mouth was pulling into an alluring smile, his eyes narrowing with pleasure; his eyes had yet to look away from her even once, other then the first time just a moment ago. "Our Road is the only being in existence that can move through space without using the Ark. She could make you an exit if that's what you want, querida."

The Noah tossed the key off the Ellen's far right, Kanda Yu catching it with ease. The Exorcist's other comrades watching Mikk skeptically now, though the Noah of Pleasure didn't look like he much cared about whether they believed him or not, he wasn't even paying then any mind other then that look of indifference and tossing Kanda the gold key.

"So how about it Músico minha linda? {my lovely Musician?} Do you want a way of the Ark or not?" Tyki Mikk said in a sensual tone, his golden eyes looking the young woman over with a hungry leer, Ellen's cheeks heating at the look within the man's eyes.

However despite the horrible burning in Ellen's cheeks her silver eyes narrowed and met the Noah's with an aggravated look, now that she had a few moments to collect herself Ellen found this man's over the top advances and boldness frustrating more then embarrassing.

It was now that Lavi took a step forward and in front of her. Her friend's one green eye narrowing and clearly relaying a very unfriendly warning directed at the Noah. Mikk's smile faltered, his gold eyes narrowing with a look of irritation as they finally looked away from her to meet her friends cold green glare.

Ellen wasn't sure if the bastard was irritated over the fact that Lavi was now blocking most of his view of her, or to the fact that his fun at harassing her seemed to be over. "Looks like we may have too many players menina, maybe I should weed out the competition some before we continue?" Tyki Mikk spoke in a threatening tone, the look within the man's eyes darkening.

"What's the catch?" The Exorcist spoke clearly, her voice filled with her determination to protect her comrades, her tone strong and warning the perverted bastard to leave her friends out of this.

Whatever Tyki Mikk's game was the Exorcist had to proceed with caution, Ellen knew that she would have to agree to whatever terms of this game that the Noah wanted to play, if any of them were going to make it off the Ark alive.

There had to be a catch however, for Tyki Mikk to make such a generous offer of escape, because it couldn't be that simple. Not when the Earl had just told them that they were here to die...

The Exorcist also knowing that it wouldn't be a good idea to push the Mikk's tolerance and patience, Ellen knowing first hand just what this man was capable of. The Noah's sly grin was back on his face as his eyes returned to her, Mikk seemingly placated for the moment, his gold eyes filling with pleasure over her unspoken agreement to play this warped game with him.

"A challenge followed by dinner." Tyki Mikk spoke like it was the most obvious answer in the world. The bastard turning to his left just slightly, the Noah indicating to the highest tower at the center of the Ark with a wave of his hand. "If you can join me at the top of the center pillar you win and Road will allow you to use her door to escape off the Ark. Of course, you'll have to get there first, which is the challenge."

The Noah of Pleasure chuckled in wicked amusement then, the man continuing on with a tone of voice that told the young woman that he was purposely withholding something very important. "That key will open Road's door, and the three other doors that lead to it." Tyki Mikk said plainly, the man shifting his weight as the ground started to rumble.

Ellen could hear Lenalee cry out in panic as the stone road stared to crack and split. Lavi turning to look over his shoulder, her comrade no doubt worrying about the green haired Exorcist, though the Bookman's worry wasn't needed as Kanda took hold of Lenalee's bare left arm and helped her stay on her feet.

The quake became much worse, some of the buildings crumbling around them. One such building cracking, one of its upper towers splitting and then falling right where the Noah was standing, Ellen choking back a shout of warning, her heart jumping within her chest sharply as the falling ruble came crashing down atop the Noah of Pleasure before any words could pass her lips.

"Oh god-!" Lenalee gasped out softly, horror clear in her voice, the shaking fading just enough to allow the small group to regain their footing for the time being.

"Is he dead?" Lavi muttered off handedly, the white haired Exorcist swallowing hollowly-

"Also, it would be good to not forget that you have a time limit, menina." Tyki Mikk's voice called out from beyond the fallen tower. The young white haired Exorcist finding her pink lips twisting into an exasperated frown at her sudden realization that this 'challenge' was going to be far from fair

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