I walked into the bakery and saw Asano knitting some booties for the baby, then she stopped to talk to me, but I wasn't in the mood.

"Kiki! How was the party?" Asano said as she looked up at me from her rocking chair. Still feeling uneasy and stunned from seeing Leon I couldn't think of an answer.

"Kiki? What's wrong hun? Are you not feeling well?" Asano stood up and put her hand on my face to take my temperature.

"I'm fine Asano…." I said as I slowly walked up the stairs to my attic room, then I saw Gigi waiting for me through the window. I, little by little opened the door and flopped onto the bed. Gigi curled into a ball right next to me and asked,

"Are you alright Kiki?" I was so confused and I didn't know what to do, so I just pretended that I was tired, and fell "asleep."

"Well if you need anything just tell me alright?" Gigi said as he fell asleep.

It was around 3am and I still couldn't sleep. I wanted to know what happened to Leon, and why he was all beat up. I looked at the sky from my bed and just stared at the stars in the sky hoping that Leon would be alright, and then passed out.

By the time I woke up I could hear Asano calling me from the kitchen, but I wanted to sleep a bit more, so I started to roll around in bed again until I decided it was time to get up. I thought about last night's event with Leon and decided it was probably just a dream. I looked around and I couldn't find Gigi anywhere, so I opened the window near my stove and called out for him.

"Gigi! Where are you?" I didn't hear a reply until a little voice came out of no where.

"Over here Kiki!" I looked up and saw Gigi with his girlfriend and smiled. I cleaned myself up and walked back into the bakery, but when I walked in I saw Drake and Bubz; they both looked worried. The air was tense and I didn't know what was going on, I felt as if I was being sucked into a hole or something. Bubz came running at me as usual to ask the same question.

"Do you have any cookies today?" he asked as he smiled.

"Yeah! We do." I replied. Drake looked worried sick as he looked out of the window, so I approached him.

Suddenly the bakery door opened and Leon entered. Drake quickly ran to his side to help support him. Asano was astonished and grabbed the closest chair to help rest him, and then I knew that last night was defiantly not a dream. I didn't understand what was going on, but it seemed like everyone else did, I saw Leon's beautiful face again covered in bruises and cuts, and it terrified me.

"What happened?" I asked as Asano left to get ice for Leon's face


"…" there was no answer from him as he turned the other way. Drake leaned close to Leon's ear and whispered, then Leon just nodded. Disappointed Drake left the bakery. Bubz grabbed Leon's arm, but Leon moved backwards as he flinched in pain. I didn't get it, Yesterday was a fun and amazing day, but how did Leon end up like this? I looked at Leon's face again, and noticed his sharp mysterious eyes staring straight at me. Asano came back with ice and placed it onto Leon's face.

"So what happened Leon?" Bubz asked as he pulled a chair next to him.

"Ah…" Leon looked down at the floor and replied, "I got into some trouble." The face he made as he said that felt so painful, and I started to tear up. Something I knew was clogging my throat, I wanted to say something, but I didn't know what to say. I grabbed the first aid kit from under the counter and started mindlessly putting bandages all over Leon.

Bubz started to drag Leon out of the bakery to take him home, but Leon's tall body was too much for Bubz's small delicate body.

"Leon, I know you're hurt and all, but youurr soooo heavvyy!}_$)# _#!" Bubz shouted as he fell onto the floor.

During work I couldn't think about anything other than Leon. I sighed and waited for the store to close. Asano popped out of the kitchen and started to talk.

"Kiki, are you alright?" she asked as she looked worried.

"Huh? YEAH I'm fine Asano." I said surprised.

"Well, if you're worried about Leon, then I think you should go visit him." She said to me as she smiled at me. I turned to her and thought of the idea,

"YEAH! THAT'S A GREAT IDEA, THANKS ASANO!" I said as I ran out of the door.

"…I didn't mean right now…oh well." Asano said as I left.