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The Girl Who Ran Through The Grass

Once upon a time there was a boy who had the misfortune to fall in love with a girl. The boy loved the girl with all of his heart. When they were very small, they had played a thousand games together. His backyard became a forest of unending possibilities.

He was the cowboy and she was the Indian. She was the captain and he was the first mate. The cold sand of the beach became their battleground when they fought dragons and monsters. They would laugh in the weak silver sun and the boy had never felt happier.

The wind wasn't as cold when they were exploring together. The rain didn't sting their cheeks when they ran through the grass. Mud would get stuck to their bare legs and ruin the girls' dress, but neither of them cared. They were heroes and they were on an adventure.

But one day the girl moved away to live in the sun, and the boy hadn't realized how much he needed her there until she was gone. The world seemed more frightening now that the girl wasn't there to show him the way. He missed the feeling of her fingers in his.

Year after year dragged by. The world became less terrifying over time and the boy was able to stand on his own. He had new escapades and made new friends. But none of them could make them laugh like the girl did.

Many more years passed and the boy heard a whisper. The girl was back to stay for good. He didn't believe the rumors until his father took him to see her. She was still the same, a little taller perhaps, but deep down, she was still the girl he had run through the grass with all that time ago.

The boy took it upon himself to learn all that there was to know about her.

He knew that she had exactly six freckles on her face even though they were so light you couldn't see them unless you were very close. The boy memorized the color of her blush and the smell of her hair. He knew that she secretly liked Justin Bieber when he found the newest album hidden under the leather seat of her old truck.

He knew that she hated to get up early and that she wasn't nearly as clumsy as she insisted she was. He could feel the way his heart leapt at the sight of her and that his palms would sweat when her soft skin would accidently brush his. He knew that she saw him as just a kid, but that was ok, because the boy was patient.

And so he waited and he fell far more in love with the girl than was ever intended.

He knew that she was the one from the moment he saw her in that blue dress, that he was meant to love her for the rest of his life when they danced awkwardly around the gym. And that the other one with the pale skin and strange eyes wasn't right for her in any way.

The boy was certain he could fix the girl when she showed up in his garage, months later, stumbling over her feet and her words. He knew she was beyond sad and it was entirely the pale boy's fault. But he was sure he could fix her. He could untangle her arms from round her middle and make her laugh again.

He knew she loved him even if she did not know it herself. He saw it in the depths of her eyes and the curve of her mouth. He saw it through her carefully chosen words and twisted fingers. He saw it when she stayed by his side even after his world changed into a nightmare.

The boy knew she was his soul mate when she accepted him just the way he was. He knew when she wrapped her skinny arms around his waist instead of running away. He knew when her cheek rested against his shoulder and she named him her sun. He saw it in her touch, her breath, her voice.

It was still there when the pale boy returned and stole the girl away. He was certain she still felt it when the other poisoned the girl against him. When the pale one became her jailor, her owner. The boy had never felt such rage before, knowing that the girl was a prisoner and he could not rescue her.

The boy wished he could take the girl back to simpler times, when monsters were figments of their imaginations and together they had defeated them. He wished he could put her in his car and drive into the sun, away to the deserts she loved so much. He wished they could disappear down endless two-lane asphalt and leave the world behind.

But the girl pushed him away, so ensnared was she by the pale boy's charms.

However, the boy was persistent, determined to show the girl that the cold one was wrong for her. He tried to show her that life with him would be better because the boy could offer her things the pale one could not. He tried to show the girl that he would always be at her side, always be her protector, but never her keeper.

He tried to show the girl that she loved him as much as he loved her.

He showed her through laughter around a towering bonfire. With a warm touch in a cold garage. With a desperate plea and a breaking heart. He showed her with a promise to never give up, to always been there for the girl who ran through the grass.

And ever so slowly she returned his smiles. Her fingers lingered on his arm longer than they should. Hope grew inside the boy with every touch and kind word. He was so close, he could tell.

She had to realize soon.

And so with luck, and admittedly a forced hand, the girl really saw the boy for the first time. And when those lips that had joked and smiled at him finally touched his own the boy felt the world fall into place. The girl loved him and she knew it.

The girl did not want to leave the boy's side. She wanted him to stay, always. But that meant giving up the cold one. And the girl could not do that, even if it was for the boy who had chased her through the grass so very long ago.

With much sadness and regret, the girl turned away from the boy and the boy, filled with rage and despair, ran away from her as fast he could. He ran hard and far, desperate to forget the girl that had become his whole world.

But he could not escape her. Without meaning to, the boy found himself hiding in the dark, watching the girl dance in a dress of white. Without his permission, the boy's legs took him into the light, where she saw him and smiled.

The boy held the girl in white in his arms and tried to ignore how much it hurt his heart. She leant against him and they danced together in the shadows. The girls' hand found his and squeezed, but the gold ring on her finger cut painfully into his palm.

And the boy was forced to realize the painful truth that the girl didn't love him as much as she loved the other.

She never had.

They didn't live happily ever after.