Okay, I know I should be working on my other story but honestly, I CAN'T THINK OF ANYTHING . so I'm going to attempt to do something NOT Hunger Games related. This is just a prologue and it's going to be like how Supernatural starts out :D So ya.

DISCLAIMER: I do not own Supernatural OR Hetalia. I'm not cool enough to come up with those awesome shows. But I DID come up with my OCs :)

~3rd Person POV~

"Okay Jamie, truth or dare?"

A group of teenagers sit in a circle, playing a harmless game of 'truth or dare' with the bottle facing a fifteen year old girl named Jamie.

"Dare." She says with a smile on her face, waiting for her friend to pick her dare. The girl thinks for a while, carefully choosing her friend's dare. She wants it to be scary, something Jamie will think twice about doing. Then a lightbulb clicks in her head.

"I dare you to go to the rundown bridge in the woods. You know, Murderer's Bridge." The friend, Marry, says with a devious smile as Jamie stares at her, thinking about the story she heard at school about that 'haunted' bridge. Another person is about to twist the bottle again when Marry stops him mid turn. He looks at her then speaks up.

"I don't think that's a good idea Marry." He warns.

"Well she chose dare, now she has to do it." Marry says, looking at Jamie. "That is, unless you're chicken." She starts to make chicken noises when it eventually gets on Jamie's nerves. She stands up in a rush and looks the other girl in the eye.

"Fine, I'll do it." She stomps her foot and is about to walk out when Derrick, another friend, stands up.

"I'm coming with." He says.

"Fine, but you'll need to stay off the bridge and keep your distance." Marry says with a shrug and tosses her dirty blonde hair over her shoulders like it's nothing.

"Okay, let's go." Derrick says and the two walk out together.

~In the forest~

They walk past trees that seem to have faces in the dark. It's a dreary night and the only light sources are the moon and stars.

"You don't have to do it you know." Derrick says to Jamie. "We'll just say that you crossed the bridge and came back, nothing to it." He says, trying to reason with her.

"No, I'm going to do it. Besides, it's just an old folktale to scare kids so they won't come back here." She assures her friend as they jump over a log.

"I hope you're right." Derrick mumbles when they come across the old, worn down tape that says, "DO NOT ENTER." Jamie crosses under the tape and Derrick tries to, but Jamie turns around with a stern face.

"Get back." She hisses and shoos her friend at least five feet away from the tape.

"Hurry." He warns Jamie who just nods her head.

At first, she does hurry, but halfway across it begins to creek every step she takes. She pauses but it continues to make noises even after she stops walking.

"Jamie." Derrick whispers as the creeks become faster. "Get off the bridge." Sadly, she can't hear him over the creeking. Jamie continues looking around her to find the source of the noise. "Jamie!" He tries to get her attention, but the noises drown out his warnings.

Then, out of nowhere, a humanoid figure crawls across the bridge, twisting and turning in unnatural positions. Yet, it moves faster than the average human does. It grabs the poor girl by the ankles as Jamie tries to kick free, but to no avail. It tugs on her ankles, causing her to topple over, smacking her head against the rotting wood.

"Derrick!" She screams through the night as the creature pulls her to the opposite side of the bridge as she still attempts to get away. Finally, it drags Jamie into the empty black of the woods.

"Jamie!" Derrick yells over the remains of Jamie's screams.

But her screams aren't the only ones that Derrick hears…

MWUHAHAHA! Okay, I know, sucky prologue but I do have this story planned out all the way up to chapter 5 so I won't be getting writer's block for awhile with this, unlike some stories