A Producers Oneshot

Note: I should have probably written this fic before I started to writer The Therapy Session. That fic had to be taken down because I had trouble developing the story knows after writing this I might give that another shot.. I obviously do not own any characters from The Producers.

Something about Ulla makes me crazy. I don't know what it is. Maybe it's her accent. All I know is that I want to be with her every minute,…. Even when we're working. That can't be good for business… but who says Max has to know.

Though there is a language barrier between us the thing I like best about Ulla is her sense of humor. Even in my darkest moments of the day when I am severely uncertain this scheme will work out and have us rolling in the dough she comes up with the wittiest comments and it relieves my stress even in the slightest bit.

One thing I wonder is if she has a boyfriend in her home country. It would be a real shame if she didn't. She's a gorgeous girl. Any guy would be fool not to date her.

Hopefully I can break out of this shyness and uncertainty so I won't end up being one of those fools