' Ben was pinned against the wall, Lance's claws pulling down his pants freeing his hard cock.
Lance brought out his as their cocks touched each other, making them moan with need.
Their tongues touched and pushed against each other as they made out in the hallway.
Lance's tail wrapped around their cocks and he stroked them hard and fast with need.
Ben had his arms wrapped around Lance's neck, moaning as they kissed each other.
Soon they both came hard, their cum mixing as it covered their cocks and Lance's tail.
Ben leaned back, panting as Lance's tail slithered and slide into Ben's entrance with ease.
They began to french each other as Lance fucked Ben with his tail and pinched his nipples.
Lance growled as he placed Ben on his hands and knees, removing his tail making Ben whine.
Ben moaned as Lance pushed his dragon cock inside him and took off at a hard and slow pace.
Lance held onto Ben's hips with one claw while the other squeezed and rubbed Ben's ample rear.
Low groans and moans filled the hallway as Lance took Ben raw not caring who heard or saw them.'

Ben noticed Lance's eyes were glazed, his mind was focused on something since he was very quiet now.
Ben tapped his shoulder, making Lance snap out of his dirty fantasy and he sighed sadly since it was a dream.
As they made their way to the main lab, it kept getting darker and darker until they came to a door.
The thick metal had a Draconem symbol on it and a small slotted window with a huge padlock instead of a doorknob.
Lance went up to the lock and picked it open with his claws, making it creak as it opened slowly on it's own.
The sounds of hissing and growls echoed through the room with different colored eyes, glowing brightly.
Lance kept Ben close to him as some of the prisoners tried to grab him only to get nothing, but air.
Ben felt sad as the lights went on and in the cages were people or what use to people were chained up.

" What happened to them?"

Ben asked as he watched a male and female huddle with a small infant in their arms.

" Farlo's experiments. He finds runaways or kidnaps people to use for his perfect dragon servants serum. There is a way to fix them, but until then, they are stuck like that."

Lance shuddered as the creatures watched him and just growled from his energy as they came to the next room.
It had a laptop with many wires and dozens of papers scattered all over and different designs with needles in a large bin.
Lance read some of the papers that weren't written in code before searching through the laptop and found out what was going on.

" It seems my uncle has been busy, this is a list of the most powerful people on the planet and Bellwood. It seems he has created a breed of dragonflies to inject the serum into the powerful subjects."

Ben kept looking through the different papers until he came across one that had a set of different numbers and formulas.

" Powerful people, does that mean Oprah is on that list?"

Ben asked only to get a loud chuckle from Lance and kept reading the paper in front of him.

" She doesn't count because her source of power comes from all the money she has. Anyway my uncle plans to create a race of super dragon servants using his cane. See the cane erases your memory clean and the serum replaces it with a blank one, a slave with no will and obeys whoever holds the cane. It's a survival of the fittest scenario where the weak die so the strong survive."

Lance kept searching in the laptop while Ben came across a picture of a large syringe with a yellow liquid labeled Plan B.

" Hey what does this Plan B have to do with your uncle?"

Ben showed Lance the paper and picture in which the information didn't make any sense.

" If I'm right then this is the antidote to the serum, but why would he want a cure?"

Lance wondered and Ben pondered about this before he turned to the Omnitrix and set the dial ready to go alien.

" Because the only thing to stop Farlo is a dragon alien and if one had the will to turn against him, he would need the cure to change it back before it could kill him."

Lance hugged Ben for the good news they found among all the depressing events and Ben growled since it was hurting him.

" Sorry Ben couldn't resist, but I do fear we have another problem, the power surge we felt earlier may have come from Kevin which means Farlo has made him into one of servants. He must have been the one to erase Kevin's memories, which explains why Kevin didn't remember you until you two kissed."

Ben thought about it and it did explain why Kevin was acting different than before.

" Why Kevin though? I mean why tell Kevin he was in an accident?"

Lance sighed sadly as he saw tears being to form in Ben's eyes and offered him a tissue.

" That's what we need to ask my uncle and stop his plans from happening and...I feel sleepy."

Ben blinked and felt his vision getting dark as they didn't realize the room was filling with a sleeping gas and they tried to stay awake.
Soon they passed out and darkness filled their vision. Ben groaned as he finally woke up and everything was blurry.
Once his vision focused, he saw Gwen and Albedo in a cage and Lance hung in the air by his hands and feet in energy shackles.

" I see you're finally awake, so you're the legendary Ben Tennyson? It seems we have a familiar acquaintance."

Before Ben could say anything, Farlo signaled and the Draconian Kevin walked into the room and stood next to Farlo.
Ben looked at the dragon confused and scared from the glowing red eyes filled with a lust for blood and ready to kill.
A familiar scent hit his nose and he gasped realizing who was standing before him and found himself chained.

" Kevin?!"

Farlo chuckled as the dragon went up to Ben and sniffed hi clothes and hair deeply as he growled.
He snorted and kept sniffing Ben all over before their eyes met, it felt like he was going in a trance.
Ben kept his guard up and the chains that kept held him made it impossible to stand up at all.
He couldn't reach the watch and felt the dragon sniff his neck and felt the claws run along his back.

" And yet he doesn't recognize you, how sad with the history you two share. Oh well at least you will feed him in a different way, LEVIN ATTACK!"

The dragon stood there, unmoving and Farlo growled.


" I answer to no one!"

Kevin turned to face Farlo and roared before charging into him, knocking the cane into a corner of the lab.