Okay so yeah I know their supposed to be fighting and worring about the edison group. the thing is that they already defeated the EG and the Cabel...Kit is on vaction while Aunt Lauren is back at home with Chloe's dad explaining everything to him...so the thousands dollars on her head has gone...I turned Andrew into the good guy because eh...I don't know i just felt like it okay so yeah that's cook

"Derek you're such a jerk" I mumbled as he laughed when the character of a really said movie was dieing.

He was laughing so hard that his face was red and he held back in laughter as people gave him death glares tears streaming down their faces.

I rubbed my temples, and looked over at Simon who was crying as well holding onto my hand and after Simon was Danny who was burrowing his face into Simon's shoulder crying, beside Danny was Tori who was dead asleep on Hunter's shoulder who was also asleep.

Molly went to watch a chick flick, Andrew he wanted to stay home and watch soap opera 'old men'I thought grimacing

After me being a slave for Derek punishiment was over...our relationship has gone smoothly until he found Danny asleep in my bed he freaked out and said that we needed a break I actually agreed because we have been fighting for like weeks.

It kind of felt as ease once the drama was over between us and know we're just best friend who know we love each other.

I turned my attention back to the black and white movie, the heroin was crying on her dead lover sobbing that she loved him and wanted him to return.

"Michele come back" she sobbed. Derek burst out laughing again.

"Derek this is a serious moment" I muttered he glanced at me grinning his eyes sparkling with laughter, sighing I turned to back to the movie the women grabbed the man's sword "if my lover shall be dead then i as well" she cried stabbing herself.

Derek belted out laughing even more his "stop it this is too funny" he cried out loud.

A man behind us through his non eaten chuuro. It hit Derek on the back of his head and landed on my lap, "oooo food" Derek said grabbing and taking a bite out of it, "thanks" he called back taking another bite.

Finally the movie ended and we all walked out, most of us in tears.

Derek was grinning "let's watch another" he cried out.

"No!" we all screamed, he pouted then grinned.

"Chloe!" a voice sang, we all froze except Derek who's grinned widened even more stupid jerk

I looked behind me and my eyes widened in horror, Molly was running well trying to run to me with her short black pencil skirt, hot pinks hells and a hot pink tube top that reached just underneath her breast.

Her giant crater like boobs bouncing up and down, "come to me you naughty girl" she yelled.

I squealed and ran behind Derek who laughed, he moved out of the way the last second and my face was then squashed between her giant breast.

She hugged me and swung me back and forth like a rag doll "I missed you all the time during the movie" she cried.

I shoved her away taking a deep breath "fresh air" I chocked out clutching onto Simon who was grinning in amusement and sympathy.

"Let's go" Derek said grinning grabbing my hand, Molly glared at Derek who glared right back...we all walked to the car "where's Tori and Hunter" I asked looking around.

Then we heard a loud cry and then "not in public you horny cat!" a familiar voice yelled. "Awe but puppet" his voice whined as he held his head running after Tori was was blushing and swinging her mountain purse back and forth.

"Let's go" Derek grunted "shot gun!" I called.

Derek gave me a wink and I smiled back hopping in the front seat.

They all climbed in the back of the van and we drove away from the movie theaters, on the way we decided to stop at McDonald and get something to eat.

I of course ordered a fish sandwich with a small coke and fries.

Derek ordered three big mac, an extra large coke, and 4 extra large fries for himself.

Molly ordered a salad and water bottle

Tori and Hunter ordered the same - a cheese burger with a large coke

Danny ordered - two fish sandwiches and small fries and a small sprite

Simon had a salad with a medium coke

We had to go through drive through because were were kind of bannded from the place only allowed drive through

"Come on guys!" Simon yelled pulling Danny inside the fast food restaurant, Derek and I were holding hands while Tori refused to hold hands with Hunter "b-b-b-but!" he whined, she glared at him "last time we held hands you stamped a note on my back saying 'back off bastards she's mine!...and don't look at her ass it's mine as well!'"

Hunter blushed laughing nervously "hehehe..." Tori sighed and walked towards the line with Hunter following after her like a wounded puppy or kitten on his case.

"What do you want?" Derek asked behind down to kiss my cheek, "mmm let's wait for them to order" I whispered. Derek nodded and steered us towards a wall. He leaned against it pulling me into his chest; "I love you" he whispered pulling me closer "I love you too" he grinned and pulled me face closer for a kiss.

We whispered together giving short sweet pecks in the middle of our conversation, a tap was on my shoulder. I pulled away from Derek and turned around to see a old man staring at us "hello" I said politely, Derek just grunted in response

"I need a favor to ask" he said leaning on his can "yeah sure whatever" Derek grumbling hating being interrupted "Stop kissing and showing off like fucking horny teenagers you guys are!" he yelled and everything became quite...we both stared at him in shock "thank you that's all I have to say" he muttered walking out of the fast food restaurant.

It was silent for a moment before Tori snickered then belted out laughing...Hunter started, then Danny, Simon then the rest of the restaurant was laughing at our beet red faces.

"Shut up!" Derek yelled at them instantly everyone shut up and ignored us afraid of what Derek might do, when finally we ordered. "Let's sit in the back" I asked hoping to get away from the watchful eyes in Mcdonalds.

Everyone agreed and we sat together in the corner table, there wasn't enough room so I had to sit on Derek's lap and Tori in Hunter's much to his delight.

We ate silently until Molly reached over across the table her huge breast hitting Simon's coke spilling it everywhere on the "oh my fucking god!" he yelled, we stood up as well "Molly! what the hell" he yelled grabbing a napkin and dabbing the table with it, "Sorry I just wanted to give Chloe a kiss" she pouted.

I grimaced "Derek save me" I whined pressed my face into his chest which rumbled when he laughed silently, I glared up at him "you enjoy my pain" I murmured "no I think it's cute that you know that I'll save you from everything which is true" I blushed while he stroked my pink cheeks making them turn red.

"Excuse me sir but we don't allow profane language here" a man said in his McDonald's uniform, Simon blushed "oh I'm sorry" he whispered. The man sighed "don't do it again" he murmured and walked off.

"Nice going" Hunter snickered, I was kind of thankfully that he got rid of his grudge from me when he found out that Derek was actually me, he kind of figured out that Danny would love girl company and I was the one who accepted him fully.

So since Simon started dating Danny Hunter teased Simon now instead of me. "It wasn't my fault" Simon whispered harshly at him who just smirked, a women came up and started wiping the table, she stood up and winked at Hunter making Tori glare at the girl and moved towards her boyfriend closer who smirk with pride.

"Let's find another table to eat at and Molly you sit someplace else!" I demanded pointing at her "awe but Chwoeeeee" she whined "go away" I growled she pouted and walked off until she saw a hot looking guy and ran to him shoving her breast to on his chest. He smirked and pulled her outside the restaurant. "Isn't she lesbian" Derek murmured frowning "she swings both ways" Danny muttered.

"ah" we both said, we were finally sitting down and eating calmly when a loud commotion came out of nowhere. We turned to our lefts to see Molly fighting another girl who had almost as big breast as Molly, the girl was dresses as a slut. Wearing a white micro mini and probably nothing underneath that, and a really tight v-neck. "Get off my bitch!" Molly yelled, the other girl just pulled Molly's tub top straight off.

Surprisingly she wasn't wearing anything underneath and her bare breast were all exposed for the world to see, "at least help her" Hunter muttered to Tori who sighed "alright here I come" she muttered pulling up her sleeves, just when she reached them the other girl pulled Tori by the hair and into the fight "ow fuck you stupid bitch!" she yelled. I sighed, there was stratching, yelling, cursing, ripping, and biting.

"Somebody please stop them" an old women yelled in disgust as Molly's breast was squished in the girl's faced while Tori was punching her face, "I'm going in" I muttered to low for them to hear. I ran "Chloe!" Derek shouted, then I jumped on the girls back wrapping my arms around the her neck chocking her.

"Ugh you stupid bitch" the girl yelled reaching above above and grabbed my hair yanking it. I screamed and pulled on her hair yanking it as hard as I could "stop stop stop!" a male voice yelled, I felt someone pull me back it was Tori, then another girl jumped me from behind and scratched my face.

I yelled and grabbed her arms pulling her over my body making her fall striaght on her back. "Whoo hoo! Go Chloe beat that bitches ass!" I heard Simon yell then a smack from Derek, suddenly I was lifted away from the fight "Dammit Chloe" I heard Derek yell, he walked up to the girl and slapped her so hard that everyone got quite.

Manager came out and "what the hell is going on!" he yelled, everyone pointed at us and we sighed "you all out!" he shouted. Our pictures were taken and we were on the banned wall. "Thanks alot Molly" Hunter muttered, "Hmph it wasn't my fault" she was wearing Simon's jacket over her..."yeah sure it wasn't" we all murmured

When we arrived back home, Andrew was fast asleep on the couch snoring one leg on the couch the other flopped over the back of it chips, popcorn, and nuts on the floor, couch, and his chest. About 3 empty beer bottles on the coffee table.

Derek shut the TV, Hunter locked the doors and put the alarm on and we walked upstairs. I was sitting talking to Danny and Derek when Tori ran in the room "guys guess what i found this new spell but it's in Greek so i can't read it" we followed her downstairs to the library where.

Simon and Hunter sitting on the couch playing thumb wars, we looked at them "what are you guys doing" Tori asked hissed, they both stood up "uh thumb war?" Hunter said as if we were the dumb on "but why?" I asked.

He sighed "did you know that thumb war is actually a sport" Derek muttered from behind me, we turned to stare at him and he blushed "just continue on what you were saying" he muttered.

"Okay then follow me" she said grabbing my hand then Hunters. and led us towards a table,Tori handed Derek a thick old leathery dusty book. "There" she said pointing to the words

"θα σας ταξιδέψουν πίσω στο χρόνο ... και πρέπει να αντιστρέψει placers χρόνοσας ζωή
αλλάξουμε το παρελθόν ... ένας από εσάς θα παρενοχλούνται
για να έρθει πίσω στο σπίτι ... θα πρέπει να περιφέρονται
μέχρι να βρείτε ένα κήπο περιστέρια ... τότε μιλάμε για τον άνδρα με τα γάντιαβόδι
θα σας δώσει μια φίλτρο ... για να παρασκευάσει το φίλτρο θα πρέπει να πάτε τοδελεάζουν
ύπνου μαύρο κύκνο ... λάβει στη συνέχεια ένα μπουκάλι γάλα από τη μητέρα τουελαφάκι.
έπειτα από την επί ... τότε θα έρθει στο σπίτι την αυγή"

"you will travel back in time...and must reverse your placers life time
change the past...one of you will be harassed
to come back home...you must roam
until you find a garden of doves...then speak to the man with the ox gloves
he will give you a potion...to brew the potion you must go the beckon
a sleeping black swan...then take a bottle of milk from mother of a fawn.
then from for on...then you will come home at dawn" I recited it.

They all stopped what they were doing and looked at me, I blushed "I had a private tutor he was Greek and he taught me to speak Greek" I said blushing even more.

They nodded "so you guys want to test it out" Tori said grinning "No Tori i don't think none of us will want to go back in time" Derek said.

"We could send Molly back" I said.

They all looked at me again i blushed "She get's annoying" I murmured ducking my head, Derek chuckled leaning down to kiss my cheek.

I blushed "we are on break remember" I muttered so only he could here, he froze and nodded looking away. "Damn I was really hoping i could do this spell" Tori muttered "No spells for you...remember what you did to us" I said glaring at her. Tori wore a guilty face and sheepishly smiled at me.

-Dinner time- Yum!

we all sat around the table eating...Tori had a secrete smirk on her face and i was wondering what she had done "Tori" I said slowly, her smirked only wider "I have a plan" she said.

Then with out warning she said "na milí̱sei to myaló sas prépei na sas steílei píso̱ sto chróno"

and it hit both me and Derek...I gasped and looked down at myself i was fading away quickly and fast, I looked at Derek and he was the same. Everyone had a look of horror on their faces except for Tori who was smirking. I shut my eyes as i felt a thousand needles pinch my body.

but when i opened my eyes i was in a room, with huge draping curtains around the bed and window...everything all flurry...and a deep maroon color.

"M'lady" a voice called. I sat up and looked at the door way and saw a women in her early 20's wearing a black gown with a white apron "m'lady Saunders ye mother. Lady Saunders will like to speak with ye" she said bowing then leaving.

"Mother" I gasped standing up, then I looked down I was wearing a frost green corset dress thick and heavy. It had beautiful embroiderer on the corset which was up to my neck, "oh dear lord" I muttered hitching up my skirt and looked out the window.

All I saw was green pastures...horses and very hot men outside working with their shirts off. I blushed and looked away.

The lady came back in "I brought ye a dress to wear m'lady" she said holding up a dark blue corset square swoop gown. I gulped Tori had sent Derek and I back in time...to the 15th century

So ya like! so yeah now Tori sent them back in time...another whole adventure for Chloe and Derek ;)

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