Author's Note: I always intended to include multiple alternate endings to the story, but just never got around to it. This being the 2nd Anniversary of the publication of Rematch in Metropolis, I thought it would be an appropriate time to finally do so. This will be the first of two, short evil endings. Hope you enjoy them.

Evil Ending 1

Krillin, Goku, Superman, Green Lantern, the Flash, and the Martian Manhunter stood together in a circle within a small grassy area of Metropolis Park. It was time to put right all that had gone wrong with the world. Lex Luthor was once more in a maximum security prison, though perhaps he was getting off lucky as Goku and Superman had defended him from Neron. The teenager who had been called Superboy Prime was now being housed in a room at Arkham Asylum, courtesy of a phone call from Batman to the Commissioner and a psychiatric evaluation the results of which were never in doubt. Now with the Dragon Balls King Kai had sent along with Krillin, it was time to take care of the rest of it.

"So, you're telling me that the two of you were fused into one being?" Wally West was asking after hearing the explanation. "What was that like?"

Goku and Superman looked at each other for a moment, and then answered in perfect synchronization, "Super."

"And the two of you put together wiped the floor with Super-annoying Prime," John Stewart nodded approvingly. "Sounds like quite a handy technique. I also heard reports that the two of you cleaned up quite a few messes, including the one that had most of the Green Lantern Corps tied up."

Goku and Superman simply smiled in response.

"So, now what?" the Flash asked, looking at the demon and the seven strange golden balls on the ground. "We all play catch or something?"

"Now," Goku said excitedly, "we wish everyone who was killed as a result of my being brought to this universe back to life! Knowing what it felt like to be responsible for so many deaths…I start to get to understand what Vegeta must feel like all the time."

"Hey, Goku," Krillin interjected, "Why don't we wish that all the harm that was done as a result of you being brought here is undone? That would cover lives lost as well as property damage. A lot of people will be out of homes and businesses were destroyed when you, you know, went ape…"

Goku nodded his head, "Good thinking, Krillin! Okay, let's do this!"

With the dragon balls placed together in the park, Goku called out to the mighty dragon Shenron. Immediately, there was an awesome display of power as the seven dragon balls shot a golden beam of light up into the heavens. The sky above the city turned pitch dark and bolts of lightning struck the earth around the assembled heroes. The dragon balls answered with a release of brilliant crackling energy then levitated up into the air, glowing with a golden intensity that was all the more startling for the darkness outside. The glowing orbs released a torrent of power up into the sky and then seemed themselves to lose their form and merge with the golden power. The energy twined and twisted into the massive form of a giant twisting form of a massive dragon that towered over the village high up into the sky.

The dragon's deep voice cut through the air, its tone deep and ominous, shaking the ground and causing even the seasoned heroes of the Justice League to look on with awe. "Why have you summoned me? State your wish, quickly!" the great dragon demanded.

"Shenron, we wish that all the harm and damage that has come to this world since Goku arrived be undone!" Krillin yelled out, taking the lead in asking for the wish.

The great dragon's eyes flashed red, covering the entire world in its power. After a moment, the voice of the creature spoke up again. "Your wish has been granted. Now, I go…" And with that the form of the dragon exploded into a dozen golden balls that streaked across the sky in all directions.

The assembled heroes grinned to each other for just a second before they each shot off in pursuit of the shiny, golden dragon balls. In seconds all were collected again. Having a collection of heroes with such extreme levels of speed was handy that way.

And just like that, the world and all that was in it was made whole once more. Every building Metropolis to Philadelphia was restored to its previous condition and the streets returned to a pristine condition. Doctors in hospitals throughout the land witnessed miracles, as victims of both accidents and disasters recovered instantly. Most importantly, all those dead reappeared where they had fallen, looking around them in wonder.

Everything and everyone harmed since Goku's arrival was restored to its previous condition.

"Alright, I think that's it, guys! Don't think I overlooked anything." Goku yelled with a smile. "See ya all around!" Then with two fingers to his forehead, the powerful saiyan and his best friend crossed multi-versal boundaries to return home.

A few hundred miles away, there was another person not native to this universe who was feeling the effects of Krillin's wish. Clark Kent of a world called Earth Prime sat in his dark cell in Arkham Asylum staring at himself in a mirror.

His eyes glowed a fierce red and he gave a predatory smile.

More Author's Notes: A few people have PM'd me with questions about some details in this story.

Q: Why didn't Kalkar-El's outfit look like a Metamoran outift? When Gotenks and Gogeta's did.
A: I hadn't really paid attention to that detail, honestly. But, I like the idea of a mixed costume, so I stuck with it after the mistake was pointed out to me. Poetic license. :)

Q: How could Goku and Superman use the fusion dance when they aren't of the same species?
A: I had Goku explain a bit of that in the last chapter. In order to fuse the two had to be physically compatible. My explanation was that Goku's control of his body improved to the point that he could match Superman's physical density and power level.

Q: Why do Goku and Superman retain memories and skills from each other, but Vegeta and Goku did not? Why include that?
A: I liked the idea of some of the other rubbing off after the split, the mental part especially. My explanation was that while Goku and Vegeta reject each other's way of thinking, Superman and Goku were wholly accepting of one another. Thus, their fusion was more complete and when the fusion was undone what they learned and experienced together bled into both of them having retained some of the positive mental qualities of the other.

Q: Why is Superman stronger than Goku? There's no way!
A: I took a very careful look at physical strength when writing this story and did a lot of research. Even giving Goku the best possible interpretation, even at SSJ4 from DBGT, modern Superman would be at least 1000x physically stronger. And Superboy Prime/Silver Age Superman even much stronger than that.

But it all comes down to who is writing it. Both DC and DBZ universes are very inconsistent in their powers. It's really easy to interpret either character if very different ways. Goku was meant to be a hero who surpasses any limit. He regularly dwarfs "super" characters, gods, etc. Superman is similar in that given a particular story he can do pretty much anything the writer wants.

Q: Superman is only vulnerable to kyrptonite, magic, and the red sun. Your story is stupid.
A: Modern Superman has been knocked out by flying into a moon to make it explode. He has also been "killed' by pure strength (Doomsday) without the presence of either of those three. There is a limit to his invulnerability. Superboy Prime was nearly killed by an explosion when battling Monarch-injured, but surviving by slipping "between universes." I've never seen the upper limit of Silverage Superman, but Prime is supposed to be on SA Supe's level, so it would make sense to assume that there is some upper limit for him, too.

Q: You idiot! Don't you know ki is magic! He'd blow Superman up!
A: In some stories, ki is counted as magic. However, in both DBZ and DC Universe, it appears to be different. Consider the difference between Babidi's magic and the Z fighter's skills. In DC Universe, Superman has fought fighters like "Karate Kid" who use ki. It hits him harder than normal attacks, but does not bypass his invulnerability so far as I saw. So, ki will knock Superman around, but does not damage him like magical attacks would.

In the end I don't claim this is the only way these fights could go. I only think my way of depicting this encounter is one of several reasonable ways it could be conceived. If you disagree with something, that's your right. You can write your own story. :)