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For the third night in a row, wildly inappropriate thoughts pervaded her mind to the point where Sif found herself entirely incapable of any kind of aptitude or competence, which, in her line of duty, could not be tolerated. This evening, she finally came to terms with the fact that she would continue to be plagued by such distractions unless she took matters into her own hands—which she did so quite literally.

In a heavily darkened room, Sif found a comfortable position on her knees at the top of her plush bed, her left hand firmly gripping the crest of the ornate headboard in front of her, and her right hand plunged between her thighs. Her head was bowed and her eyes were screwed tightly closed in a fierce concentration. As her nimble fingers sought out the sensitive flesh she knew too well, her lips periodically parted to accommodate a modest sigh, or, as her actions grew more frenzied, a stifled moan. Sif felt the familiar wave of heat wash over her as her release drew nearer, her heart pounding, her lungs forcing her to pant ferociously in their desperation for oxygen.

Then suddenly, a voice whispered into her ear:

"Who are you thinking about, dear Sif?"

Lost in her own pleasure, Sif was startled into cognizance. Surely I'm hearing things, she told herself. But she was not only hearing things—Sif was certain that she felt breath sigh against her throat, warm and then eerily cool. In addition, Sif was also fairly certain she knew whose voice she was hearing, and that thought caused a storm of mixed emotions to swell in her chest. Stopping her actions, she lifted her head instantly and tipped her chin over her shoulder to peer behind her. No one.

Seeing with her own eyes that no one was there, Sif was convinced that her lust-fogged mind was playing tricks on her. Surely, she was alone. She chuckled a little under her breath at her own foolishness and quickly resumed her personal endeavor. In no time at all, her eyes had fallen closed once more and as her fingers delved deeper, sweet release was close at hand. Then it happened again.

"Perhaps I can help…" the voice whispered again, this time louder and clearer, pressed intimately closely to her ear. Immediately, Sif stopped, removed her hand from under her tunic, and twisted her entire body around, determined to find her admirer. Desperately her eyes searched the room, but no one was there. Unsettled, she gathered herself and climbed down and stood pressed against the edge of the bed, facing the other side, still peering into the darkness for any sign of an intruder. There was only silence and the heavy thumping of her heart still caught in a frenzied ecstasy.

Her guard finally lowering, she turned away from the bed, only to face a darkly-clad body that had been standing behind her. Her immediate reaction caused her to gasp in surprise and stumble back against the bed. When she finally lifted her eyes to meet the gaze of her guest, she found Loki peering down at her with something of a subtle yet devilish, mischievous grin.

"Surprised?" He murmured, not moving away from Sif, keeping her pinned against the edge of the bed. She found her voice only after catching her fleeting breath. She summoned the courage to reproach her intruder and narrowed her gaze disapprovingly up at him.

"To see you in my bedroom? Yes, I am surprised. Were you watching me?"

Loki's smirk grew. He suddenly looked remarkably like a snake with its eyes set on some poor weak prey.

"Who were you thinking about?" His question sent a chill up Sif's spine as she was hit with the sudden realization that the whispering voice in her ear was Loki's. The idea that he was spying on her while she touched herself was oddly intoxicating. But she didn't want to let him know that.

"What makes you think it was a 'who'?" she responded coyly. Loki laughed darkly. Then, as he spoke, he began to press forward, causing Sif to lean back against the bed.

"What else could it be, a 'what'? Only a 'who' can fulfill all those little fantasies," By now, Sif found herself on the bed once more, being pushed onto her back as Loki arched over her, "Only a 'who' can run their fingers along your flesh and find every sensitive spot you try to hide." As he spoke, Sif felt a hand—or rather, the tips of his fingers, a feather-light touch—graze the underside of her thigh, running upward from the crook of her knee toward her hips. Her breath hitched in her throat and goosebumps erupted along her exposed skin. Loki's other palm found purchase placed firmly on the bed next to Sif's shoulder, and soon the entire length of his lean body was atop hers, his right knee wedged between hers.

"So tell me," his tone was low and his eyes were roaming over Sif's creamy ivory throat and down to her heaving chest, "who is it that gets you so hot and bothered, Sif?" Lazily, Loki's fingertips began tracing patterns on the side of Sif's supple thigh. It drove her insane with lust, making her desperate for more. But she wasn't willing to give in just yet…

"I'll never tell you," she spoke defiantly, looking Loki straight in the eyes. His gaze darkened dangerously, and his hand left her yearning flesh. Instead, he heaved a sigh as his fingers made contact with Sif's collarbone and slid upward along her throat, coming to rest behind her ear, his thumb absentmindedly stroking her flushed cheek.

"Stubborn Sif…I should have expected this from you. But no matter. I already know who it is that plagues your every thought…the person who turns you into a dripping mess, pleasuring yourself in the dark…" Loki's slender fingers unknotted themselves from Sif's dark hair and drew forward along her jaw, pulling her chin upward, her lips now mere inches from his. He smiled deviously, and gently forced her head to the side so he could lean down and whisper into her ear.

"I just want to hear you say it." As a last measure of certainty that she would give in, his tongue pressed against the soft flesh just beneath her ear before capturing her earlobe between his teeth. For a moment he teased her, worrying the sensitive flesh with his lips, tongue, teeth. The warmth of his breath against her neck drove Sif to her breaking point. A whimper escaped her parted lips and to Loki, there was no sweeter sound than that of her surrender.

Breathlessly, Sif gasped his name, "Loki…"

He grinned against her throat, releasing her flesh from his relentless torture.

"What was that, love? I couldn't hear a thing…"

Sif's chest heaved as her heartbeat skyrocketed. At this point, she was entirely willing to beg.

"Loki, please…"

"Are you answering my question, dear Sif? Who is it that brings you to the brink of ecstasy?" Loki's roaming hand began to move once more, ghosting along her ticklish sides, over her hip, and back to her creamy thigh.

"You, Loki…all I could think of was you," Sif's back arched almost involuntarily, craving more contact with the mischievous god looming over her. His grin broadened in a victorious seduction.

"Ah, there it is…that wasn't so difficult, now was it?" At last, he gave her what she so desired and pressed his hips into hers as he pulled her thigh up and wrapped it around him to allow them to be better interlocked. After positioning her leg to his satisfaction, Loki's hand returned to Sif's face and turned her toward him so he could capture her lips in a fiery kiss. She clutched at his dark clothing in an attempt to pull him closer. Feeling her eager tugging, Loki chuckled against her mouth and gave his hips a good thrust, grinding his pelvis against her soaking core. As he was hoping, his actions elicited a whimper from Sif's throat. He swore he could taste it on his tongue.

After what seemed like an eternity cut short, Sif felt Loki's warmth leave her plump lips and return to her ear.

"Indulge me, Sif…what happens in these fantasies of yours? What do I do that makes you scream?" As he spoke, his deft hands began pulling clothing away from her body, slipping beneath soft fabrics to seek out warm flesh. She did nothing to stop him. A sudden light-headedness made it difficult to speak.

"Sometimes the thought of you filling me was enough to make me cum. Sometimes it was the taste of you ."

The last part of Sif's confession caused Loki to pause. His growing manhood strained against his trousers and throbbed at the thought of what she was insinuating.

"Taste?" He was nearly at a loss for words. His sudden speechlessness left Sif feeling a bit more confident. It was her turn to seduce, as she began running her hands over his lean body, removing his heavy outer cloak. She was determined to have him aching, even if he was calling the shots. Sif exhaled noisily and gave her plump lips a quick lick as a subtle enticement.

"Sometimes you'd let me pleasure you. Even in my own imagination, there was nothing more delicious than the taste of you filling my mouth, your seed spilling over my lips. No sound was sweeter than hearing you groan as I ran my tongue along your shaft or tease that sensitive tip. My swirling tongue never failed to have you cumming in seconds…" As she spoke, her words were often punctuated by lulls of silence as she leaned up to place smoldering kisses along Loki's neck. Stealing his deadly technique, her last statement she whispered hotly against his ear. He swallowed hard. A pointless attempt to keep his regal composure.

He reached for her hands, pulling them away from his remaining clothing and pinning them on either side of her head.

"Your… descriptions have me in no position to further delay what I came here to do. I fear if you mention any more of your fantasies, you'll find me spent far before I find my purchase deep inside of you…" He concluded his thought by lowering his mouth onto hers once more, devouring her in a hungry kiss, his tongue slipping past her soft lips to taste her more thoroughly. As she reveled in the passionate, posessive kiss, Loki's words had Sif feeling both triumphant—he was clearly in a more ferocious mood as she hoped—and a bit fearful of what he intended to do. Handing over control was not something she was used to.

Slowly, Loki's hands trailed down her arms, tickling sensitive skin as he did so. Agonizingly, they made their way back to her hips. Loki shifted his weight onto one knee to allow his right hand more comfortable access to slip between Sif's thighs under the short skirt. She gasped against his lips as she felt his fingers discover her most intimate flesh. He was determined to tease her until she was begging him for release—and he knew it wouldn't take much.

Sif used every ounce of restraint she had not to lose control the second she felt Loki's slender fingers delve into her dripping folds. He took his sweet time exploring every bit of her, but it wasn't until he unleashed a full assault on her sensitive clit that she lost composure. He plunged a long middle finger into her heated core, at the same time pressing into her clit with the pad of his thumb. By now, Loki had pulled his lips away from hers and placed them firmly against her throat. He wanted to hear every whimper and moan that he could force from her glistening lips.

As Loki's digit slid deep inside of her, Sif's hips bucked upward impulsively against his hand, and a gasp escaped her mouth. He smiled against her throat before letting his tongue dart out to taste the salt of her skin for a moment. His thumb moved in little circles on her clit as he curled the finger inside of her, seeking out that sweet spot she harbored. But even after he found it, he had no intentions of bringing her to a climactic finish just yet. Sif's breath came in chest-heaving pants, her back arching up off the bed, pressing her entire body against his, desperate to feel more. She began to feel that familiar warmth rapidly build up in her abdomen. Her quickening heart-rate told Loki that she was close. And he couldn't have that. Not yet.

"Ah-ah, not yet, Love…" Loki whispered intimately, reminding Sif that he was in control of her pleasure, and with that, he pulled his fingers away from her dampened flesh and removed his hand from between her thighs, leaving Sif's approaching climax to fade, much to her disappointment. Unaware of it, she whimpered at the loss of the god's touch and her body grew still from its restless state. Loki pressed one last kiss to the side of her throat before pulling himself upright. As he lifted himself off of her, Sif felt panic stir in her belly at the thought that he might be finished with her. However, as he began removing the last remnants of clothing from her body, leaving her entirely bare, she was reassured that his intentions were all but pure. As he slid each bit of cloth off of her, he worshipped the flesh he found beneath it. His tongue created wet trails along her collarbone, her arms, her navel. His warm palms kneaded her breasts as his mouth closed over each hardened nipple. The sheer heat of his mouth on such neglected flesh had her more soaking than ever. She uttered an endless string of moans under her breath as he left no bit of skin untouched.

"You taste just as I imagined you would…intoxicating," he murmured against her chest.

"As you 'imagined'?" Sif asked almost breathlessly, "It would seem I'm not the only one with dark fantasies, Loki…"

He grinned devilishly, "You caught me. I'll confess. There are occasions when claiming you is all I can ponder at night. Let us consider tonight the fulfillment of both our desires…" Once again, Loki pulled himself upright, and slid off the edge of the bed only momentarily in order to remove his own clothing, trousers and shirt. As he exposed more of himself, Sif was mesmerized by the size of his now unrestrained manhood. She forced herself to tear her eyes away from his impressive member lest she begin to dwell upon the almost painful idea that it would soon be sunk to the hilt within her yielding femininity. Still, the thought excited her to the point of restless anticipation.

Not one to waste precious time, Loki resumed his position on top of his warrior conquest, his hands gripping at the softness of her thighs, eager to have them wrapped around his hips. Sif obliged, pulling Loki's warm body firmly against hers. Her hands went to his face and pulled him down into a frenzied kiss, to which he fervently responded. But after a moment of equal control, Loki was keen to regain complete domination. He took Sif's hands within his own and pinned them above her head.

"I want to hear your absolute surrender, dear Sif…I am going to make you scream,"

Sif had only enough time to whimper, "Loki—" before he gave his hips a solid thrust and plunged himself deep inside of her. She cried out in surprise, the feeling of his shaft filling her was vaguely painful, but the bite of pain only enhanced her pleasure. Loki groaned—though it sounded remarkably like a growl—as he began to withdraw his throbbing manhood from her cozy heat. Although she was incredibly tight, Loki's teasing had her cunt so dripping, there was little friction. He dove back into her, and the sensation caused a second snarl to rip from Loki's chest. The feeling of her warmth wrapped around him was far better than any fantasy, and he was losing control of himself.

Another thrust had Sif coming undone. She cried out his name in an anxious plea, moving her hips against his in an attempt to maximize pleasurable contact. Loki's hands left hers at last, and moved to grip her hips, keeping them firmly in place as he continued to thrust at a relentless pace. Although he moved quickly, Loki was sure to drive himself as deeply as possible into her with each plunge, and soon, he began to strike that sweet spot. He knew he was nudging a sensitive part of her because Sif's muscles contracted around him each time he did so. She gasped, "Loki…ah, don't stop...there…"

An explosive climax was rapidly approaching for the both of them. Sif's hand clutched onto Loki's shoulders, her nails digging into his warm flesh. He steadied himself, placing one palm down on the bed, the other still resting firmly on her hip. While it was obvious he alone was the cause of her pleasure, Loki wanted to call the shots all the way until the end. She wouldn't cum until he said so.

He lowered his head and placed his lips against her throat once more. She felt his teeth nip at her skin, softly at first, an unusual sensation that brought her that much closer to sweet release. He lifted his lips to her ear in a familiar gesture that never failed to arouse her.

"Cum for me, darling," he whispered. She whimpered his name one last time before Loki gave a sharp thrust, striking that susceptible weakness inside of her and simultaneously sinking his teeth into her throat, nearly drawing blood. She cried out, something close to a scream, as an orgasm ripped through her body, the likes of which she had never previously known. Her hips bucked up against his, her muscles contracting around Loki's cock in an uncontrollable spasm, bringing her god to his own release. The feeling of her hot, wet walls shuddering around him was the last thing he could handle. He came—hard. A strangled groan fell from his parted lips.

At last, they were both spent, Loki remained propped up above her until his arms gave out and he collapsed beside her. They caught their breath in silence before Loki pulled Sif's face close to his and captured her lips in a searing kiss. When she felt the warmth of his touch leave her, she heard his whisper:

"There are other fantasies we have yet to fulfill, dear Sif,"

At last, she opened her eyes, knowing what she would most likely not see. Indeed, Loki was gone.