Punishment Pt. 1

Sif was certain the only thing she could feel was the braided rope biting into her wrists, rough fibers that irritated the sensitive skin as she fought them pathetically. She knew there wasn't any use in trying to escape her bondage, but that twisted part of her knew Loki wanted to see her try.

The God sat beside her, apparently taking a moment to appreciate his handiwork. The way he chose to bind her hands just above her head made for the loveliest view. But the way he looked at her—now entirely uncovered—made Sif unusually nervous.

Loki's gaze had been wandering lazily up the curves of her body, and when his eyes met hers at last, a devilish smirk curled his lips, and she was sure she saw his eyes grow dark. Completely involuntarily, a whimper of helplessness forced itself from her barely parted lips. Loki fed on it and laughed as he came up on his knees and crawled toward the foot of the bed. Forcing her knees apart, he made himself comfortable between her pale legs. He gave a quiet sigh and lifted his head just barely, his eyes flickering up to watch her face. The darkest part of him was pleased to see a look of vague distress plague her lovely features.

And yet he didn't speak.

And that silence might have been what terrified her the most.

Loki couldn't help but tease her with another worrisome grin as he came forward, his hands sliding up the insides of her soft thighs to keep them conveniently parted. As he did so, she instinctively fought him, and his grip on her only tightened in response, eliciting another dismal mewl. It merely urged him on.

His icy gaze never left hers as he lowered his head to the inside of her right thigh, just above her knee, and placed a single, unassuming kiss there. Sif felt a shiver bolt across her nerves, and suddenly she felt as though she wasn't getting nearly enough oxygen. And even though she fought to keep her reaction as contained as possible, Loki noticed it. The action itself was harmless, but what it suggested was tormenting.

Still looking up at his captive warrior, he tilted his head and pressed his lips just a bit higher…and then higher still, until his mouth left a cold trail on her warm flesh. Just when his lips touched the very inside of her thigh, mere inches from the most delicate, delicious parts of her, he stopped and let his eyes fall away from hers at last. Sif, feeling as though she was no longer under his intense scrutiny, felt her body relax a bit. She closed her eyes for a moment, anticipating his next move, but when there was none, she opened them again to watch him with concerned interest.

Loki paused and weighed his options. And then a thought occurred to him that caused a grin of malicious glee. He made up his mind and began to move forward again, until his mouth touched the very top of her soft lips, where her intimate flesh just began to part. And this time, Sif couldn't keep her reaction from erupting rather unceremoniously from her. A surprised cry tumbled from her lips and her hips came up instinctively to press against the warmth of his mouth. Feeling her already writhing beneath him, Loki purred contentedly and his gaze flickered up to her face again. Her cheeks were flushed a delicious shade of pink, though he couldn't be certain if it was from embarrassment or pure lust. A bit of both, he thought.

But things still didn't feel right to Sif. At best, she felt extraordinarily conflicted, and slightly terrified, still. What was he planning? She slammed her eyes shut, shook her head frantically and moaned: "Loki…"

Which proved to be the cause of her own demise. Loki smirked and brought one hand up to that apex between her thighs, using his long fingers to manipulate her sensitive flesh. Parting her folds just barely, he lowered his head and captured her swollen clit between his lips.

There was little Sif could do to stop the sound that dripped shamelessly from her mouth. It was somewhere between a wanton moan and a startled cry. Her breath caught in her throat and she felt her whole body go rigid for a moment. Loki nearly pulled back and laughed, feeling particularly satisfied with the noise he extracted from his defenseless warrior. How he loved to have her entirely at his mercy…

Sif was also nearly helpless in trying to stop her body from responding to the God's illicit actions, as her hips came up again in a sudden jerk, which didn't help her position at all. As Loki dragged his tongue across that bundle of nerves, a desperate whimper fell from her lips and she tugged at her restraints again as if she didn't know what else to do.

Catching her clit gently between his teeth, he lashed it again, his pace quickening. Every once in a while, he released that bit of flesh to slide his tongue—rough, wet, and warm—along the rest of her now soaking cunt, dipping down to tease her entrance for a moment. And now things were growing unbearable for Sif. She moaned his name again like a plea and continued to squirm in his grip. As she felt her release approach, she didn't know how to react. She knew from experience, Loki enjoyed being in total command of every last detail—including telling her when she gets to come. Another wave of terror welled up inside of her as she wondered if she would be able to control it….and what would happen if she wasn't.

It didn't take much for Loki to notice Sif was fighting desperately to keep her climax at bay. He gave a pleased hum and lifted his head to glance up at her.

"You're a good girl, aren't you, Sif? Even now, you know you're not allowed to come until I tell you…Perfect."

Before she could even begin to think of a retort, he lowered his head again and unleashed another assault on her aching clit, swirling the tip of his tongue around it in a tortuous pattern. And as if that wasn't enough, he moved his hand to slide a pair of long fingers deep into her. Although she was tight, his exploits had her dripping, so there was little friction to stop him from fully exploring her as he pleased.

And now Sif was in trouble. Her back arched up off the bed and she felt the rope burn her skin again. She tried pleading him again, but she wasn't sure the sounds she was making were even coherent words anymore. She threw her head back against the pillows in attempt to stop thrashing about so much, and giving Loki the satisfaction of knowing the kind of power he had over her.

He trailed his lips over her damp flesh as his fingers curled up inside of her, feeling for that sweet spot. And he found it. Sif choked on a cry that bordered on something of a scream, and she was almost done in entirely. If he didn't stop that instant, she knew she would be doomed. And he knew it too. Loki thrust his fingers just a bit deeper, striking that spot again, and Sif felt that dam break. She gasped, "Loki, please-!" But it was too late. He felt her tighten around him, and he knew what that meant. With a growl, he pulled his fingers from her rather viciously and turned his head. Without another second wasted, he opened his mouth and sank his teeth into the soft, sensitive flesh found on the inside of her thigh. His canines bit down particularly hard and pierced her skin.

Sif cried out, entirely unprepared for what he'd done. She'd just barely reached that ultimate peak when she felt that sharp jab of pain pull her back to total consciousness excruciatingly roughly. Her body couldn't tell whether to focus on the pleasure or the agony.

Finally, Loki tore his teeth from her yielding flesh and dragged his tongue over the fresh wound, lapping up the blood that was now trickling down her thigh. Sif felt some kind of relief wash over her when she felt his fangs release her at last and she gasped for breath.

Loki pulled himself upright and lifted a hand to her thigh, running his thumb along the gash that marred her milky skin and gathered a bit of blood. He crawled forward and straddled her hips, leaning over her and bringing his hand to her mouth. He let that dark red drip onto her parted lips before pressing it more forcibly into her mouth. Sif gave a defeated whimper and accepted it, sliding her tongue against the pad of his thumb. She tasted herself on him, salty and bitter.

Loki gave a low, smug laugh. "We're not done yet, dear Sif…"