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The rest of Annie's week past by quickly. Every day, she would listen to the music and think about it. Auggie had never even hinted at his feelings for her. Of course, Auggie had the best poker face she had ever seen. He could have been pouring his heart out to her, and she would have never noticed. The point was, did he really feel that way? She needed to talk to Joan.

Auggie rubbed his face tiredly. It had bee a whole week of mainlining coffee, and Annie was due back in less than 24 , Joan had allowed him to go home and clean up. Now, he looked decent, but his nerves were still frayed. He had always figured Annie had a crush on him, but he had never realized how strong a crush. He was so confused about what to do. He made his mind up to talk to Joan.

She was coming around the corner, heading for Joans office, when she slammed into a figure. Annie was knocked nack and would have fallen if not for an arm that wrapped itself around her at the last second.

"Whoa. Where's the fire?" Auggie asked till the faint scent of grapefruit rose in the air. "Annie?"

She froze. The arms around her waist, and the voice in her ear were both familiar. "Auggie!"

Both embarrassed, they seperated. He cleared his throat. "Your back?"

"Yeah. Yeah I am."

"How was your mission?"

"It was good. Got alot of good information."

"Guess my team is already working on it."

"Yeah. They are."


"Yeah. Real good."

The awkward silence stretched for a good solid minute.

"Well, I gotta go talk to Joan."

"Yeah, Im gonna go check on your intel."

The pair quickly seperated, each wondering when had it gotten so awkward between them. They need to talk to Joan.