Whoo! Two chapters in one night. I'm on a roll! In hopes of settling some imminent confusion, this chapter is from Auggie's POV.

Dust in the Wind. One of his favorites. Auggie only usually listened to it after he had a bad day. Then Annie would come by and say something to make him smile, and afterwords, they would go get a drink and she would eventually get it out of him. Whatever was wrong, she would try her damndest to make it better, and if she couldn't do it, tequila would alway help. Annie was always willing to lend him a shoulder to cry on, or to join him in cursing their bosses to kingdom come. No matter what, she was always there for him.

He had to laugh out loud at the second song. Stray Cat Strut. He had to admit, it did sound like his theme song. It brought to mind all the times he had done the "walk of shame." Annie would often join in, teasing him about whoever he had been with. He never gave her a name, but wasn't that the whole fun of it? Now that he thought about it, he often wondered if she was jealous of those girls.

Look of love? That confused him. Unless it was a comment about all the times he had caught her staring at him. He couldn't really explain how he knew someone was staring, he could just feel it. He would always point it out, and Annie would look away, make some excuse, and blush. It had been Joan who told him about the blush. Still, he had always suspected it. Annie might not be a shy person by nature, but she was when it involved him.

He almost spit out his mouthful of chai. Easy Lover? What was she up to? Was that woman trying to kill him? Give him an out and out heart-attack? He hoped so, because he liked it. Then came a sudden, sobering thought. What would the most desirable woman in the C.I.A want with him? He knew that he wasn't exactly the worst thing to look at, but still. Most women enjoyed a man who could see them and appreciate their appearance.

Heat of the Moment. That brought up his favorite memory. He had heard Annie and her sister talking, while out barhopping with some Army buddies. Hearing that the conversation had turned to Annie dating, he had walked past their table, planning on steering it away from the, very sore, subject. Annie had suddenly reached out and grabbed him. He had first thought she was angry for him not saying hi sooner, until she kissed him, and what a kiss it had been!

Hot Blooded. He had to put his drink down for this. Their kiss had been passionate, no doubt about it. Annie hadn't tried to explain it right then, just whispered to him that she would later, but never did. She had just pretended that it never happened. Auggie had always thought it hadn't meant anything to her. Now he wondered if he was wrong.

One Thing Leads to Another. He laughed at this. It usually did, but not in Annie's case. After Ben, part two, Auggie had been very careful when it came to her emotions. He didn't want to push it or anything, just let it take its own course. If they did, the did. If they didn't...it would be a shame, but he would never pressure her, unless she was ready. This led to an interesting question. Was she ready for him to ask her out?

Whore baby, I'm only here to please. Soft and pretty, I'm daddy's little tease. I'll be ready for anything you want. I'm your plaything, I'll be purring while you talk. This time, he did spit chai all over the place, drawing the attention of his minions. He swore softly and mopped up the mess, hoping that it didn't ruin any of the equipment. After cleaning up, He ran a shaky hand through his hair. Oh yeah, she was ready for him to take the next step.

Stu smiled at the way his boss reacted. He knew exactly what song Auggie had been listening to. Joan had had reservations about it, but he had assured her it would be fine. Auggie's reaction was just what Stu was looking for. If those two weren't married by the end of the year, they never would be. He would put money on it.