The Story of Us

Chapter 1: The Meeting

By: WoopWoop87

Plot Summary:  My version of the relationship between Guy and Connie.  I'm going to try to make it into a sort of romantic comedy because they always made me laugh sort of.  Please my first fan fiction Read and Review.

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters; they belong to Steven Brill who sold them to Disney.  I'm not making any money off of this so please…don't sue me!

            It was early fall just outside of Minneapolis, in this area it was called 'District 5' the not so nice section of town.  The children wore rather raggedy miss matched clothing and would fool around with random pranks.  The young children in kindergarten dreamed of playing on the pee wee hockey team so they could be the first to win a game, or at least the first to score a goal.  Pee wee hockey was a big deal in this area mainly because they had never won but the lake that froze over nicely and there were no fields in the town.  The only place for amusement was the lake, the place where they would swim in the summer and the place that they would skate on in the winter.  During the spring and fall they would occasionally sail mini-boats no matter what it was at the lake.

            Charlie Conway sat down in his seat across from his friend Greg Goldberg.  It was their first day of kindergarten and they were excited to be in an actual school.  Charlie wore a Minnesota Stars jersey and a pair of blue jeans.  Out of all of District 5 he was the most obsessive with hockey, he lived and breathed hockey and dreamed of being a professional.  Goldberg on the other hand was a chubby little boy who always seemed to be jolly he was also afraid of getting hurt and avoided violence.

            Guy Germaine and Jesse Hall were the next to enter the small classroom they found their way over to Charlie and Greg's table and took a seat with them.  Guy looked the youngest out of the whole group; he had soft blonde hair and blue eyes.  He wore a small knitted cap with an interesting design.  Jesse was a little taller then Guy and sported a backwards base ball cap, he had dark skin and hair and wore an over sized striped sweat shirt.  Guy and Jesse were good friends and partners in crime always hanging out and playing air hockey.

            "The Charles-mister sitting with elgolderugo king of the snake cakes.  And look the Jestman sitting with guyruno."  A chummy Rob Snider impersonator said as he sat next to Jesse.

            "Shut up Averman," Guy said as he gave him a soft push.

            "My mom says that I'm not fat!  I'm just pleasantly plump," Goldberg said crossing his arms across his chest.

            "You guys I got a new hockey stick," Charlie said awfully excited.

            "What kind of plastic is it made of?" Jesse asked with a giggle.

            "I can't wait until I finally get to join pee wees maybe we can actually give our team a name and we'll win states championship!"  Charlie said.  Charlie was a dreamer and a believer.

            "Yeah, and maybe frogs will fly out of my butt!" Goldberg said jokingly.

            "As long as the Hawks are a team we'll never win," Guy sighed.  His brother played on the District 5 hockey team so he would attend games often.  "The chance of us even scoring a goal is—." Guy trailed off, just then the door opened and a young girl walked in.  She was taller then any of them but definitely still in their grade.  She was new here probably from the next town; the area had just been redistricted. 

            "Guy?  Earth to Guy!"  Dave Averman said waiting for his buddy to finish his sentence.

            "Ew," Charlie began, "just what we need, another girl in our class."

            "I hope she doesn't have cooties!" Goldberg said taking the fetal position, "I still don't know what happens when you get those."

            "Come on it's just a girl," Guy said with a smile, "our moms are girls."

            "Yeah but they don't try to make you do girly stuff," Goldberg continued, "like tea party and house.  I'm still getting over that game my sister made me play."

            The new girl walked right past the table of the girls playing with their Barbie dolls and took a seat next to Guy.  "Hi I'm Connie," she said.  She had long brown hair that was in a tight braid and brown eyes.  She had a big smile on her face and seemed very friendly.

            "Don't you want to sit with the other girls over there?"  Jesse asked pointing to their table.

            "No, I don't like playing with dolls, it's too girly.  I prefer sports.  When I grow up I want to be a professional hockey player."  She replied.

            "You should join the pee wees with us when we turn seven," Charlie said.

            "That sounds like fun."

            "Oh yeah, I'm Charlie," he said pointing to himself, "and this is my friend Goldberg, Jesse, Averman, and that's—."

            "You can call me Guy," he said shaking her hand.

            She smiled, "nice to meet you Guy."

            Guy was different; there was no doubt about it.  He seemed like a Buda always trying to use peace but also had his wild side.  Even though he was the smallest he seemed the most advanced and the most mature and was not an active participant in the battle of the sexes.  Guy was also very charming and the winner of every mothers heart.  Connie on the other hand was a quiet tom boy who was afraid to do what all the other girls did because it would blend her in with all the rest.  Thought she was quiet she was not shy and wanted to be an individual.

            Jesse had a jealous look on his face, was he losing his best friend to a girl?  "If you ever want to come skate on the lake or anything I'll always go with you," Guy said with a little wink.

            "That would be fun," Connie said with a girlish giggle.

            "Man don't forget you're coming to my house today."  Jesse broke in.

            "Yeah I know but do you wanna go to my brother's hockey game instead?" Guy replied.

            "Sounds cool."

            "Do the rest of you want to come?"  Guy asked and as if in unison they all replied.


A/N: I know a little short but there is more to come…