A/N: Because Strong World wreaks of canon.

You're a jerk, Nami. You really are.

"Luffy, I just need you to get her in bed for me. The antidote will take awhile to take full effect, and Nami's going to be weak. I'll be right back."

Chopper runs off to the sick bay, leaving me at the base of the stairs. Everyone seems to be busy with the sails and rigging. They can probably handle themselves for a few minutes.

Nami's always been too skinny. She doesn't eat enough. And it's even worse when she's sick. She doesn't feel like anything. It's like she's not even there in my arms.

I reach the top of the stairs, pressing her a little harder to me.

You don't even know anything, Nami.

I close the door to her room, shutting out the commotion. She's cold. But it's cold outside so I think it's understandable.

"Luffy," she mumbles. I set her on the bed, about to ask her what she needs, but she's still asleep. Creepy.

Dork. Say stuff when you're awake.

I dig through her drawers, trying to find something she can sleep in. Since she never eats, wet clothes would probably make her die or something stupid like that.

"What about this," I say out loud, holding up a white shirt. She doesn't answer, but I'm sick of looking so she's just gonna have to deal with it.

Her dress keeps sticking to her, and the sock things are a pain in the ass to take off. They're both pretty much torn to shreds. The green splotches are fading, but they're still there. Like big bruises.

Stupid. You're not like me. You can't…

Her shivering's lessened now that the shirt's on and I've pulled up her blankets. I move wet hair away from her forehead.

Why couldn't you trust me...

Makino used to make my bruises leave with magic. Before I ate the devil fruit. After that I didn't need it. Except sometimes I'd ask after grandpa hit me.

I lean over and put magic on Nami's forehead.


There's a green mark on her hand. I pick it up, pressing magic to it.

Nami always feels like she has to do everything. She never lets me do anything. Always has to do everything herself. She's supposed to be the smart one. She's really not.

I press magic to her lips.

You're a jerk, Nami.