"So, this is the one?" Looking from beneath the brim of his large, white top hat, Mephisto held an almost somber gaze, as if mourning the tragedy of a lost love one. The demon, however, was not standing at a grave, but at the end of a crib, housing two nearly identical newborns. When he extended his reach to grab for the child, another hand brushed him aside, ushering the man outside the nursery.

Once beyond the threshold, Shiro spoke to him, "I didn't want you to wake them. They just got down. It isn't as easy it looks, this baby stuff! When one is crying, the other joins in, and it never ends. Nearly threw them out the window -" The priest stopped laughing when Mephisto frowned. The two looked at one another in the dark hall, lit only by the moonlight. It would fade in an out as dark clouds blocked the rays. In the shadow, the men waited quietly, neither knowing what to say. The unspoken truth was like a whisper on the wind; haunting them.

"What are you to do with him?"

Shiro gave a sardonic grin. "There are two of them, you know."

"But what about the boy?"

"He'll know in time."

Mephisto allowed himself a long exhale before responding, "He's dangerous."

"His name is Rin."

"It doesn't matter what his name is!" The demon snapped, a rare flash of anger surging, not many have seen.

Shiro gave his friend a smile, unreadable and confusing. He spoke in gentle tones, making it even more unbearable; "Mephisto…"


He gave a chuckle.

"How? How can you smile about this?" The moon was revealed once more, casting light onto the other's aging features. Shiro pushed up his rimmed glasses, the beads glinting in the light.

With a small pause, he responded, "I've been blessed with two sons. Who wouldn't smile?"

Mephisto clenched his teeth, fighting back harsh words and cries of sadness. The reality and gravity of the situation could not be fought. With this child here, under the care of this most gracious man, they could no longer be. The friendship they had woven, the moments they shared fighting side by side, and the times they would treasure, would all be but a memory now. All because of this child. A spawn so sinister that it would crumble even the most loving of relationships. He hissed, "Tell me, what next?"

"Hm," Shiro began, staring out a window, "I wonder."

"Please, Fujimoto, I beg you. Let someone else take this burden."

He held up a hand, silencing the demon, and answering his question. The priest was resolved on keeping the boy and his brother. Subject to intense supernatural assaults, brought on by Satan himself, Shiro would have to fight every second to keep the devil at bay. All for the child, he would sacrifice himself. It is for that reason, Mephisto could not stay. "I-I…Why?"

The broken question hung in the air for a time. The wind howled beyond the window. Mephisto was going to speak again when a cry came from behind the closed door. Both heads swiveled to the source of the noise, but it was Shiro who ventured back into the nursery. He returned with a sobbing child in his arms. Mephisto could only cower away, slinking against the opposite wall. Shiro bounced the bundle, uttering soothing words, "Shh, Rin…Don't cry. It's just the wind. Nothing to be afraid of. I'm here, I'll protect you."

Mephisto could take no more, turning from them and sprinting down the hall. The church doors opened and the night air rushed in. He ran passed the front gates and out onto the streets. It was only when he was standing meters away from the building did he look back. He closed his eyes, shutting out the sound of his voice. Yet the words replayed; "I'm here, I'll protect you."

"Yes, but who will protect you?"

The moon faded behind another cloud, and Mephisto disappeared into the dark.