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It's good to be home. Sort of…



Morning had come to the turtles' lair and certain orange masked ninja resumed his daily task: "ask Donnie when the family friend is coming back"

"So, when is she coming?" Mikey asked for the bazillion time.

"She said it was surprise so… I won't tell" Don sighed.

"Aww, c'mon! Please, Donnie!" Mikey insisted.

"I said no, Mikey" Don said a little irritated.

"But I wanted to plan something for her! You know, like a party or something!" Mikey said.

"And I wanted too, Mikey. But she told me not to tell you" Don replied.

"Why not?" Mikey asked innocently.

"You don't remember what happened last time we chatted with her, right?" Don raised a brow.

"Er… nope?"

"Oh really? Ask Leo and he'll…" Don continued but Mikey immediately remember the reasons.

"Oh! Now I remember. But still, you can tell me!" Mikey insisted with a big smile on his face. Don tried to ignore him and left his lab. He started making his way to the living room being followed by Mikey.

"Aww, c'mon! Pleasepleasepleaseplease! I won't tell the others!" Mikey jumped around his genius brother. Don slumped in the couch sighing heavily and rubbing his temples in annoyance.

"Alright, alright. But if you say something…" Don narrowed eyes.

"I swear I won't!" Mikey raised his right hand ceremoniously.

"Ok. She's coming…" Don whispered something on Mikey's ear. The youngest turtle's eyes opened wide.

"NO WAY! We-hmmph!" Mikey yelled but Don covered his brother's mouth as fast as he could. He checked no one was outside hearing the talk. All clear.

"Mikey!" Don hissed releasing Mikey.

"Sorry, sorry!" Mikey apologized.

"Hey, whatcha did this time?" Raph joined the scene.

"And you're asking because?" Don tried to sound calmed.

"Don't try to fool me. I know yer up to something" Raph replied. Mikey was a terrible liar; Raph knew it.

"Should we…" Mikey looked at Don not sure of what to do.

"If this is about some new prank and yer helping him, genius…" Raph said with a murderous glare.

"N-no, it's not that!" Don said nervously.

"Then what is it?" Raph asked, his patience running thin.

"Ok, tell him" Don said. Mikey whispered something to Raph.

"Really?" Raph asked in disbelief. Mikey's grin could tell Raph he was telling the truth.

"Well, that's kinda sudden but still… nice! Why ya didn't tell me earlier?" Raph smiled.

"It was supposed to be a secret" Don folded arms.

"Never mind! I can't wait!" Mikey said happily.

"Neither do I. Y'know? I wonder how she's doing at college" Raph took a sit beside his brothers.

"And how she manages to write! Have you seen her updates? I mean, whoa!" Mikey chuckled.

"Well, I haven't had much time to read" Don shrugged.

"Now I feel offended!" A voice joined them.


"Hey ya, guys!"

"Whoa! Just look at you, Doctor!" Mikey teased. Who had arrived to the lair with her lab coat on her. Matters of time didn't allow her to choose a better outfit.

"Nah! I ain't that good yet" Who shrugged.

"Had a good flight?" Don asked helping the girl with her bags.

"Yeh, it was nice. But man, I'm tired! I need a shower and a nap" Who sighed tiredly.

"You hungry?" Mikey asked.

"As a bear" Who chuckled.

"Well, we could've prepared something if you just had told us ya were comin' today!" Raph replied.

"I like to be… unpredictable" Who said with a grin.

"Bet ya do" Raph chuckled tussling the girl's hair.

"Oh! I brought some things for you, guys!"

"Aww, you shouldn't… WHAT DID YOU BRING ME!" Mikey yelled enthusiastically. Raph hit him in the back of his head. (Actions have consequences)

"Ow! What!" Mikey whined.

"I soooo missed that! You guys are awesome! Best turt-bros ever!" Who pulled the three brothers into a group hug.

"Meow" Klunk entered into the room wanted to be petted.

"Aww, look at you honey! Who's Whoey's lil kitty, huh?" Who grabbed the cat and started scratching his head. Klunk purred happily.

"Guys, what's up with all the noise?" Leo came from upstairs a little annoyed; all the commotion made him difficult to focus on his meditation.

"Could you just… Hey! Why you didn't tell me Who was here?" Leo smiled and ran downstairs. The girl put the cat in the floor and grabbed her bags.

"Well, guys… dibs on the shower! Call me when pizza is ready!" Who said making her way upstairs.

"Nice to…" Leo started but the girl just walked like he wasn't there. The others knew the reasons perfectly.

"O…k… uh, I'll… I'll be in the kitchen. That pizza isn't gonna cook all by itself. Come Klunkers!" Mikey ran to the kitchen with Klunk.

"Y-yeah and… er… I remember I had this thing… in my lab so… I-eh… better run!" Don ran to his lab as fast as he could. Leo sighed and turned around just to face Raph's smug grin.

"What… you gonna run away too?" Leo said bitterly.

"Nah! It's quite amusing seeing ya all lost, with no idea of what da shell is goin' on" Raph mocked him.

"Har-di-har Raph" Leo narrowed eyes and looked upstairs.

"She's still angry, huh?"

"Noooo, really? If ya don't tell me I would've never figured it out!" Raph said sarcastically.

"Of course she's angry, Fearless. That's pretty obvious" he continued.

"But it's been a while since we last talked and…" Leo said.

"And ya thought she would forget that chat? How clever" Raph snorted.

"I didn't know she was going to take that in a bad way!" Leo replied.

"Aww c'mon! It's annoying enough ya mother-hen us and ya had to do the same to her?" Raph replied back.

"I'm only saying…" Leo started.

"Hey, I ain't the one ya should be explain those things" Raph said moving his head to Who's room.

"Yeah, you're right" Leo sighed and moved upstairs. He kinda hated it when Raph was right.

"Go get her, tiger!" Raph teased.

"Yeah, yeah. Whatever" Leo rolled eyes. He was good at words and his friend was mature enough to understand so he didn't think this was going to be hard.

Was it?