It's just good to be home.



"Best pizza ever! Congrats Mike" Who said finishing her meal.

"You're welcome" Mikey smiled. The turtles laid in the fresh green grass with their bellies full of pizza, sodas and cake. Klunk jumped and held some of the girl's long hair with his paws, playing with it.

"Aww" Mikey said.

"Klunk, you're messing up my hair! Stop munching it!" Who chuckled. The kitty kept playing.

"Awww… ok, ok. Keep it going" Who laughed. After a moment, the blue masked turtle gave a black mask to the girl.

"Uhmmm… hey, uh… could you please use this?"

"Huh? Why a blindfold?" Who asked in puzzlement.

"Do you trust me?" Leo asked back.

"Funny, now you want me to trust you when you didn't trust me in the first place" Who folded arms.

"I thought we'd cleared that out!" Leo replied.

"Well, I'm still angry about that" Who replied back.

"Guys, could ya have yer heart-to-heart talk… waaaay far away from us?" Raph growled and went back to his nap… snoring loudly.

"So?" Leo insisted. The girl rolled eyes and put the blindfold on her eyes.

"Ok, I'm blindfolded. Now what?"

"I'll guide you" Leo helped the girl to stand up.

"If this is a prank, I swear…" Who hissed.

"It's ok. You'll like it" Leo chuckled.

"Where are we…" Mikey started following them.

"Nope! No "we" this time, Mikey" Leo stopped his youngest brother.

"Oh… want some time alone~?" Mikey poked Leo playfully and earned a smack on the head… Who's courtesy.

"Ow!" Mikey whined.

"I may be blind for now… but I'm not deaf!" Who smirked. Leo chuckled a shook his head. Klunk purred against Mikey's leg.

"Aww, someone wants to play huh?" Mikey petted his cat.

"Alright, blue boy. Lead the way" Who said taking advantage of the distraction.

Some minutes later…



"Are we there yet?" Who asked.

"No" Leo answered. After a minute…


"No" Two minutes later…



"How about… now?" Who said impatiently.

"Patience is a virtue, Who-kun" Leo said. Who could feel he had that smug smirk on his face right now.

"Just Who. I'm still angry at you"

"Well… just Who…" Leo teased.

"Hahaha" Who laughed sarcastically. Both of them stopped their steps.

"You ready?" Leo asked.

"Mmhmm" The blue masked ninja removed the blindfold.

"What. The. Shell!" In front of them there was the most beautiful waterfall the girl had ever seen.

"Dude, this is…" Who was almost speechless.

"Like it?"

"LOVE IT! How did you know I love waterfalls?" Who hugged Leo enthusiastically.

"This is my favorite place. Thought you might like it" Leo shrugged.

"It's amazing! No wonder why you suggested the swimsuit" Who chuckled.

"Well, the water is waiting. Go!" Leo gestured to the river below the waterfall.

"YEAH! WATER! WHEEEE!" Who ran as fast as she could; water was calling her.

"Wait…" the girl stopped.

"Race you to the top!" Who suggested. Some minutes later, Leo was already in the top waiting for Who.

"Looks like I won" Leo smiled.

"Congrats" Who smirked and twisted Leo's mask.

"Hey! What are you doing?" Leo asked in surprise. Why the blindfold again?

"You need a lesson about trust, Leo-san" Who explained.

"Ok? Hmm… what do you have in…" Leo started. He felt hands on his chest and then a hard push that made him stumble and fall off place. He could barely reach a rock and grab it tightly.

"WHOOA! HEY! SO NOT COOL!" Leo said angrily.

"Boku wo shinjiru?" Leo knew what she said but took him a while to answer back.

"Nan desu tte?"

"Boku wo shinjiru?"

"Ii wa" Leo nodded.

"Then… get off of that rock" Who ordered. Leo hesitated.

"You said you trusted me. Prove it" Who insisted. Leo took a deep breath and let the rock that kept him safe. To his surprise, he landed on a bigger rock. This had been only a trick.

"See? It wasn't hard" Who chuckled. Leo pulled his mask back on place and glared at the girl.

"Are you kidding me? You blindfolded me and pushed me off the top of a waterfall! Gimme a heart attack, will you?" Leo said in a slight serious voice.

"Well, you trusted me and did what I told you. Or…" the girl started.


"…were you just following orders as always?" Who ended. The blue masked ninja sighed heavily.

"Listen, I trust you. Ok? And about what happened that day… I'm truly sorry! How many times do I need to tell you that?" Leo insisted.

"Hey, chill out! I only wanted to torture you a lil bit" Who laughed.

"You, mean little sister, you. I can say you're worse than Mikey" Leo smiled.

"Speaking of him… should we go with the others?" Who asked.

"Mmmhmm… it's getting a little late and I don't want you to get a cold or something" Leo said.

"Scared of Whoey's germs?" Who teased.

"I'm not scared of germs" Leo folded arms.

"Then you won't mind if I'm sneezing and coughing and do this?" Who started a fake coughing fit while she tried to hug Leo.

"Hey! No! Get off me!" Leo ran.

"Come here, bro! It's huggle time… with some extra germs!" Who laughed chasing the blue masked ninja.

"Hey! Who are you? Mikey: The Sequel?" Leo kept running and laughing.

"Did somebody say my incredible and amazing name?" Mikey jumped in front of Leo.

"Incredible and amazing?" Leo stopped his steps.

"In yer dreams maybe, knucklehead" Raph chuckled.

"Where were you, guys?" Don asked holding Klunk who purred happily against his cheek.

"Swimming. And now I'm hungry again" Who said.

"You know what that means!" Mikey said with a grin.

"Pizza leftovers, here I come!" Who said cheerfully.

"And there are some cake leftovers too!" Mikey added.

"OH OH! You know what goes perfect with cake and pizza?"

"More… pizza?" Mikey said.

"What? NO! I was talking about the sunset!"

"Sounds good" Don smiled; Klunk munched his bandannas' tails.

"Now this… is just beautiful" Leo commented looking at the sunset.

"Agree" Who yawned leaning her head on the eldest's shoulder.

"Sleepy, onee-chan?" Leo asked but the girl didn't answered.

"Who?" Leo called again and turned his face just to see Who had fallen sleep already.

"Aww" Don and Mikey said.

"Y'know, she looks less scary when she sleeps" Raph said.

"I… heard that" Who said with a yawn.

"C'mon, let's go home" Leo carried the girl while the others packed the things.

"Home… sweet home" Who sighed happily.

"Hai, onee-chan" Leo chuckled.

The turtles made their way back home. Who slept peacefully the whole trip with a smile on her face. Although what the people said… the lair was the only place she really felt like home.

"Nan desu tte?": What did you say?

"Boku wo shinjiru?": Do you trust me?

"Hai, onee-chan": Yes, little sister.