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Chapter 1: Flames in the Blood

The pipe that led down into the Chamber of Secrets echoed with the dying screams of the possessed diary as Harry stabbed the broken fang into it and twisted viciously. The amount of ink that spewed forth made him wonder idly whether it had absorbed the ink that others had used to write with to fuel its own responses… but that thought was disrupted by the fiery burning that had spread from his arm to the centre of his chest. Wheezing as the poison from the Basilisk fang attacked his heart and lungs, he felt another, more potent burn begin to flare from deep within his magical core. Convulsing, Harry slumped to the dank stones of the Chamber floor, unaware of Fawkes swooping to land on his arm, his majestic head lowered in response to Harry's suffering. Weeping pearly tears, Fawkes hovered his head so they fell with unerring accuracy onto the wound left by the fang, mingling the tears and the venom in the bloodstream of the Boy-Who-Lived. Deep within his mind, Harry saw the instant the two most potent ingredients in the Wizarding World mixed with his blood. It occurred in a flash of blinding light, leaving him blinking blearily. Slowly coming back to his body, Harry sat up carefully, feeling the remnants of his experience ebb into the background. Turning to look at Fawkes, he raised an eyebrow at him.

"Mind telling me what that was?" He murmured, not at all expecting an answer from the bird, his head spinning as the walls of the Chamber seemed to pulse with the throbbing in his mind.

*That, was part your Magical Inheritance coming early, Young One. I believe you had some creature blood in you that reacted with my Tears and the venom from the Basilisk.* Fawkes sang, his voice resounding in the Chamber and creating an impression of fire and wind in Harry's mind.

"So… that explains why I can understand you now?" Harry said, the hesitancy in his voice turning the statement into a question.

*I believe you are now a Hybrid, Harry, part Phoenix part Basilisk. It will be interesting to see what else manages to manifest itself for you.* Fawkes replied, turning his head so he could look at the now conscious Ginny Weasley. Sighing deeply, Harry hauled himself to his feet, wincing as previously unknown aches and pains made themselves known. Hissing slightly, Harry stooped to help Ginny onto her feet, leading the way back through the Chamber to the place where the tunnel had collapsed and closed off access to Ron and Gilderoy Lockhart.

After the debacle in the Chamber the rest of the school year was one filled with confusion for a number of students. While no-one but Harry had had access to the full scale of the events down in the Chamber, he found himself swamped by rumours and unable to go anywhere in the castle without finding himself attracting the attention of the student populace. More than one of the teachers were keeping a closer watch on him as well. After Madam Pomfrey had announced to the staff that Harry had actually been bitten by the deadly snake, they were observing him carefully, after all, no-one had survived the bite long enough for the tears of a Phoenix to be applied, and it was a new experience for the mediwitches and wizards all over the country.
One of the things that helped him forget the trials of the stares was his new friendship with the Weasley Twins. Both Fred and George had taken him under their respective wings when they found him sneaking back to the common room under his invisibility cloak. One thing led to another, Snape was seen in florescent pink robes and they adopted Harry as their protégé; Harry blossoming under their teachings.
Grinning secretively, he slipped into the kitchens with the bag of sweets he had managed to scrape together from the Twins' trip to Hogsmede, and was instantly greeted by a wave of commotion.

"Harry Potter sir! Such an honour it is to be serving one as noble as yourself!" Many squeaky voices proclaimed at once, and Harry felt himself blush a deep crimson.

"I was wondering if it would be possible to put this potion in all of the food for the feast tomorrow night, as a favour to me? I have been noticing the atmosphere around the castle has been a bit tense lately and I believe this will help the place lighten up a bit." He said, looking at the House Elves hopefully, and smirking to himself when they literally fell over themselves to help him.

"Thank you so much for this. Here, I got these sweets for you as a token." He said, wincing minutely as they nearly burst his eardrums with their proclamations of how noble and selfless he was. Grinning to himself, he sauntered out of the kitchens and into the bustle of the student life; the castle wouldn't know what hit them.

He waited with bated breath after taking a few bites of his toast for the screams to begin. When they did, he looked around in bewilderment with the rest of the people not willing to blow his cover for the sake of indulging in laughter too early; his smirk hidden deep within his mind. The potion he had given the goblins took the worst image from the mind of the people who consumed it and changed their original visage to reflect it. His hair had turned a silvery white, his eyes the dull grey of metal. He had got off lightly as he couldn't care less about his appearance, however, the loudest scream came not from the girls as was expected, and it came from Draco Malfoy. His high pitched squeal pierced the Great Hall and drew the attention of all. His previously slicked back hair had exploded outward, mimicking Hermione's; however, it wasn't the nutty brown of her hair, no no… it was the infamous flaming red of the Weasley clan. Both Fred and George, once they had gotten over the shock of their changing appearances, howled with laughter at Malfoy's predicament. Relaxing back into his seat, Harry continued to eat his breakfast. Yes, today was going to be interesting.

However, Harry's luck decided that he had had enough of being happy today, and threw something that bowled him for six. He was in Transfiguration, and McGonagall had set them a task of changing one dove into several, when he lost interest in the goings-on of the lesson and was just fiddling with the quills on the desk. Hermione had been growling irately under her breath for the past ten minutes, her dove just sitting there serenely as she waved her wand imperiously at it. Observing it, he snickered quietly at the look on the dove's face, but it wasn't quiet enough to escape Hermione's notice.

"Oh like you have done any better!" She snarled, and Harry looked at her with astonishment, even if he understood what she was talking about, he thought the hostility was uncalled for.

"What are you talking about 'Mione? I was just thinking that the dove looked kind of bored." He rushed to explain, noticing that the rest of the class was looking at them with interest, as most had given the lesson up as lost.

"Oh right, you think that I believe that! You're just laughing over the fact that the Know-It-All can't do the lesson!" She screeched, the dove taking off from the desk and taking off for the safety of the top of the cupboard. Harry frowned slightly, he had thought she had become desensitised to the ramblings of the student population, yet this was something she should have realised he would never do. He would never do that to anyone, much less a friend.

"No, honest Hermione, I was just thinking that the dove could use a bit of entertainment." He wanted to just crawl into a hole and escape, but the look in her eyes spoke volumes of the rapidly disappearing chance at flight from her wrath. He gulped when her eyes flashed at him from beneath her hair, giving her a slightly crazed look.

"Well, why don't you give the stupid bird something to do and while you're at it do the bloody lesson as well!" She snapped pointing at the dove which was happily sitting on top of McGonagall's lesson for next week. Holding his hands up in front of him in surrender, Harry backed away slightly trying to understand what had gotten into her, and running painfully into the desk behind him when she followed after him aggressively.

"Hermione, I don't understand what your problem is." Harry said, a foreign, defensive urge rising in his chest, whispering to him to protect himself, to prove that he was capable of defending himself. Shaking his head to clear it of the foreign influence that seemed to radiate from himself, he unwittingly called forth more of Hermione's wrath.

"Just do the lesson Harry!" She snarled, a vicious gleam flashed in her eyes, as though she enjoyed the fact she was cornering him into trying something that she knew he wouldn't be ready to attempt yet. As he went to open his mouth to object, she glared even more venomously and pointed at the bird once more, effectively cutting off anything else he might have said. After several attempts to state his case and the same result, finally something snapped within Harry.

"Fine! I'll do the stupid lesson!" He shouted, loud enough for even McGonagall to look up and pointed at the dove, his magic surging around him. "Divideet multiplicamini!"

There was a moment of silence when the sky-blue bolt hit the dove, then a dozen of them took off from the cupboard at once, flying out the window McGonagall had quickly opened. Turning back to Hermione, Harry scowled at the awestruck look on her face. Taking a quick glance around, he noticed the rest of the class, and even the Professor were looking at him strangely, and an inquisitive expression crossed his face… until he looked down at the desk. Sitting atop his Transfiguration text was his wand. Looking back up at the class, all that went through his mind was,

'Oh crap.'