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Chapter 10: Awakened

4 Privet Drive, Little Whinging, Surrey

The malicious grins that were mirrored perfectly on the two faces before them sent the older Dursleys into a fit of shivers. Not only were there freaks within their home, tainting the sanctity that had only just been cleansed of their freakish nephew, they had the nerve to be identical twins. The way they talked, and moved, and spoke, it was just unnatural and they would be damned before they allowed their darling son to come into contact with these devil twins.

"Come now, don't you think it is polite to answer our question about our darling adoptive brother… who just happens to be your nephew?" Fred asked his voice pitched at a dangerously low tone that rumbled forth from his chest. The Dursleys looked at each other before presenting a united front on the subject.

"That little freak isn't here anymore." Petunia spat out, as though she was expecting them to leave as soon as they heard that little fact. Unfortunately for her, the Twins were slightly more resilient than that. Seating themselves on the couch in front of Vernon and Petunia, they arranged themselves so the opposite legs were crossed; looking for all the world like someone had planted a mirror in between the cushions on the couch.

"We are quite aware of that small fact, you horse-faced twig. Now, we can ask this question again, with the added benefit of your son being brought downstairs to join in on the fun; or you could answer us truthfully. The choice, though it isn't much of one, is yours." George drawled, slouching against the upholstered arm as though he was merely passing time instead of threatening Muggles.

"He did his freaky thing again and froze Marge! After everything we did for him! We just returned the favour and sent him away to an institute where they can get rid of that freakishness that inhabits him." Vernon spat in reply, not wanting to further expose Dudley to any of the weirdness being exhibited by the boys in front of him. Despite the repercussions that were sure to come from their actions, he was sure that it had been one of his better ideas to sell the boy to that crazy Doctor.

"You do realise that Magic is a gift given by the Mother of All, and should be treated as such? No muggle would ever have the power to strip a wizard or witch of their magic." Fred informed them, struggling to withhold his anger for the mean time. It wouldn't do to alert the Ministry to their presence straight away; after all, the fun was only just beginning.

"This Doctor seemed to think that with enough study and experimentation, the freak's… power would be able to be isolated and eradicated. After all, his credentials said he has had many successes before." Petunia informed the red-heads with a sniff of disdain. Hearing this information, the twins stiffened, a low rumble emitting from them as the temperature and lightening in the room became lower and lower. A thunderclap made the cowering Muggles jump and the twins glared at them with ill-disguised venom.

"Are you stupid? Didn't Harry's Mum even explain to you what Magic is? Don't you know there are consequences for messing with something so out of your comprehension?" They spoke as one, and the Dursleys sneered in response, desperate to not show any weakness in front of these wizards.

"There is nothing wrong with removing something so unnatural from a freak. He definitely couldn't control it, so why shouldn't it be removed permanently so it doesn't infect anyone else?" Petunia replied her thin, horse-like face showing no remorse for the extent of the inhumanity she had shown towards her nephew.

"By forcibly removing the magic of a wizard or witch, you are either damning them to a life slowly being poisoned to death by the Magical Backlash, the process can be so traumatic they choose instead to become something less than human." George growled through gritted teeth, his grip on his wand tightening until white-hot sparks erupted from the tip. The temperature, which had been attempting to return to normal, took another dive into the sub-zero, their breath becoming visible as rain lashed the windows in a frenzy.

"What do you mean less than human? You freaks are already so far down the chain that you can barely see anything for all the dirt." Petunia informed them, her voice playing havoc with their hearing.

"A wizard or witch who chooses to live on after the removal of their magic slowly starts to go mad, their hunger for what they are missing driving them to steal it from others, in the form of souls. In short, they become Dementors." The Twins informed them, the way their voices sounded as one lending them an otherworldly air.
The blank look on Vernon's face drew a sneer from them, but it was the dawning horror in Petunia's eyes, closely followed by a smug sheen that really prompted them to fury.

"You think it is fitting for someone as kind and as self-sacrificing as Harry to end up as a soul-sucking creature that causes despair and anguish in all? I think it is you who are the monsters here." George growled, wielding his wand in an arc that settled on Vernon, while Fred's landed on Petunia.

"What do you think Brother? What is a punishment befitting these cretins?"

Outside a thunder clap split the night.

Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry

The intense piercing wail that filled Dumbledore's office drew his attention to the numerous amounts of whirring, smoking items that covered the available surfaces in his office. The one flashing and emitting the scream had his eyes widening in alarm as he scrambled for his wand, ignoring the trilling of Fawkes as he attempted to contact Minerva.

"Minerva! Gather the teachers; the occupants of 4 Privet Drive are being attacked." He shouted, startling the woman who was busy making a schedule for the upcoming year.

"Right away Albus." She said, flinging open the door to her office and tapping the hidden summons-stone that alerted all teachers on the premises that they were required in the Headmaster's office. It didn't take long for the teachers to assemble, Snape sneering at the rest of them while Minerva informed people of the situation.

"Alright people, there has been an attack on Privet Drive, which is where Harry Potter has been spending the summer. Place a finger on this tea-pot and we will depart for the premises."

With a sound like water being sucked into a plug, the Portkey was activated and they were pulled through space.

Privet Drive, Little Whinging, Surrey

As they struggled to their feet after the crash landing most of them had, the teachers drew their wands, casting drying charms and warding their clothing against the weather. Heading to number four, they hesitated at the door, observing the lack of wards around the house and they looked to Dumbledore. All previous wards, which had been in place and tied to Harry, had disappeared, except for the blood wards; which were looking incredibly sickly. Apparently, Harry had not found his home in the care of his relatives, and the blood wards, which were tied to the kinship felt by those within the house's walls, were failing at the rate of knots.
Knocking at the door, Dumbledore waited politely for a response a twinkle fixed firmly in his eye as he waited. Just as he was about to cast an alohamora at the lock the door swung open, revealing two grinning red-heads.

"Ah Professors, how nice of you to join us on this lovely day," The sentence was punctuated with a crack of lightening, "Why don't you come inside and we'll talk."

As the witches and wizards filed into the house, they noticed the state of the house and cast enquiring glances at the Twins. Glancing around at the house, they could not spot what had been the cause of the alarms in Dumbledore's office, and felt quite absurd standing in the overly neat hallway of the Dursleys. Realising that the source of the magic must have been the Twins, as Harry had not received a warning from the Ministry, they turned to the brothers and spoke.

"My boys, you do realise that the use of magic within this house draws immediate attention from the Ministry to Mr. Potter?" Dumbledore informed them, the grandfatherly twinkle in his eyes letting them know that he didn't know about the absence of Harry yet. Gathering their thoughts and focusing on the matter at hand instead of the fun they were having in the next room, they smiled in unison.

"I'm sure that won't be a problem Headmaster." Fred answered, and a snort was heard from Snape at the confident tone.

"Of course the brat wouldn't face any charges; the boy can do no wrong according to our esteemed Headmaster." Snape sneered, another flash of lightening lighting his face in profile. Protests rose from the other teachers at that, yet that was silenced by one of Snape's infamous glares.

"Unfortunately, that is only the case when Harry has been in residence for a week or more at the property. However, Harry hasn't been here for over two weeks, therefore we can cast as many spells as we like, and the only reason the Aurors would arrive would be if we cast Dark spells. After all, as the only living relatives of an underage wizard, they already know about magic therefore they don't register at the Ministry as Muggles. A small technicality, but one we are happy to exploit in a situation like this." They explained, having already looked up the information regarding muggleborn and half-blood wizards and the concessions they are given in regards to family. After all one has to know the rules before one goes around bending them.

"What do you mean Harry hasn't been here for two weeks? That isn't possible! I have been monitoring his progress, and not once has the wards suggested he isn't well. He was in perfect health and has continued to be since he returned from Hogwarts." Dumbledore spluttered, uncomprehending of the fact his trinkets weren't working to their fullest potential.

"If someone is admitted to an asylum, their place of residence is altered automatically within the Ministry." Fred continued, looking at his nails and affecting a nonchalant air as he leaned against the hallway wall. Suddenly a groan split the air, and the Twins looked at each other and grinned.

"If you'll excuse us, we have to attend to our hosts. They seem to have contracted something from some friends." They crowed, attempting to shoo the teachers out the door.

"You have no authorisation to be here Mssrs. Weasley. Stand aside." Snape drawled, not shifting an inch as he continued to inspect the house around him, his eyes drifting from picture to picture, noting the content, yet not quite translating the meaning behind it to him.

"Ah, but the thing is, you haven't the authority to be here either. As this is a private residence, of Muggles no less, neither you, nor any of the teachers here are technically welcome." The Twins pointed out, grinning when Snape growled and shoved them out of the way as he stalked further into the house. Another groan echoed from the living room, and the teachers all focused on the sound before heading towards the source. Sighing in regret, the Twins waited in the hallway, knowing that they would get in trouble for their actions, yet unable to feel guilty for it.

A shout let them know that they had found the Dursleys and grins spread across their faces as Dumbledore came back to where they were standing.

"My boys, you do realise that what you have done is reprehensible and deserves to be punished?" He asked and they shrugged, knowing that the teacher would probably find out the counter to their spells, but not for a while.

"They admitted Harry to an institute that is devoted to the removal of all powers from wizards and witches alike. They weren't even remorseful when we informed them of the consequences of their actions." They explained, knowing that Dumbledore was possibly trying to figure out what happened to the Dursleys so he could talk to them properly to find out the 'truth' behind the matter.

"Well then, we'll just have to wait until Severus and Poppy have fixed Harry's relatives before we determine the extent of your punishment. However, I will be talking to your parents about your actions, and I will suggest you be grounded for the rest of the holidays." Dumbledore informed them, the quiet moans in the background bolstering the twins as they looked at each other.

"Very well, we will see you at the start of term Professor." They said, activating the Portkey and steadying themselves as they arrived back in Gringotts with a pop.

"We didn't even find out where Harry was taken Forge." Fred muttered as they headed over to the fireplaces.

"We will send Hedwig with a letter and hopefully he will reply. If not, we will just have to talk to the Goblins about locating him."

Xavier's Institute for Gifted Youngsters

Sneaking through the lower levels, Kitty wondered briefly why the infirmary was shut up. Usually it was open in case anyone needed attention immediately. Although there was other medical bays throughout the manor, the underground one was fitted to better suit the changeable nature of most mutant powers. Allowing her curiosity to get the better of her, she phased through the door and made her way over to the only occupied bed. Staring down at the boy on the bed, she reached out a hand to touch the bandages when she felt her wrist become entrapped by what felt like a band of steel. Gasping in surprise, she phased her arm through whatever was holding her hostage and was startled when the form on the bed seemed to located her despite the bandaged over his eyes.

"Are you okay?" She asked unnerved by the intense not-stare that he had her fixed in.

When he didn't move again, she reached out once more, not really knowing what to expect from him, but all the same wanting to offer him the physical contact that most people who are blinded seemed to need when they first woke up. This time, instead on entrapping her wrist, the boy threw himself backwards away from her hand and hissed silently at her, air escaping his throat, yet no noise emitting from it.

"I won't hurt you, you are in Xavier's Mansion. You don't have to worry." She continued to speak to him, not knowing if he was registering her words or not, and unheeding of the alarm which had gone off in the other room. Continuing to murmur to him in a low voice, she didn't move from her spot, her eyes glued to him as the sound of running footsteps echoed in the hallway outside. A bright glow emitting from the back of the boy alerted her to potential danger and she prepared to phase through whatever he threw at her. The solid thud of something hitting the floor alerted her and she gasped as a large snake manifested itself in a circle around them, enclosing them in a wall of flesh.

*The young female doesss not ssseem to wisssh you harm Harry.* Mordred spoke, the low hisses filling the room and drawing a wide-eyed stare of fear from the girl. Looking at her with protected eyes, Mordred deemed her less of a threat than the men and the woman he could sense outside the door trying to unlock it.

'She does not know not to attempt to touch people who don't know where they are or who she is?' Harry asked in his mind, unsure of what had happened to bring Mordred forth from his mind, but happy that he had someone to act as a guide for now.

*I think thisss one isss more Gryffindor than Ssslytherin. Ssshe russshesss into thingsss without thinking it through firssst.* Mordred replied amicably, snapping his head around to stare down at the intruders that had now come through the door.

*I am going to withdraw now, I believe you have Remy to help you. Besssidesss I have ssscared the young one enough that ssshe will think twice about approaching your blindssside again.* With that, Mordred was engulfed in the light again and disappeared as though he had never been there in the first place. The only sound to be heard, was Kitty hitting the floor in a dead faint.

The sight of a gigantic snake staring down at them before disappearing had Logan, Jean and Remy entering the room cautiously. Spotting Kitty on the floor, Jean rushed over to her and checked her vitals. Finding nothing wrong with the girl, she scanned the room for her other patient, wanting to know why he wasn't still on the bed. Spotting him on the floor beside the bed, she went to approach him, but stopped when his head snapped around, focusing on her and hissing again.

"'arry, dis be Jean Grey, she is de medic o' de school." Remy informed him from his place at the door, silently amused by Jean's affronted look when he had to introduce her to her patient.

"If ya would be kind enough ta g't back onta de bed 'arry, we c'n g't ya outta 'ere quicker." He said, watching while Harry ran that idea over in his head, and was pleased when the boy shrugged and levered himself up and onto the bed. Sitting still on the edge of the mattress, he tilted his head as he waited for the next set of instructions, or for someone else to make a move.

"Remy believes 'e is waitin' for ya ta look at 'im now." He prompted when Jean seemed quite content to stare at the supposedly blind boy.

"Right, of course." She muttered, lifting her hand as she walked closer to remove the bandage. Harry's head followed her progress, and it was unnerving to feel his stare upon her as she worked. The first bandage to come away was the one around his neck and she was distracted by the shimmering of the patterned scar tissue.

"What happened here?" She asked, not expecting a reply from the boy.

"'e 'ad a power dat was attached ta 'is voice. Could make dem dance ta 'is tune with one trill. Sinister didn't like dat, decided to g't rid o' dat so 'arry couldn't escape." Remy replied for him, examining the 'healed' skin as he walked closer. It was a work of art, despite the reason why Harry had it adorning his neck. Nodding in acceptance of that explanation, she lifted her hands to the bandages around his eyes.

"Ya shouldn't remove dat yet mon Cherie." Remy cautioned, knowing that Harry would want to expose his eyes when he couldn't control his powers.

"And why not Remy? I need to see what's wrong with his eyes if he is to heal." She said, removing the bandages as she turned to look at him. Seeing Remy staring at Harry, she turned back and her eyebrows furrowed.

"There's nothing wrong with his eyes Remy. What were you talking about?" She queried and Remy turned stunned eyes onto her.

"Sinister removed 'is eyelids, Cherie." He muttered turning back to gaze at Harry who was rubbing his eyes vigorously as though he was clearing sleep from them. When he lowered his hands, the glimmer of scar tissue, similar to the one on his neck highlighted his eyes, which were still closed.

"Does he heal like Logan?" Jean asked, extending her hand towards Harry's eyes, jerking it back when he hissed and retreated from her.

"Remy don't know, but 'e knows dat 'arry is one lucky garçon."