It's the start of Part 2, and we have new characters and some familiar ones.
SergeantCyrus of Blood Ravens and Captain Titus of Ultramarines will be involved.

I want to remind you that Part 2 will be highly character-oriented, meaning that there will be a lot of interactions and combats by Alena, Elric, Hargen, Volran, Blood Master rather than Overmind. Overmind will return here and there, but his bit most ended with Part 1.

NOTE: In this story, the time-line has changed. The events of 'Dawn of War 2' has not happened yet, while events of 'Space Marine' has happened earlier than in canon fluff. So, Captain Titus of Ultramarines 2nd Company has saved Graia and the Blood Ravens who aided him are pre-Aurelian Crusade. Yes, Azariah Kyras is still the Chapter Master, while the Tyranids have not arrived in the galaxy just yet.

Chapter 42 - Part 2

Milky Way Galaxy

Segmentum Pacificus

Penedros Subsector

Urdrosia System


The Thunderhawk bearing the marks of Black Templars finally managed to reach the lone ship on the far side of planet Urdrosia II, a volcanic world that boiled in constant firestorms. The Imperial attention was not on the uninhabitable planet but rather its only moon Urdros Alpha, a rocky moon with enormous quantities of promethium buried beneath its thin crust. A single starport with Imperial Guard fortress, three massive domed-cities, seven major refining stations and three thousand automated pumps littered the drab-colored surface of the moon as they continued to export the fuel across the entire sector, particularly to Hydraphur, the Segmentum Fortress and the Fleet Base of the Segmentum's Imperial Navy. Many ships came across this moon, seeking fuel, and if they were pirates or of Chaos, they would be blasted away by the seventy-two automated Lance-mounted defense satellites built during the early ages of the Imperium.

It was here that the Black Templar Strike Cruiser exited the Warp, and sent the lone prisoner aboard their Thunderhawk. They did not consider the man a prisoner any longer, but since he was still technically under suspicion, they had to keep wary eye on the man... on the Astartes. The Thunderhawk carried none other than Captain Titus of the Ultramarine's famous 2nd Company. For nearly five years, he had been under investigation by Inquisitor Thrax on the charge that he was tainted with Warp. Being of Ordo Hereticus, Inquisitor Thrax attempted to coax any heretical signs from the Captain, but he turned out to be clean. Then the Ordo Malleus was called, and again, he was clean. Yet, something happened. Perhaps it was the politics of the High Lords, or that the Ultramarines had selected a new Captain for the 2nd Company. Titus had not been informed that his place among the Ultramarines was lost now, and the Inquisitor had no idea what to do with the Captain. If he was to be declared utterly clean, then the Ultramarines may accuse Thrax of inappropriate actions, particularly now that Leandros was declared a heretic by the new Captain of the 2nd Company. Because of this, Thrax was now made to look like a fool who believed the word of a heretic to accuse a righteous Captain of the Ultramarine 2nd Company.

Perhaps it was a lucky chance that someone requested the person of Captain Titus, and Thrax was glad to hand him over.

-We have arrived.-

The Black Templar pilot informed the five Astartes in the carriage section.

"Thank you, brother. Captain Titus, are you ready?"

The senior among the Black Templar Initiates spoke to Titus.

"I am always ready, yet I cannot stop being curious as to where I am being sent with all my weapons and wargears returned to me."

"We are approaching a vessel designated 'Boundless Hate', an Inquisition Black Ship."

"Another bout of interrogation from Inquisition?"

"We do not know either Captain."

The Thunderhawk landed with heavy thud, and the five Marines descended the ramp to the hanger deck where a man with ornately decorated carapace armor with cloak and hood greeted them with four armed Servitors. The man in hood had a seal of Inquisition on his chest, but this man was clearly not an Inquisitor.

"Lords Astartes, welcome to my master's vessel 'Boundless Hate' of Ordo Xenos."

Titus bewildered.

"Ordo Xenos?"

The man nodded.

"Yes, Captain Titus. Please, come with me to see the Inquisitor. Lords Astartes of Black Templars, the Inquisitor thanks you for your efforts, and now you may return to your ship."

The Black Templars shook their heads.

"Although he has been cleared, there is no declaration of his innocence. He must be guarded by Astartes."

The hooded man chuckled.

"We have Astartes aboard, my lords. The Deathwatch are quite capable of handling Captain Titus should the unlikely happen and he goes feral."

Then the Black Templars saw five Astartes stepping out from the shadows. Titus quickly made note that there were Novamarines, White Consuls, Angels Encarmine, Excutioners, and the lone Librarian appearing behind the hooded man was a Dark Angel. After a moment of tension, the Black Templars lowered their bolters and left Titus to the Deathwatch. Upon witnessing the Thunderhawk leave, the hooded man lifted his hood and introduced himself.

"Welcome aboard 'Boundless Hate', Captain Titus. I am Interrogator Godwynson. If you would follow me, I will take you to see the Inquisitor now."

"My thanks, Interrogator."

Titus noticed that the Deathwatch team had quickly retreated back into the shadows.

When the door opened and revealed a large conference room with powerful holographic display device in the middle, Titus quickly noticed that there was a man in the room already, and seeing ornately decorated Power Armor with a big symbol of Inquisition, he had no choice but to believe that this man was the Inquisitor. The man looked up from the book he had been holding in his hand.

""Welcome, Captain Titus. I hope your transport from Bakka was pleasant enough?" said Hadrian as he smiled broadly and offered Titus a seat beside him.

"It was a good journey, but a long one, Inquistor."

Titus said as he sat down, his armor clanking slightly. He made a note in his head to properly oil the armor next time he get around to it. Since Graia, he had no chance to maintaining his armor properly, and the sound was probably the displeasure of the Power Armor's Machine Spirit.

"Well, at least you have survived the incompetent hands of Thrax without any permanent injuries. I hear his methods are quite... extreme."

Hadrian spoke in veiled words that displayed neither real hostility to the Inquisitor Thrax nor to Titus.

"They can be extreme, but I was able to endure it. I was made stronger, and my faith remains pure."

Titus said gently, once again reminding Hadrian of Titus's humility. Despite being a Space Marine, Titus was still human, and lacked the arrogance of many of his battle brothers, particularly since he was from the Ultramarines. The Ultramarines often thought of themselves as the paramount among the Adeptus Astartes, which sometimes earned unnecessary enmity from other Astartes.

Hadrian smiled wider. He liked Titus. He had heard of his actions on Graia, but this Astartes had the humility to accept the judgement of the Inquisition, even in such circumstances. Offering Titus some caffeinated drink, the Ordo Xenos Inquisitor sat on his own seat, and turned his head to Titus once more.

"I'm sure you are wondering why you have not been returned to your chapter, and instead was delivered here to my personal ship 'Boundless Hate' so deep in the Segmentum Pacificus. Surely, if all the suspicions on your person has been removed, you would have been free to return to your chapter."

"I had wondered why I did not return to my chapter. My battle brothers could still use me."

"Perhaps you have not heard, Captain Titus. Your protege, Veteran Sergeant Cato Sicarius, has been promoted to your former position as the Captain of the 2nd Company. To many, such promotion is well deserved on his part, and some showed sorrows of your absence. Of course, a mighty and ancient Chapter such as your own Ultramarines must have its Captain in place. I hear that the first action of Captain Sicarius was to execute young Leandros for 'Wrongful Accusations against his Captain'. I was hoping to gauge your response to such news."

Hadrian did want to see if Titus was kind of a man who could be used or to be thrown away.

"I am sorry to hear Leandros is dead. He was young, still clinging to the Codex blindly. In time, he could have been a great Ultramarine."

Titus said, seemingly saddened by the news.

Hadrian was rather satisfied with Titus' answer. Smiling a little, Hadrian spoke further about Titus' situtation.

"The Inquisition has been made aware of a Xeno threat in the far corners of the Segmentum Pacificus, but they did not have anyone to deal with it... in such remote location. My contacts in the Inquisition requested that I take the case as there was no other Ordo Xenos Inquisitor nearby. In return for my services, I have requested that your person be transferred to me, so that I may judge you in the field of battles. The final judgment upon you has not been made, and in time, it shall be my duty to see if you are truly faithful."

Then as they took another sip of the tea, the door opened with smooth mechanical sound, and Interrogator Godwynson appeared with several data slates.

"Ah, you've met my Interrogator, have you not? He has come with the briefing materials for our mission. I am sure you would like to know what this is all about? We just need to wait for others... Here they are."

The door opened again, and eight Deathwatch Astartes entered, and Titus noticed the Ultramarine symbol and color on the skull-masked Chaptain of the Deathwatch.

"A brother Ultramarine?"

The Chaplain slowly removed his helmet, and Titus very surprised.

"Chaplain Matoras? I thought you were dead."

Titus said, his tone clearly indicating surprise.

"Young Titus, I thought you dead too, by the hands of none other than the Inquisition." said the Chaplain in deep bass tone.

His massive hulking body stood on the opposite side of Titus, as if to deliberately give distance between the brothers of the same Chapter. Other Deathwatch members stood behind the old Chaplain, and Titus could recognize all of their chapters, and that they were the same Astartes who came to greet him in the hanger. The Librarian was from Dark Angels, while five of the Battle Brothers were from Angels Encarmine, Novamarines, Executioners, Aurora Chapter, White Consuls, and the last member, a Scout Sergeant, was with Blood Raven markings.

"I have survived the Inquisition thus far. I still am awaiting final judgment."

Titus said, bowing his head. The chaplain was one of his mentors in the chapter when he was still a novice. They knew each other for over a century before Matoras disappeared, seemingly killed by the Orks on Tefela IV.

"And, like me, you have fallen into the hands of the infamous Inquisitor Hadrian. I wonder how long you will serve under him... I have seen many who were reluctant to leave his service. There is much glory and honor in his missions."

At Matora's compliments, Hardian bowed his head lightly in thanks.

"You jest, Lord Chaplain. I must say, Captain Titus, that you surprise me. In the three decades I have worked with him, I have not seen Chaplain Matoras speak so many words outside the Chapel giving his sermons. Haha!"

Then Titus turned to the Scout Sergeant of the Blood Ravens.

"Blood Raven. I fought with your chapter on Graia. They fought well."

Titus said, giving a nod of respect to the Scout Sergeant.

The Sergeant nodded in response.

"I am glad to hear that my brothers have aided you well, Captain."

As they spoke rest of the Inquisitor's Retinue arrived, and they instinctively stood behind Titus. Finally ready, the Interrogator Godwynson nodded to Hadrian, then turned to the rest of the group.

"My lords, if you will, I shall begin the briefing."

"Three weeks ago, Inquisitor Lord Vaigal Meitron of Ordo Hereticus was contacted by the Segmentum Command of the Segmentum Pacificus. A vox-recording message was relayed to the Segmentum Fortress at Hydraphur, and the original vox recording was this..."

Godwynson pressed a button, and the vox-recording played to the room.

~... quest assis... ance... Argol II, in Istandor sub... is... und... ttack... Strange xenos... 've... never enc...tered before...~

"This is the end of the recording."

The others sat silent, contemplating the message.

"A disturbing message. I believe we must act on what we know so far, and destroy the xeno threat."

Titus said after a moment.

Hadrian nodded, but he had much experiences in dealing with aliens.

"That is true, Captain Titus, but I have not gained my reputation as the Destroyer of Xenos for being rash in my actions. A single world may be important but often such messages are just symptoms of greater problem... or of an invasion."

He nodded to Godwynson to continue.

"Argol II is located on Argol System. There are three population centers: Argol I, a feudal world with population of nearly 600 million in the last census done at 200.M39, with two Imperial Guard Regiments and four million PDF. Also, Argail II is a moon that orbits Argol I. It is a jungle world with population of 9 million and three hundred thousand PDFs. It is strange that the xenos have first attacked Argol II rather than the population center."

"You assessment can wait, Interrogator. We need to see the whole picture before we can plan a counterattack."

Matoras rebuked the young Interrogator, and the Interrogator realized his mistake. Titus noticed that Hadrian's eyes narrow for a moment before returning to his smiley face.

Matoras had been with Hadrian for longer than the Interrogator, and the grizzly old Chaplain knew of Hadrians quirks and preferences. Despite his charming appearances and manner, Hadrian heavily relied on meticulous study of information without any bias or prejudice. Matoras thought that such powers of deduction had allowed Hadrian to succeed in stopping many xeno invasions.

"My apologies, lord Chaplain. Argol II is an agri-world, population 11 million, with a single half-strength Imperial Guard Regiment stationed there until they recover to full strength."

Hadrian stopped Godwynson there.

"When was this information gathered?"

"The date indicate that the information is from 700.M41, my lord."

"Then the information is off by at least several decades. We will need to know more about the current defenses of the subsector. We cannot enter this blind. Godwynson, we need to scale this back. I have this feeling that this xeno problem may not be localized. Tell me of the Riax Sector, its troubles, and why this Istandor Subsector seem particularly important beyond the fact it is, or was, still in the Imperial hands."

Others agreed, and so did Titus. Godwynson quickly changed the dataslate in his hand.

"Riax Sector, consisting of Riax Sector Proper, Iduras Subsector, Irox Subsector, Istandor Subsector, Muran Subsector and Sitron Subsector. Located on the edge of the Imperium and the Segmentum. The sector contains 32 populated systems, this includes several key strategic assets such as Forge World Inar V in Riax System, Industrial World Ishal which is the moon of Hive World Istandor II in the Istandor System. Currently Muran Subsector and Irox Subsector are under attack by 'Waaagh! Tuffang', that had spilled over from neighboring sector. At the moment, only four of eleven systems in the two subsectors are still under Imperial control."

There was silence at the grave situation of the Riax Sector. Hadrian paused before asking another question.

"What of the Warp Storm?"

"Sitron Subsector and Iduras Subsector are caught within the influence of the Warp Storm designated '2911.3' or 'Maw of Kali', named by Inquisitor Lord Berevian of Ordo Malleus."

The name of the Inquisitor Lord made Hadrian to look up sharply from the display of hologram display.

"Berevian? I heard he had died."

"He had rallied Imperial Guard forces to retake Iduras System from the invading daemons. Our records indicate that Lord Berevian, his entire retinue, unknown number of Grey Knights, nine Imperial Guard Regiments have been killed during the liberation campaign, seventeen years ago."

"Alright... the situation of Riax System is dire. Now, what of Istandor Subsector? Why is it so important that the Segmentum Command insists on sending us and several Imperial Guard Regiments?"

Then Titus and Deathwatch Space Marines all spun around and pointed their guns at the sudden sound of footstep. Two Techpriests stood there, one was an Enginseer while the other was a Magos, and a powerful one at that.

"Apologetic: Inquisitor Hadrian. The insistence of the Segmentum Command came on behest of the Mechanicus."

The voice of the Magos was so machine-like that it was hard to track the tone of the words, save for the earlier indication of the general tone that he would speak in.

"The Mechanicus?"

"Serious: This warning was received particularly seriously because of Argol II."

The Deathwatch Librarian from Dark Angels spoke up this time, his voice coarse from some sort of damage to his throat.

"The Agri-world? What could possibly interest the Mechanicus to that planet?"

"Serious: Upon hearing of this vox-recording, the Fabricator-General commanded search of the Mechanicus assets in the sector. We were willing to sacrifice Ishal when someone found records on Argol II."

Titus noticed that Hadrian's expression continued to get darker.

"What is on Argo II?"

The Magos turned his head to the Engineer and the lesser Techpriest took over the briefing.

"My lords, almost four thousand years ago, a rogue Magos of the Mechanicus had absconded to this remote world with several important technology. He built himself a mighty bastion of great defenses and somehow rallied a dozen Imperial Guard Regiments to bring the entire subsector under this rule. He used the manufacturing capacity of Ishal and population of Istandor II and the minerals of Ahalan V and VI, food from Vika II and Argo II to carve himself a small empire. Many rogue members of Mechanius joined him. There, they carried out terrible experiments and developed technologies too foul to even utter. Had the Imperial forces assailed the planet, the losses would have been devastating. Fortunately, this rogue Magos was assassinated by an agent of Officio Assassinorum when he had briefly left Argol II. Once that was done, his forces were scattered and the subsector was reclaimed."

Something clicked in his head, and Captain Titus came to understand why Argol II was important.

"What item is there that makes the planet that important?"

"Our records indicate that the rogue Magos had absconded with at least a dozen warheads of Virus Bombs... Exterminatus Grade."

The shock descended upon those in the meeting.

"If the warheads were properly maintained, they should still be able to obliterate a dozen worlds. If the Chaos or the Orks..."

The terrible ideas began to blossom.

"Worse yet..."

"WORSE? Do you mean to tell me there is something worse than twelve stolen Exterminatus-grade Virus Bombs?"

Cyrus, the Blood Raven's Scout Sergeant roared in horror.

"The Magos in question was a Magos Biologis, and it could be that he had modified the virus to even more potent version."

Silence continued. Then Hadrian spoke in soft voice, but it was heard by everyone.

"Our priority has changed. Magos Axkand, you must inform this to the Segmentum Command and the High Lords."

"Surprised: The honor of the Mechanicus..."

"Will be less damaged than if we let some unknown xeno race to take a dozen Virus Bombs of potentially greater potency. Imagine the kind of backlash that Mechanicus would suffer by having a dozen key Imperial worlds obliterated by our own weapon."

The Magos sighed.

"Resigned: I shall make appropriate contacts."

Hadrian turned to the rest of the room.

"Chaplain Matoras, I hope you will introduce Captain Titus to everyone, but we will have to do that while we are in transit. We must rally the Imperial forces to retake Argol II before the xenos find the Virus Bombs."

He turned to his apprentice.

"Godwynson, tell Captain Karlos to prepare for immediate Warp-travel. Our destination is Riax System."

"Yes, master."

Before leaving the conference room, Hadrian turned to those in the room once more.

"I cannot stress enough the importance of our mission, and the possibility of failure is simply too great. We must not fail."


Milky Way Galaxy

Segmentum Pacificus

Riax Sector Proper

Riax System

Riax III – Sector Capital


The month-long journey in the Warp should have given plenty of time to prepare, but as always, Warp was never so kind. By the time 'Boundless Hate' had exited the Warp, a month went by in reality but only seven days had passed by the those aboard. There was barely enough time to prepare. Yet, they managed.

Captain Titus became a part of the Inquisitor's retinue. Hadrian kept a decent group of retinue with him, and with the addition of the Hero of Graia, the group's power had grown greatly. The first among the retinue was the Interrogator Godwynson, a young man of mid-thirties, he had taken over the position of the Interrogator when a senior Interrogator was shot in the back by an Ork Commando. Godwynson then saved Hadrian from the Dark Eldar, thereby being granted his position. Hadrian had great hopes for the young man, and though that would have made other men to become arrogant, Godwynson kept his humility intact.

Apart from Godwynson whom Titus quickly befriended, there was the Bodyguard. Lobos Numos was a Kasrkin from Cadia. This silent warrior was with Hadrian for as long as Matoras has been around. Saved from a certain death by Hadrian under unknown circumstances, he continued to protect Hadrian for many decades. Then there was Alexandros Filis, the pilot of the Inquisitor's personal Thunderhawk 'Deathbringer'. The Enginseer Machas and the Magos Biologis Axkand were also of Inquisitor's retinue. Axkand would often advise Hadrian in xeno foe's weaknesses so that the Inquisitor could exploit such weaknesses at will. Now, Captain Titus had joined the group, empowering their previously lacking firepower.

Although the Inquisitor's retinue lacked firepower, it did not mean that the Inquisitor lacked command of heavy strikers. With him was the Deathwatch Kill-Team led by Chaplain Matoras and Epistolary Harax. The Kill-Team included Scout Sergeant Cyrus and Battle Brothers Iscansis, Julians, Arhaxis, Marcus and Valenis.

Chaplain Matoras was an old Chaplain of the Ultramarines. He was greatly respected and one of the star pupils of the Ortan Cassius, the current Master of Sanctity of the Ultramarines. Matoras was a great warrior and a greater Chaplain, and he could rally the Battle Brothers even in the direst encroachment of defeat. It was through Matoras that Titus became acquainted with others of the Deathwatch.

Epistolary Harax was indeed of Dark Angels, and he had been with the Deathwatch for nearly a century, and he had survived various enemies thus far. Scout Sergeant Cyrus was of the Blood Ravens, and this solemn and highly dangerous man was going to be a good ally to have on the battlefield. Iscansis was from the Angels Encarmine, and he preferred melee, always carrying a chainsword and bolt pistol, despite his station allowed him to choose more elaborate or powerful weapons. Julians was from Novamarines. He was an Assault Marine before being drafted into the Deathwatch, and he had now served under Hadrian for nearly a decade. Arhaxis of Executioners and Marcus of Aurora Chapter were close friends, and Matoras spoke of their deadly combination had slain many cadres of Ork Nobz and a Dark Eldar Archon. Finally, the only Devastator among the Deathwatch Kill-Team of Hadrian was brother Valenis of the White Consuls, and he was reputed to be a steady hand and calm head even amid the chaos of battle. Many a defense had been salvaged by the unrelenting Heavy Bolter fires of Valenis.

Of course, if the Deathwatch was Hadrian's only military strength, he could not have achieved all the things he had achieved throughout his long life. Not even counting the Imperial Navy officers and armsmen whose number totaled at over two hundred men, he has a small but elite Inquisitorial troops under his command. Led by Captain Synthos and Commissar Argains, Hadrians Inquisitorial troops numbered over two hundred Stormtroopers, and consisted of twelve squads, each squad armed with powerful weapons well beyond the likes of average Imperial Guards. These two hundred Stormtroopers were further augmented by a small battlegroup of vehicles. One Predator Annihilator, one Razorback with twin-linked Heavy Bolter, one Rhino, six Chimeras, one Hellhound, two Leman Russ thanks and five Sentinels were personally owned by the Inquisitor, serviced by the dozen Enginseers aboard the ship.

While the two hundred Stormtroopers, two hundred Naval Armsmen and a Deathwatch Kill-Team was his personal military strength, Hadrian also maintained a decent army of Imperial Guardsmen, commandeered with his position as a well-known and respected Inquisitor of the Ordo Xenos. Aboard Boundless Hate, one full Imperial Guard Regiment was maintained. This Cadian 825th Shock Trooper Regiment was technically Cadian-raised Regiment, but it had seen so many battles without rest that it had once fallen to nearly 10% of its original strength. With their leadership lost and supplies running low, the Cadians fought the Orks with everything they've got, eventually destroying the Ork Waaagh!. Upon their victory, the 825th was in danger of disbanding when Hadrian took them in. Over the next nine decades of Hadrian's work, the 825th gained many new recruits from all over the Imperium, mostly from heroic regiments that were disbanded due to the low operational strength of the regiment after the battle. Now, the Cadian 825th was made of roughtly 25% Cadians, 10% from Krieg, 10% Catachan, 5% Elysian and 5% Harakoni, 5% Valhallans and 40% others. Also, great portion of these experienced soldiers were fitted with bionic limbs and organs, since they had been in so many battles and was injured so many times. Yet, all these made them into a deadly group of soldiers. Technically only 'commandeered' by Hadrian, most of these soldiers would give their lives for Hadrian, who had saved them from disappointing and honorless deaths on some forgotten rock way out there in the nowhere.

Titus stopped his thoughts. He had now remembered through every bit of information given to him by other members of Hadrian's retinue and by Chaplain Matoras. Now, it was time to prepare for battle. Techpriest Machas had repaired his Power Armor, still radiant in ultramarine blue. Unfortunately, Titus only had the weapons he carried with him when he was taken by Inquisitor Thrax. A bolter and a knife was not going to cut it if things turned bad.

"Are you mourning the lack of weapons, Captain?"

Titus turned his head to see Hadrian in what appeared to be an ancient Artificer Power Armour. It was beautiful. The chest was decorated with a massive two-headed Aquila whose talons held up a large 'I' to signify the Inquisition. Beneath the Aquila was a row of a dozen Purity Seals, whose parchments came down to about half of his thigh. Around the edges of the Aquila's wings and head were skulls of wrought silver, with eyes of ruby-like gems. On his left shoulder pauldron, a whole section in the shape of a cross was covered in black obsidian with golden writings on it. Around that pauldron were teeth of Orks, and from the sizes of each pair of fangs, they were all Nobz or bigger, indicating that the Inquisitor had slain at least fifty Ork Nobz or larger Orks. On the right shoulder pauldron, there was a small statue of Sanguinus, the Primarch of the Blood Angels. The golden statue with white-marble wings was so shrouded in powerful forcefield that a literal halo was forming around the head of the statue.

"You wear an impressive armor, Inquisitor."

"Thank you, Captain. In my many years of service, I've made more friends than enemies within the Imperium, and many of those have expressed their friendship with trinkets of such value that I've become immensely wealthy. Take this Iron Halo, for example."

Titus noticed the Iron Halo, a more ornate one than the one he wore on Graia. The Iron Halo's 'halo' section looked like a sliver of flame, each sliver looked as if they glowed.

"It had saved my head more than occasion, including direct sniper fire from a Chaos Marine with a Lascannon."

Now, that impressed Titus. The Iron Halo must be exceptionally powerful to block something like a shot from a Lascannon.

"This was a gift from the Imperial Fists. This Rosarius was made by the Adepta Sororitas of Ebon Chalice, and my left shoulder pauldron was one of the gifts from the Grey Knights. I even have this Psychic Hood from your Ultramarines."

Titus noticed the Psychic Hood only then, even so, the image was so blurred.

"You are a psyker?"

"This Psychic Hood hides itself and my soul from my enemies, effectively blinding them to the fact that I am a Gamma Level psyker with decades of experiences. More than one Eldar Farseer and Dark Eldar Archons have died from the surprise psychic attack. This gift from your chapter is one of my most cherished treasures."

"It is indeed a mighty gift."

Hadrian smiled.

"Why am I telling you all this? I have reason that I am hoping you would soon find."

Titus paused, he remembered what he was thinking before.

"The weapons."

"I wanted to describe to you that I have so many gifts and items that I've acquired over my decades of service and things inherited from my master, the Inquisitor Lord Grados. I have so many powerful weapons for you to arm yourself so that you may better serve the God Emperor in battle."

Then Hadrian handed a helmet to Titus. It was freshly painted blue, of Ultramarine color, but it was distinctively not a normal helmet.

"This is... Grey Knight's helmet."

"Another gift. It appears that for an Ordo Xenos Inquisitor, I've dabbled too many times in the affairs of the Ordo Malleus. It is now my gift to you, so that you may see the enemy clear and not lose your head."

"Thank you, Inquisitor."

"Now, let's go kill some xenos!"