Trickster's Prophecy

DISCLAMER: I do not own any of the characters; Tamora Pierce owns all the characters; if the plot is like somebody else's, my sincerest apologies.

SUMMARY: When Aly was one, the mortals were tearing Earth apart with their wars. The Gods were not able to directly intervene, so Fate made a Prophecy about the one who would save the world. 13 years later, we meet Aly of Pirate's Swoop.

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Chapter 3

Golden sunlight filtered through the forest canopy and fell on a sleeping figure. Aly stirred, moaning as she took an inventory of the many aches that her young body suddenly had. 'Gods. They never realize the effects that realm travel has on humans. She suddenly shot upright. Realm Travel! If Kyprioth was who he said he was, and she had just traveled to and from the Divine Realms, then she could be anywhere in the Mortal World. She looked around, trying to find a landmark that would tell her if she was near her home of Pirate's Swoop. When she didn't recognize any of the tropical plants around her, she closed her eyes. She sat down, and allowed her thoughts to drift away as she breathed deeply. She sent out waves of her Gift, and opened her eyes to an entirely different scene. The city of Rajmuat was spread before her, and the setting sun glittered off of the golden roofs of the temples and palaces. The streets were teeming with people of all races, and even though she was witnessing this in her mind's eye, Aly could hear the sounds associated with a bustling city. She blinked and withdrew her Gift. 'So, The Copper Isles. Not too bad, considering where Kyprioth could have sent me.' She slowly got up from her meditative position, and winced as her joints creaked in protest. 'I really must have a word with Kyprioth.' With ideas on how exactly to exact her revenge on the Trickster God running through her mind, she set off to Rajmuat.

Aly checked into an inn in the wealthy center of the city just as the clock struck midnight. Though the innkeeper looked at her strangely, Aly ignored her, as she was focused on just making it to her room and into a soft bed. As soon as her head hit the pillow, she was asleep.

The midday sun shone through the small, window in the corner of Aly's room, illuminating her sleeping face. The smell of fresh baked bread wafted through the open window, along with shouts from those who were in the street. She awoke slowly, blinking the remnants of sleep from her eyes. Just as she rolled out of bed, stretching her still aching limbs, someone began to pound on her door, and a voice that could barely be considered female came through the thick door. "I told you last night, but no free meals!" The innkeeper's muffled footsteps receded, and Aly sighed. A girl just couldn't catch a break. She felt for the spring of copper fire deep within her, and pulling out a small thread of Wild Magic, she called out to the animals in the bakery next door, saying, 'Hello friends. I am Aly of Pirate's Swoop, the gods-daughter of the Wild Mage. Would one of you please bring me a loaf of bread? Make sure that you don't get caught though, I wouldn't want you to get in trouble because of me.' Amidst the cries of welcome from the myriad of domestic animals in the bakery, one small voice, that of an old, feeble dog, answered her. 'Of course ma'am. Whatever I can bring you, I will.' Aly thanked him, and then laughed at how unusual the exchange was. Not only was she talking to a dog, but she had no qualms about stealing a loaf from the bakery. 'What can I say?' she thought. 'I had to have inherited something more than my spy skills from Da. What use is having an ex-King of Thieves for a father if you don't learn a little something here and there?' She laughed, and then set about getting ready to leave the inn. A muffled scratch came from the door, and Aly opened it to allow her new friend in. The old, rheumatic dog gave her her bread, and Aly healed him with her Wild Magic in thanks. She tucked the bread into her still relatively clean dress, and followed him out of the inn. As she ate chunks of the thick rye bread, Aly headed towards a dress shop down the street. She was going to need to look presentable for what she had in mind today. After using her Gift to "buy" her dress and other items, she headed towards the royal palace.

Her many talents served her well as she quickly bypassed the many checkpoints and thick security surrounding the palace, and she arrived in the palace gardens in a matter of minutes. She went into the nearest empty dressing pavilion, and changed into her new attire, leaving behind her old clothes. The maids attending the pavilion wondered at her odd behavior, but knew better than to ask what she was doing, because they thought that surely anyone who was as beautiful and confident as Aly must be of the highest ranks of the nobility, though they had never seen her before. She strolled through the gardens, avoiding the other people who were admiring the spectacular views, and simply bided her time until night fell.

As soon as the last rays of the setting sun disappeared over the horizon, Aly slowly made her way towards the royal suite, where Queen Dovasary was having a private dinner with a visiting Carthaki ambassador. She subdued the guards with a small sleeping spell, and then swept into the royal dining room. The warm amber light of the mage lights in the room shone off of her creamy white skin and brilliant, long red hair, and was lost in the deep, rich emerald of her dress, making her look like a form of the magnificent Great Goddess herself. The Carthaki ambassador abruptly stood up and scurried out of the room, leaving the Queen by herself. Aly stood where she was, as royal as Dovasary herself, and said in a regal voice, "I am Alianne of Pirate's Swoop, the women foretold by Fate, daughter of the Lioness and the Trickster, goddaughter of King Jonathan of Conte, Queen Thayet, Numair Salmalin, and Daine Weirynsra, also known as the Wild Mage. You and I need to talk."