Zetsubou no Amai Kiss Shite?
(Won't You Give Me a Kiss of Despair?)

Full Summary:
Princess Resurrection crossover. Ever since 17-year-old Alfred F. Jones's parents died, he was living apart with his twin brother Matthew. Now, Matthew has gotten a new job as the caretaker of an old Japanese house, and tells Alfred to come and stay with him. Finding the house boarded up and apparently empty, Alfred wanders around town looking for Matthew. Instead, he runs into the new resident of the house, and ends up pushing him out of the way of a van that was out-of-control. Unfortunately, Alfred's loses his life in the process. Luckily, or perhaps unluckily, the person he saved turned out to be a prince of the Kingdom of the Rising Sun, and he grants Alfred a second life… but only for as long as Alfred will be his servant.

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Warnings: Violence, Language, Mentions of Blood, Black!Kiku, Android!Herakles, Werewolf!SouthItaly, more crazy characters in the next few chapters

Pairings: mortal!AlfredxBlack!Kiku

Genre: Horror & Supernatural

Chapter Summary: Alfred, a seventeen-year-old high school student, dies while heroically saving a mysterious young man on the street from a van veering off control. That young man turns out to be Kiku, his twin brother's new employer, who by resurrecting Alfred makes him Kiku's servant.

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First Drop of Blood:

The hospital morgue was eerily silent, the dead neatly laid on steel beds, their bodies covered and arranged carefully. It was late in the night, and well beyond the hospital's visitor hours.

But a slim young man with jet-black hair and deep dark eyes was inside, wearing a somber black-and-red kimono with a red obi. He is not of the medical staff, but nor was he a visitor accidentally getting lost in the morgue. His steps are quick, purposeful and light, and his face held an expression of amused stoicism.

He made his way around the beds, as if knowing which person was which even without peeking under the cloth covers, and stopped at a certain corpse. The corpse was already cold.

The dark-haired young man acted quickly, nipping at his index finger hard enough to draw Blood. This particular Blood deserves to be capitalized, for it glowed a bright, fiery red. It is evident that this is no ordinary blood.

He then stretched his bitten finger over where he supposed the corpse's mouth should be so that a drop of Blood dribbled on the white cloth covering the body.

The young man smiled slightly and watched the glowing red of his own Blood seep into the covers, and began whispering to the corpse-which-will-soon-be-not-a-corpse.

"And now I bequeath to thee a second life."

That is not dead which can eternal lie,
And with strange eons even death may die.

That particular morning had been fairly normal for one Alfred F. Jones, a cheerful seventeen-year-old young man with seemingly no serious purpose in mind. He had received a letter from his twin brother Matthew telling him to come to the town where he was currently staying at, that Matt had gotten a job as a caretaker of an old Japanese house in that town, and that they will be living there. Matt had even drawn a map of the place—it was a mansion situated on the top of a hill overlooking the town.

But the moment Alfred had set foot in front of the mansion's gates, he was perplexed. It looked as if no one had lived there for a very long time now—indeed, the house was shut and silent, and the gate was firmly shut. Alfred had puzzled over at this, and wondered if the directions were correct. But this was the only hill in this town, and the only house on that hill.

Maybe I'll try again tonight or something, Alfred thought irritably, stomping back down the hill to the town proper. He walked past the shops, exasperated. Matt, where are you?

As he was walking, he caught sight of an unusual person—a short, slim young man wearing a black kimono and a red obi and a noticeably darker-skinned man with curly hair and intense green eyes beside him who was carrying some luggage on his hands and a multitude of cats on his shoulders and head. The boy wearing the black kimono looked like a Japanese doll of sorts, his short black hair and big dark eyes adding to the charm. His skin was a luminous milky white, bringing out the depth of his eyes. Alfred found himself staring shamelessly at the delicate young man, but found out that he wasn't the only one. Many people were also shooting curious looks at the young man wearing the kimono, which led to Alfred's concluding that the young man and his evidently cat-obsessed companion is also a newcomer to this town.

That makes three of us, he thought. But why the strange get-up?

He had no time to wonder any more, because he just realized what was happening next.

A van was coming up the road, and it was doing so erratically. It kept weaving on both sides of the road, until it finally swerved out of control and aimed for the sidewalk.

Alfred suddenly realized that the van was making its way to that mysterious young man wearing a kimono, and seeing that the young man nor his darker-skinned companion wasn't making any effort to avoid the van careening toward their path, his heroic tendencies kicked in and he rushed and shoved them both out of danger. By then, the van was too close for Alfred to avoid it, and the van slammed into him instead and threw him to a considerable distance.

Alfred lay on his back, his breath knocked out of him and a shocking amount of blood seeping to the concrete from his head. His sight was blurry, his glasses having been thrown off his face somewhere during the impact, and his breaths were shallowing. He could hear whispers all around him.

"…Quick, call an ambulance!"

"The boy's not going to last much sooner…"

And amid the throng of whispering people, Alfred saw a familiar yet blurred face peer down on him.

Those deep dark eyes… And that beautifully black hair… The person he had saved at the cost of his own life.

The delicate young man's lips had opened slightly as if to say something, and he strained his ears to catch the sound of his calm and quiet voice.

"…He makes such a beautiful corpse, Hera-chan…"

Corpse—? Alfred couldn't think straight, but he certainly wondered at that coldblooded statement.

Who is this boy? Such a delicate face and a harsh philosophy… for a boy…

He could still hear shouts in the background, but he ignored them, choosing to watch the dark eyes looking bemusedly at him instead.

"Hold on…!"

"The ambulance is coming…!"

The wailing sirens of the ambulance filled his ears, and Alfred Jones was dead to the world.

Night had long fallen before Alfred had opened his eyes blearily. He was wondering at the cloth covering his body. He shoved the cloth off his face, not noticing the stain of the still-red Blood on the area that formerly covered his mouth, and sat up slowly, wondering at the darkness.

Why is it all dark? I can't see anything…

…And wait. Where am I again…?

Alfred calmly walked out of the silent hospital, not noticing either his barefooted state or the state of his shirt, which was bloodstained all over behind. He wondered why he was in a hospital morgue, but remembered it all again.

I was here to live with Matt… but that mansion was abandoned… and then I saved that boy from an out-of-control van and it hit me instead…

He remembered the last words of that eerily beautiful boy before he had blacked out. It creeped him out.

"…He makes such a beautiful corpse, Hera-chan…"

Alfred shook his head slowly, then glanced shortsightedly at the house on the hill, which was clearly (or in his case, rather unclearly) seen from his position. Then he did a double-take.

"The lights in the house are all on!" he exclaimed to himself, half-mystified. What was going on?

Of course, being Alfred F. Jones, he just had to find out.

"A Blood contract?"

The kimono-clad young man was sitting in the spacey dining room in the Japanese house on the top of the hill, calmly drinking a cup of green tea and staring expressionlessly at the curly-haired man beside him who was currently crawling with cats.

The curly-haired man nodded serenely. "You gave him… a drop of your Blood… Kiku-sama. You should… make a pact… with him."

Kiku sighed with something like mild amusement. "Hera-chan, don't compare me with those Blood-thirsty Vampires. I may be lacking in Vassals, but I'm certainly not that desperate yet." He sipped from the cup again, savoring the taste of the tea.

"But… why did you… give him a… second life?"

Kiku actually smiled at this. "Exactly, Hera-chan." He laid the cup of tea in front of him and stared into its murky depths. "Only the most distinguished warriors are suited for a Blood contract." His dark eyes narrowed slightly. "To someone we just passed on the street? Impossible."

He then turned his head around and watched the moon out of the window, noticing its fullness. "Maybe I am just that compassionate." Then he lifted a brow slightly. "Hera-chan… it's a full moon tonight…"

"Yes," Herakles answered with a serious frown tugging at his usually serene features. "Don't say…"

Kiku rose from his seat and scowled lightly. "Let's go, Hera-chan… The dogs have sniffed us out."

The light of the moon illuminated the lawn in front of the mansion, and with it, Kiku can see the hulking form of the Werewolf and the pack of wolves around him. Beside Kiku, Herakles held in his arms an enormous tree trunk torn out from the ground.

"Ah, look who it is, Hera-chan," Kiku said lightly, amusement flitting in his usually emotionless eyes as he held an ornate katana fitted with a black blade in his delicate hands. "A dog mustn't bare its fangs at its master, right…" His eyes blazed suddenly. "…Lovino Vargas?" He ran the tip of his tongue on the flat of his blade, sarcasm dripping. "Who made you do this? Any one of my brothers? Or maybe my sisters?"

Lovino's brown eyes glared at him, furious. Dark brown fur covered his body, making his completely morphed-out form truly awful to behold. "I have nothing else to say to you, Ouji-sama."

He raised an arm, and instantly the wolves attacked from every which way. Herakles whipped his tree trunk from left to right as if it weighed nothing, sending wolves flying away from Kiku's spot.

A wolf found an opening and bit at Herakles's arm, but its fangs didn't even pierce through Herakles's skin. Lovino was enraged.

"So that being is actually an android?" he roared, baring his long fangs. "Attack the prince behind him instead!"

Herakles quickly flung off the wolf on his arm and raised his tree trunk threateningly, but a wolf had rushed under it and leaped straight for Kiku. The prince was eerily prepared, however.

The sickening sound of the black blade slicing through the heart of the wolf pierced the air, and blood splattered everywhere. A dark red drop landed on Kiku's pale cheek, but he didn't even bat an eyelash at this.

"Never underestimate the Royalty, dear Werewolf," he hissed sweetly, a playful smile on his lips. "Now, carnage begins."

Alfred was walking on his way to the mysterious house on the hill, dog-tired and very disoriented about his day.

This is crazy, Matt… What the hell is going on at this side of the world? And why did you have to work here of all places…?

Alfred knew he wasn't getting the answers to any of his questions soon, and the thoughts about that mysterious young man he had saved from the clutches of death began slipping in his mind, confusing him further.

"Why can't I forget that person? Who is he really…?"

Hundreds of fallen wolves littered the place, Kiku's shallow breathing signaling Herakles that his prince was slowly reaching his limit.

"Are you all right, Kiku-sama…?"

Kiku smiled encouragingly, nodding his head lightly. "Don't worry about me, Hera-chan… I'm in no danger…" Then the smile slipped from his lips, replaced by a slight frown. "But I'm displeased with you, Lovino…"

Lovino didn't reply, his snarl still on place.

Kiku's eyes blazed red, and he raised his black katana at shoulder height. "Aren't you going to attack your master directly? Are you afraid, Lovino Vargas?"

Lovino stayed silent.

Alfred had reached the woods around the old mansion by this time, and had made his way to the clearing where he supposed was the origin of the snarling noises he was hearing.

He was surprised to see in the clearing that same kimono-clad young man holding a sword, and more so when he saw his curly-haired companion wielding an enormous tree trunk as if the tree weighed just as much as a pillow. Alfred was even more shocked when he saw what was before the two of them.

Was that a… werewolf? He checked the sky. Full moon. Perhaps it was a true werewolf… but werewolves do not exist out of tales!

Or do they…?

"You have thrown away your honor, Lovino!" the young man in the kimono was declaring loudly, the sword still raised shoulder-height. "An animal without an honor is nothing more than a filthy beast!"

Meanwhile, Alfred was busy congratulating himself. That boy must live here in this mansion! Luck indeed…

The werewolf ("Lovino, right?" Alfred thought) was roaring out in fury, brown eyes widening. "Even if you are a prince… No one insults me and gets out alive!"

"Come, then," Kiku said in a low voice. "Fight me honorably, Lovino!"

Alfred's mind was reeling. That frail guy… can he really fight that Lovino brute all by himself? Much too dangerous… he must find a way to protect that bold person… because that's what heroes do, dude. But something was calling within him to protect the prince… Something that even outweighed his desire to be the hero…

But before he could act upon his impulses, Lovino had lunged toward Kiku. Herakles stepped forward with his tree trunk, but Lovino snapped it in half with just a simple swipe of his paw. Alfred watched in distress at the happenings and wished that he could do something for the prince… anything…

Lovino was almost at the prince, his paw held up to kill Kiku, and Alfred had no choice but to obey the impulses of his blood—

"Ouji-sama—!" Lovino roared out as he went for the kill—

And Alfred suddenly found himself in front of the startled Kiku, arms spread out, braced for the pain—

Lovino was surprised and irritated as his arm punched a hole through Alfred instead, whose mouth immediately gurgled out a lot of blood. Kiku seemed surprised to see him again.

"And you turn up now?" he said in amusement, his dark eyes appraising Alfred as the latter choked out an impossibly large amount of blood.

"Run, get out now!" Alfred managed to say through bouts of coughing.

Lovino was enraged. "You meddling mortal bastard—!"

Lovino flung Alfred away, and turned to face Kiku. But what he found was nothing but Herakles, whose face was mildly impassive.

Lovino knew what was going to happen next.

Damn, I let my guard down because of that stupid kid—!

He swiped his paw blindly behind him, but Kiku anticipated it and nimbly dodged, using the momentum to stun Lovino by striking his jaw with the blade of the sword. When Lovino was staggering at the strength of those deceptively fragile arms, Kiku calmly leaped and thrust the sword through his left eye, blood splattering again on Kiku's clothes. Lovino roared out and sank to the ground, blood pooling around his head from the injury.
Kiku landed on the ground silently a distance from Lovino, who was dying slowly on the grass.

"Ouji-sama…" Lovino ground out weakly, death overtaking his body as he spoke. "Forgive my transgressions upon your honorable being…"

He choked, and was gone.

Kiku calmly sighed and turned his back on the Werewolf. "Don't underestimate me, Lovino. I know for a fact that your lover was taken hostage by one of my brothers." He started to walk away from Lovino, but Herakles called his attention.

"Aren't you… going to… revive him…?" Herakles asked, confused.

Kiku snorted lightly. "Don't be silly, Hera-chan." He crossed his arms and continued strolling. "It is forbidden among the members of the Royalty to resurrect someone we've killed ourselves." He sighed. "And he died honorably. I think he'd rather stay dead."

Kiku serenely walked over to Alfred, who was still breathing even with the huge hole that Lovino punched through his torso.

"Hello, mortal," he whispered with a smile, crouching down so that Alfred can hear him. "How does it feel to die twice in a single day?"

"I— What—?" Alfred weakly stuttered. The hole was fucking painful. "I can't understand… Before I knew it I was running…"

"Hm." Kiku's smile widened as he listened to Alfred.

Alfred plowed on, ignoring his screaming body. "It's like I've become a whole new person… But…" He tried to flash his trademark smile, but failed to achieve the full effect because of the pain, "…I'm glad you're okay. Really… even if I die over and over again…"

Kiku's eyes narrowed, and his smile disappeared at this sincere statement. He suddenly grabbed the front of Alfred's shirt to pull his face closer to him. Alfred almost thought that Kiku was going to kiss him. "You're lucky, then…" He held his left index finger to his mouth and bit it hard again, the bright red Blood dripping down, and held it out to Alfred's face. "You have the qualities of a true Vassal of the Royalty. You may drink."

Alfred's blue eyes widened. "What?"

Kiku was annoyed, even shaking Alfred by the neck of his shirt. "You still don't get it? I resurrected you after you died because of that van." He held out his Bloodied finger to Alfred's face again. "Come, the effect of my Blood on you is running out. Drink."

Alfred tentatively put out his tongue and received a drop of Blood that was threatening to drip to the ground. Kiku impatiently shoved his whole finger in Alfred's mouth, making the blond blush deeply.

"Listen, mortal. My name is Kiku Honda," Kiku said quietly as Alfred finished lapping up the Blood. "I am the second son of the Queen that rules over the Kingdom of the Rising Sun. The Kingdom of strange creatures that every sane person thinks are just myths."

Alfred opened his mouth, and Kiku slipped his finger out.

"Anyone who drinks of my family's Blood become nearly immortal," Kiku continued, a slightly amused smile dominating his lips again. "However, you must drink it again after a few days. Or the Blood will lose its effect, and you will die." His smile became unbearably sweet. "So I suggest that you serve me faithfully for the rest of your life…"

Alfred's eyes bulged. "W-WHAT?"

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