The thing about a genetically altered superhuman is that everything is cranked up twenty notches. The speed, the strength, the intelligence. But I would trade it all away to get rid of the one mistake they made. Because even the glitches are cranked up a few levels and in one night at Crash that mistake managed to completely fuck everything up.


"Wait repeat that?" Logan sighed in exasperation at the third time he had lost Alec's attention. He glared at Alec questioningly for a few seconds before replying.

"I said I might break up with Max." The look in Logan's eyes when he said this made it pretty obvious that he was feeling a fair amount of guilt. That was typical Logan, always trying to be the good guy and when he had to be otherwise he always got that kicked puppy look on his face. It made Alec want to hit him. Or kiss him. But, no, definitely not that second one. That part was just because of how drunk he was. Of course.

"Really?" He raised his eyebrows, genuinely surprised. It had always seemed quite plain to Alec that, no matter how irritating – In Alec's opinion - Max got Logan would always love her. Totally whipped. "Did you finally figure out that you can do better?" He tried not to smile at this news. Because it wasn't like he was referring to himself when he said that Logan could "do better".

"It's not like that." Logan wasn't looking Alec in the eyes. Alec smirked. This was his chance to get through that unshakeable barrier of Calm, Cool, Collected Logan.

"Then what is it?" He whispered, getting close enough to Logan that he could feel warm breath on his face. "Did you decide you play for the other team?" Alec expected Logan to be offended, get pissed off at him, and in the current situation maybe even hit him. Not that it would hurt. But instead Logan didn't move. Just shifted his gaze to Alec's eyes. Alec stared back grin still in place. Without even thinking about the consequences first he grab Logan by the wrist and lead him out the back door of Crash.

As soon as they got into the alleyway outside the bar Alec pushed Logan against the brick wall not caring much that he probably hurt him with his Manticore-given strength. Logan opened his mouth to say something but Alec didn't wait long enough to hear it. He just used it to his advantage and crashed his lips to Logan's taking that chance to snake his tongue in, exploring every part of Logan's mouth with a hungry need. Logan brought his hands up to Alec's chest. Alec was ready to be pushed away and wouldn't protest if he was but Logan just put his arms around his neck, drawing him closer, with one hand in his hair. - Logan's submissiveness didn't last long. Logan twisted them around and Alec allowed himself to be shoved against the wall himself. Logan's sudden aggression was unexpected but definitely not unwelcome. How many times had he dreamed of Logan kissing him? Of Logan's body pressed against his? Of Logan on his knees sucking him off? But he was getting too far ahead of himself. He still had more barriers to break before they got there.