The road curved and swayed out before us, songs filled our ears as we watched the dust roll by, 'on a steel horse I ride.'

It welcomed us with a smiling long face, saying come on down me and run away, run away from everything,

And we come with little crooked smiles filling our faces, words too sweet for our mouths and kisses that never seem to end, give us a kiss dear, look we're here alone, alone and free.

Our breakfasts, lunches and dinners are his heaven, fast food and dinner food but I gobble it down without a twitch of complaint because I'm not eating it but eating myself sick with love, something that is rich and rare to me.

His kisses, his hugs and his sweet words are my breakfast, lunch and dinner and I think I'll be full for years to come, all thanks to him, him with that smile, for me alone.

"A hundred miles to go, Elle, ready to hunt some demon ass?"

"Your ready, I'm ready, plus I bet I'm better then you, hunter."

"Hmm…is that right? Well, I'll take that bet, better then me, yeah right."

"Hey! Ex-villain, remember?"

"Make that Ex-rookie villain … I should duck, right?"

"Oh yes."

It was a different life, yes, I still had the damaged brain and all (thank you father) but it seemed to be under control, it wasn't me it was him and his crooked smiles.

It was him and his love that kept me rooted down to the ground and here with him rather then in my own little world.

It was all him and him alone that was slowly fixing me, one mile at a time, one breakfast each day and one word that brought out the big damn hero in me, it was all him, all Dean Winchester.