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This is pure fiction any likeness to real people or events, strange but purely coincidental.

Dialogue borrowed from City Homicide, No Greater Honour episode "Ghosts." Story by Alix Beane, John Hugginson and John Banas, screenplay by John Hugginson.

Ah so sad it's finished :( I re-watched the last episode of City Homicide and they did it nicely such a pity it had to end but then all good things do. At least they gave us a great ending!

After Bernice's speech he'd decided to go home for a bit. She'd smiled at him and raised her drink but he couldn't help feeling anxious that now that homicide would not be disbanding Jen may change her mind about being with him. Given how close they'd become, even closer now than before their split, he didn't think she would leave but he couldn't be 100% sure until he heard it from her. His heart raced fearing she might call it off again now that homicide wasn't being disbanded. He made himself some lunch and sat out on the patio eating it, thinking. If she stayed with him after today he was definitely going to ask her to marry him again.

She looked around and noticed he'd slipped out again. She sighed, she thought she knew why he'd left: the wounds inflicted by their separation hadn't fully healed and he still felt insecure and vulnerable. She had a pretty good idea where he'd gone though so she got in her car and drove to his place.

He heard someone at the door and got up to see. His heart leapt when he opened the door to Jen, she'd come after him again. She walked in nonchalantly pointing out that he wasn't going to have much time to finish his renovations. He thought that was probably true especially as all his nights were occupied now with much more pleasant activities. He followed her and cornered her by the dining table pressing his body gently into hers and holding her hands, needing to ask her the one thing that was foremost in his mind. She looked at him seriously knowing what it was he was going to ask her.

"No second thoughts?"

She shook her head, "No. No second thoughts." She put her arms around his neck but still he wanted to make the point absolutely clear for both of them.

"We're both in homicide now." The final barriers in her mind having been dissolved she answered him without any hesitation. There was no way she would ever consider giving him up again now she didn't care about anything else!

"Well it doesn't matter any more." She looked deep into his eyes so that he could see that she meant it absolutely this is forever Nick I don't have any doubts I love you. He looked at her his eyes full of love and relief. She leaned forward for a kiss and he kissed her with so much love in his heart, running his hands around her waist. To his frustration they were interrupted by work calling so their brief interlude came to an abrupt end. He would have to wait until tonight. Nick grabbed his jacket and followed her out the door feeling like he was walking on air. He was definitely going to ask her. Maybe tonight he'd see how things went.

They held hands as they walked to the car hardly caring anymore if anyone they knew saw them. So long as they were discreet during working hours and in the building their superior's would probably turn a blind eye to them anyway.

"Seems so pointless arresting Bert Robson the old guys not long for this world he probably won't even last until trial." Jen commented.

"Yeah that's the law though. Can't let murderers walk free." Jen gave him a look yeah I know that and Nick raised her hand to his lips with a smirk.

"Mind stopping by my place on the way I need to get some things?"

"Sure." He looked at her and wondered if this might be the right time to talk about moving in together. They spent all their time together and she was practically living with him already and he loved it that way.

She put her clothes and her bags down in his bedroom and went back out into the lounge room. She didn't know exactly when things had shifted in her mind but she didn't think about her place so much anymore. When they'd begun their relationship they had nearly always slept at her place. She loved her bed and her home but now that seemed redundant and what she wanted more than anything was to not to have her place and his but to share a home with Nick. She approached him from behind and hugged him. He smiled and turned around and took her hands in his,

"Jen it seems pointless one or other of us always having to rush off in the morning or go home to get things. We spend all our free time together anyway and there's plenty of room here. I know it seems a bit sudden but I don't want to waste any more time we know we love each other I want you here all the time. Why don't you move in with me?" She smiled that he had been thinking the exact same thing she was. She put her arms around his neck. She appeared to be thinking and he thought for a moment that she was going to say she preferred to keep their living arrangements separate.
"Well if we do that we're going to have to do some rearranging. There's no room here for all my stuff as well as yours." He was elated and he didn't care if she wanted to throw everything of his away and start again.
"Whatever you want Jennifer," he said kissing her and running his hands down over her hips. She raised her eyebrow and tugged at his shirt pulling it out of his trousers and ran her hands over his chest and removed his tie then wrapped her arms around him hugging him lovingly. He closed his eyes and rocked her in his arms for a second breathing her in. She lifted his shirt up and started kissing him, sighing appreciatively as she ran the tips of her fingers down from his chest to the top of his pants then inched her hands slowly down low on his back all the while seductively maintaining his eye contact. She smiled at him then started to kiss him passionately. He was completely undone, he groaned and slid his hands under her bottom then lifting her up he carried her into the bedroom and threw her on the bed landing on top of her.
"Nick!" She squealed, laughing.
"You turn me on Jen," he growled nibbling at her neck making her giggle as he started undressing her. She threw her arms around his neck and sighed,
"I love you." They stared at each other for a moment then he took her face in his hands unable to fully vocalise how much love he felt for her. He buried his face against her neck and held her,
"I love you too."

They lay next to each other on the bed talking.

"Well it looks like you're definitely off the hook now. So did it feel good?" Nick did a double take, smiling at her amorously and Jen grinned at him, giggling. "Not that," she slapped his arm. "You have a one track mind," she rolled her eyes at him. "Arresting Lombardi?"
"Oh that. Yeah," he put his hands behind his head and smirked, "there was a certain sense of satisfaction." He looked far too pleased with himself so Jen started to tickle him. He grabbed her rolling her over, pinning her arms above her head and kissed her passionately. "You should know," he said between kisses, "that you can never win that game."
"Oh really?" She ran her hands low on his stomach. He gave her a sideways look,
"Now Jen. That's not playing fair."
"Who said it had to be fair," she laughed and pulled his mouth down onto hers for a kiss. They held each other peacefully for a few moments then he pulled back and looked at her, amused.
"You're in a playful mood tonight."
"Well I'm just really happy," she smiled at him kissing him softly, "I love you." And then her stomach growled, "We should think about getting dinner I'm starving!"
"What time is it?" He twisted to try and see the clock. "Ah it's late. We really need to plan better and get dinner ahead next time or we're going to starve."
"Don't you have anything in the fridge?" Nick looked at her like she should know better.
"Not unless you want beer for tea." She shook her head at him and hugged him, sighing.
"Well that's one thing that's definitely going to change around here!" She kissed him softly. "You don't have anything at all?"
"I haven't had time to go shopping. We get home and then you distract me," he blushed and thought for a moment. "There's a Chinese place that's probably open. It's not that great but it's better than nothing."

One month later

They walked in the front door together. They'd only just finished moving all her things into his place the previous weekend and put her house up for rent. He still couldn't quite believe that she was living here with him now. Jen skipped over to the dining table and put her bag down on it.

"I've got something for you." She dug around in her handbag and brought out a box and gave it to him. He took it with an intrigued look on his face.

"What's this?" He smiled.

"Well why don't you open it and find out," she grinned excitedly. He opened the box and saw his watch again only Jen had had it repaired. He turned it over; there was an engraving on the back

Forever, Jen.

"I got it back from evidence after we found you. They took ages to fix it but I thought you'd rather have your old one repaired than have a new one. I know how much you love that watch." He felt speechless. He smiled at her and pulled her into a hug.
"Thank you." They shared a tender kiss and then Nick nibbled at her ear speaking softly into it making Jen shiver, "You know I actually got you something too." Jen pulled back from their embrace a curious smile on her face.
"Really?" She blushed unable to think what on earth he would have got her.
"Um yeah." He wasn't sure if he should have bought it or if he should have left it up to her to choose but he hadn't been able to resist he wanted to be able to put the ring on her finger if she said yes. His palms sweated as he worked up the courage to give it to her.
"Nick what's up?" She asked starting to feel worried about what was on his mind and why he was hesitating.

He was so nervous. He took her hands in his and kissed them he knew his heart would break if she said no but he prepared himself in case she shied away. At least even if she wouldn't marry him he was sure she wouldn't leave him again. He picked up the pearl pendant on her neck and held it on his finger pad.
"Remember when I gave you that?"
How could I ever forget?
"I've never taken it off."
He held her gaze. "I never want to have to say goodbye to you ever again Jen. We're for keeps." He loved her so much. He knew he wanted it to be like this always. "I know you said you weren't ready before and I don't want to push you but I want to ask you again so you know I still want this even if you aren't ready to say yes yet." He paused for a second, "Jen," he swallowed. "Jennifer, will you marry me?" She felt astonished and exhilarated all at the same time. The past couple of months had shown her just how wrong she'd been to turn her back on a life with Nick. Without any hesitation she kissed him, "Yes," she said softly. "Yes. Nick, yes!" He gazed at her and took a shuddering breath hardly able to believe she'd agreed and put his arms around her in a tender embrace. She smiled at him and put her arms around his neck, reaching up to kiss him. "I love you," she said softly. "I can't imagine spending my life with anyone else but you."

He took the box out of his pocket and opened it showing her the ring.
"If you don't like it I can take it back and you can choose something else," he said nervously. Jen looked at the ring, it was really lovely just a simple gold band with a good sized diamond solitaire set into it. She held out her hand so that he could put it on her finger then she held it up to the light to watch it sparkle.
"It's perfect," she kissed him gently, "Thank you." She hugged him kissing his neck then his chin. "I love you." He took a deep shuddering breath not quite believing everything was going so perfectly.
"You have no idea how much I love you," he breathed.

They made love and lay together afterwards her head against his chest, his arms around her stroking her back tenderly.
"Nick," she blushed deeply, flushing hot with embarrassment, hoping that he hadn't changed his mind. She drew small circles in the hair on his chest unable to look at him, and said quietly "I want to have a baby." He stared at her surprised. "I'll be 35 next birthday and I don't want to leave it too late. I had a lot of time to think when you disappeared. I know I said I wasn't ready before but I feel differently now. " He gazed at her adoringly flipping her over so that she was cradled in his arms beneath him. He held her face in his hand and kissed her deeply then tenderly.
"Well then you better marry me first."
"I already said I would," she laughed.
"So when do you want to do it? What kind of wedding do you want?" She kissed him.
"I don't want a big wedding just something small with our families and some close friends and I don't see much point in waiting do you, we both know this is what we want." He stroked her face gently. She was making him happier than he ever thought could be possible.

The End...for now.