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*Written for Granger Enchanted's Twisted Wish Challenge 2011

A Wish for You

(Also known as The Lustful Lord of the Manor)



Part 1 – A Wish is Just a Wish


Pieces of fine, 18th century crystal went flying all over the marble fireplace, as did the amber liquid that was in the expense piece of crystal.

"I can't believe this! She did it again! I thought it was over with after she wrote, 'The Wild Wicked Ways of Lord Lionel' but no! Now she's done it again with 'The Lustful Lord of the Manor'! How does she keep producing all of this – this – rubbish! Will somebody get me another glass of firewhiskey?" Lucius Malfoy paced back and forth in front of a large fireplace in one of his Manor's many parlors, with a Muggle paperback book firmly in his hand.

He read another paragraph in the book, grimaced, and then kicked a century's old, vase that was to the left of the marble fireplace. "I NEED ANOTHER FIREWHISKEY!" he demanded.

His son, Draco, walked into the room with his resident smirk upon his face, laughed, and said, "I think you need to be a bit more careful with my inheritance, Father." Draco snapped at a House Elf, and said, "Get my father another drink."

The little elf handed his master a short crystal glass with gold liquid, Lucius took it, swallowed the entire contents with one swig, then threw that glass against the wall, where it landed with a crash, right next to the one he threw only moments ago. "This is drivel…its poison…its preposterous!"

"What are you talking about, Father?" Draco asked, trying hard to feign interest, as he lounged in a chair nearby, his long legs falling over the side of an arm, swinging back and forth without care.

He threw the book in his hand at his son as hard as he could. "THIS BOY!"

"HEY! That hurt," Draco said, flinching as the book rebounded off his chest and landed on the floor. Draco leaned over and picked up the book, read the title, then the author, then he laughed. "Frankly, I think I liked the title of her first book, 'The Many iniquitous Loves of Lord Lionel'. Why do you have this, anyway? Are you broadening your mind, Father?"

His father merely stared at him, so he continued.

"So what? So she wrote another one. I told you the last time, they're Muggle novels, and no one in our world knows Hermione Granger by her literary pseudonym, Olive M. Anderson, and no one in the Muggle world knows who Lucius Malfoy is, nor do Muggles matter in the least."

Lucius continued to stalk back and forth. "Yet she continues to write about me, doesn't she! I should seek legal action!"

"The Wizengamot already decided against you father. You tried to sue her three books ago, when 'The Devil Lord and the Wrench', came out, and they said there was nothing to link you with those books, and you didn't have a leg to stand on," Draco reminding him, as he thumbed through the book.

"Those cretins are fools," Lucius barked. He walked over to his son, grabbed the book out of his hand, and opened it to a chapter, read, "Lord Lionel has shoulder length dark hair, as black as coal. He carries a cane with a solid gold lion's head on top of it, to hide his sword." He threw the book back toward his son. "Does that sound familiar?"

"Not particularly," his son countered while standing, carrying the book over to his father, "Since you have long blond hair, and carry a cane with a solid silver serpent head that hides your wand." He blinked and then smiled, while handing his father the book.

His father opened the paperback book and hit his son over the head with it, once…twice…three times.

"Watch the hair, Father," Draco huffed, moving quickly out of aim of fire. He patted his blond hair back into place and said, "Really, why are you so upset?"

"You'd be upset, too, Draco, if she wrote such drivel about you!" the elder Malfoy accused. He opened the book for millionth time and read, "Lord Lionel watched the young Hannah from across the room. Her curly blonde tresses barely managed to stay atop her head. He wondered what it would feel like to run his hand through her curls. He wanted nothing more than to remove her white, virginal ball gown from her perfect body, and be the envy of every man in the room, as he took her for the first time, claiming her as his own."

Lucius sneered, and then continued reading. "Following her outside, though he knew it was wrong to do so, he imagined what it would feel like to take the young nymph like woman from her place by the fountain, ignore her protests, smooth his hands over her back, down the soft rounded cushion of her bottom, and then urge her legs open with one knee. Yes, the young woman would cry out in horror, afraid of losing her virginity to such a vile, reprehensible man, as Lord Lionel, the fifth Earl of Malford, but perhaps she would cry out in ecstasy as well." He closed the book, hit it against his thigh and said, "See…totally without merit! Rubbish! Garbage! Trash! Drivel! Twaddle!"

Draco burst out laughing.

"This isn't remotely funny, Draco! I don't argue that the woman can write, because she can, but why must she write this rubbish! Why can't she write something respectable, normal, and not about me!"

"Read me some more, Daddy! Perhaps it'll help me to sleep tonight," Draco joked.

Disregarding his son's taunts, Lucius said, "Wait, there's a good part coming up," and he thumbed through a few pages, ignoring Draco's comment of, "Merlin, he has the page numbers memorized."

Lucius read, "Coming upon the fair Hannah, once again alone, with no chaperone or companion, he decided to take his chance – strike when the iron was hot. With a swoop of his cape, he bowed low and said, 'So we meet again, Lady Hannah.' The young girl gasped and returned, 'I've been warned not to speak with you, sir.' Lord Lionel smirked, as only he could, and tapping his cane on the ground he said, 'A good thing, to, because otherwise, I might do something like this.' Suddenly, his dark hair flying behind him, he swept the young miss into his arms. Pressing her breasts against his chest, with his hands in her hair, he lowered his mouth to hers."

Lucius closed the book and looked at his son.

Draco was actually sitting on the edge of his chair. "Then what happened?"


"What happens next? Don't stop there. I want to know. Does he kiss her? Does he take her back to Malford Manor and have his way with her?" Draco sat back in the seat and said, "You know, the thing I don't understand is how she writes him as the star of each novel. You'd think the public would be tired of him by now."

"Why should they be tired of him?" Lucius asked, a bit perplexed, (and perhaps curious).

"It's only that she makes him the star of each novel, with Lady Hannah as the starring heroine each time, and I'd think that by now, people would be a bit over him, that's all," Draco added with a shrug. "I'd think they'd want to see Hannah with someone else, someone like say, I don't know, a werewolf or something. Werewolves are popular right now."

Lucius growled at his son and threw the paperback book at him again. Draco picked it up and asked, "What page did you leave off at, Father? I want to know what happened to Hannah. I want to know if they kissed." Nonplussed, he began to leaf through the pages.

Lucius sat in a chair opposite his son and said, "You're right for once, Draco. It is always the same characters – Lionel and Hannah, just different situations. I would think the readers would tire of that after a while."

Reading and absorbed in the story, Draco nodded and said, "Different situations each time, though. Granger keeps it interesting. Makes it a murder mystery one time, a comedy the next, only thing the same is the plucky, curly blonde haired heroine, Hannah Smith, and the adversary, the dastardly Lord Lionel."

"You'd think the public would want a hero to go with her heroine, instead of an adversary!" Lucius spouted.

"Right, right, hero and heroine," Draco agreed, while still reading. Finally, he looked up and said, "But, wait, then again, that'd be rather boring, wouldn't it? That'd be rather like reading about Granger and Potter together all the time, or even worse, Granger and Weasley." Draco shivered.

Lucius openly blanched.

Draco went back to reading.

Lucius started to think. "Her character of Hannah is remarkably like Miss Granger, herself, don't you think?"

"Hmm," Draco replied, not listening.

"She's smart, rather bookish, plucky, but she made her slightly different. Different hair colour, different eye colour, but still, she does remind me of Miss Granger in many ways," he said, more to himself, which was a good thing, as his son was too absorbed in his reading.

"Hmm, hair colour," his son repeated.

"Are you listening to me?" Lucius asked, now amused.

Draco looked up. "Oh, I'm sorry, Father, I wasn't listening. What did you say?"

Lucius grinned. "You do realized that in Miss Granger's books, Lord Lionel has a grown son, almost Hannah's age, named Darin, and he's a spoiled, rotten blighter. A loser of the highest caliber. A complete and worthless oaf."

Draco said, "Yes, after writing you so accurately, I'm shocked she got the son so wrong, but there you go." He smiled at his father, who smiled in return. "Seriously, Father, what do you want me to do about this?"

"You're friendly with her now. Talk to her," his father requested.

Draco stood, tucked the book into his inner coat pocket, and said, "I'll just be taking this book with me. And as for talking to Granger, you know I would, Father, but frankly, I don't care enough. Ever since you and Mother divorced, you have too much time on your hands; evidence is the fact that you're obsessed with these books. You want her to stop writing them, you talk to her."

He cleaned up the broken glass with his wand and finished, "Anyway, I talked to her when the last book came out, and she said she had no intention of stopping. She likes writing. It makes her happy, and frankly, Father, after what that bastard Weasley put her through when he cheated on her and took all her money, she deserves some happiness, and some financial success. She enjoys writing, so leave her be. That's my advice, not that I expect you to take it."

Walking up to his father, he patted him on the chest, right over his heart, and said, "Oh, and Granger told me a little secret. She said that every woman secretly loves the bad guy. She said that Lord Lionel is very popular. Hell, she even confessed to me that she wished she had her own Lord Lionel."

Turning toward the door, he added, "And on that pleasant note, I'll bid adieu to you. This book has put me in the most amorous mood, so I'm going to go visit a certain ladylove of mine, and act out a few pages that I've marked. Goodbye, Father. Don't destroy any more heirlooms, alright?"

He left the room, only to turn back when he crossed the threshold. "Oh, Father, another word of advice."

"From you?" Lucius asked, "This should be good. Go on."

"Perhaps it's a compliment that Granger's used you to model her character after. Perhaps she has feelings for you. Likewise, perhaps she should get her wish, or something silly like that, don't you agree?" Draco winked at his father and walked down the long hallway toward the grand foyer, then out the Manor's doors.

Lucius stood in the empty room and thought about his son's suggestion. Miss Granger had told his son that she wished for her own 'Lord Lionel', and that every woman secretly 'loved' the bad guy. Perhaps she did have feelings for him. Well – if that were the case, he'd give her what she wished for, Lord Lionel himself.