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For the Song of the Day Prompts with the song "Yellow" by Coldplay and the prompts apple tree, glass, and shimmer.

Dedicated to my amyzing twin (EllaBethh) to make up for her actual birthday present being so angsty. Hope you like it, Twinny! :D

look at the stars,
look how they shine for you

With Dominique, everything is about the stars.

She's a shimmering ball of starlight, bubbling over with cinnamon-sweet smiles and feather-bright touches and bare feet on rainy rooftops. Everything's all about how the stars are weaved into constellations that sparklesparklesparkle in the night skies and nobody touch the girl, because she's made of stars and you might get burned.

(But of course, he's Scorpius Malfoy, and he can deal with the stars he was named for better than anyone except maybe Victoire with her princess touches and soothing words – but he's no prince, and Dominique's not her sister, not a pretty little princess, so it evens out, in the end.)

There are red silk ribbons woven into her honey-gold curls the day he finds her by the apple tree, and they shimmer in the fading orange dusklight, almost more than she does as she's sprawled out on the dewy-damp grass with a smile like starshine flickering across her face.

"Hey, there, stargazer," he murmurs, collapsing next to her in a heap of mussed vanilla-blond locks and grey eyes stormier than the sea, a smile brightening his face as he looks at her. She's so tiny, lying there on the greengreen grass with her curls splayed around her and stars in her eyes.

Dominique turns, stretching one hand to tug on his green and silver striped tie, absently loosening it further. "Hello, Scorpius," she smiles. "What are you doing here?"

"Talking to you," he replies promptly, curling his own hand around hers, his fingers warm over her tiny hand. "You?"

She's silent for a moment, because she's Dominique, and if there's one thing she's not, it's open, and he knows she thinks about what she says carefully, too carefully, almost, as if she has to weave her own constellation in the heavens and has to get it perfect on the first try.

"Getting ready to stargaze," she tells him finally, freeing her hand from his grasp to smoothe down her orange sundress. "What does it look like?"

Scorpius shrugs, wishing she would stop dancing on glass around him – he's no miracle worker, and even he can't read the stars like she can. "Mind if I stay and stargaze with you?"

Dominique props her head against the trunk of the apple tree, raising an eyebrow at him. "I don't have my telescope," she says wistfully. "We'd have more fun with that."

"It's all right," Scorpius grins, and when she smiles back, he thinks maybe the stars in her eyes are less brightbrightbright and more sparkleshimmershine, almost faded enough for him to read her – almost. "We can have fun on our own, can't we? You, me, apples, and stars?"

She giggles and slides back down to the grass, this time looping an arm around his and dragging him down with her in a flurry of laughter and star-filled dreams and breaking glass. "Apples and stars," she agrees, twining her fingers in his as the first stars twinkle silver against a darkening blue backdrop.

Maybe it's simple, but maybe it's enough. He doesn't need more than apples and stars (and a pretty girl with those stars shimmering in her eyes), really.

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