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Loki Odinson, God of Mischief and Lies, went by another name. An ironic name. The God of Fire. And it was something at which he excelled. Fire was destruction, chaos and pain. And never more so than now.

He danced in the flames. He savoured the screams of the same jack-booted thugs who had threatened Max and her family. He relished the massacre and the anarchy that reigned all around him. He stood in the middle of it all, staring at it with narrowed and determined eyes. There was blood, so much blood, on his hands. Usually he only manipulated Thor and the Warriors Three into doing most of the dirty work but doing it all himself gave him a sense of accomplishment.

In spite of all their boasted technology SHIELD were nothing compared the slyest God of them all. All of their weapons could do nothing to take him down, became nothing, burning in his cosmic fire.

Coulson had tried to find him and when he did he'd tried to reason with him, talk him down from the fury that he had induced. Naturally Loki was not to be reasoned with. He had however let Coulson walk out with his life on the premise that he give the leader of SHIELD a message. The message that nothing could save them now and it was SHIELD themselves who had put him on this course. Loki was coming for them.

The sound of gunfire shook him from his reverie and he managed to deflect the onslaught. Once more he said nothing. The only thing he had said in the past hour of devastation was the message that Coulson needed to deliver before appearing to drop him into the ground. Coulson totally disappeared. The soldiers were in a complete state of panic without a commanding officer and Loki remaining silent did not help. His stillness and apparent boredom only served to frighten them more. A raving mad man they could handle, would never hesitate to approach. A God who had no qualms and no difficulty in killing them frightened their training right out of them. So yet again a stand-off happened, a brigade against one lone man, but this time the brigade were too frightened to pull the triggers of their weapons. They couldn't ignore the flames, the terrified shrieks of some of their best men, the sheer terror in the fleeing people's eyes. When the God finally spoke many men flinched against the steel that tore the silence apart despite the calm tone.

"If you run now you may leave alive."

That was all they needed. Without so much as backward glance they fled for their lives, braving the searing heat and falling debris, just for a chance not to face the monster Loki had become. Sighing the God turned towards the only part of the base that he had not destroyed in his rage. The area where the scientists were. There Loki would find the answers he sought.

"What are your names?" Loki asked the three scientists he had cornered monotonously. These people weren't soldiers. These were innocent, quivering scientists that were afraid of him. Smart people. He was in a separate block of the building where computers and research inhabited most nooks and crannies. Whilst Loki himself had little difficulty navigating the many wires that lay around them the workers seemed to be falling over themselves in an attempt to escape.

"I'm Eric Selvig." The middle aged man stammered, trying to guard the two women behind him. The move seemed familiar. Loki's set face never changed. He merely pointed to the computers. On there were the files needed to recover Max's memory he assumed. Of course he was going to look over everything he needed to utterly decimate SHIELD, burn it to the ground and dance in its embers but he had to be quick. There were only moments until other SHIELD agents arrived, having received Coulson's message, "I don't have the password…"

"Then find me someone who does. Or I will let you die." The monotone voice and blank face told the three frightened scientists that he wasn't joking. He was willing to let them escape now if they gave him the password. Fight or flight instinct took over and a pretty woman with long brown, wavy hair, like Max's, hurried forward to wordlessly tap it into the computer. With a curt nod and a wave of his hand he dismissed the scientists who tailed it out of there as fast as they could. Loki's eyes absorbed all of the information he could and, as his memory was infinite, he absorbed everything but most importantly, how to return Maxine Dwyer to him. With a quick, derisive glance around him he smirked and allowed his eyes to follow Eric Selvig as he escaped. This area too would burn but he would see that Eric Selvig again. Loki needed help in infiltrating the place once again and that singular minded man was the perfect host of his plan. The fatherly like concern of those two women would be his downfall.

With a sadistic grin Loki placed a hand on the computer screen in front of him and focussed every single amount of energy into annihilating these computers. What burst from his hands was green flame, flickering and dancing their way over everything like greeting old friends. And only when the smell of burning electricals and plastic overwhelm his senses did he finally turn to collect Max who was still stood in the middle of the New Mexico desert, left by the soldiers who had escorted her, confused and alone.

Max cocked her head as a tall man, wearing a cape and full body armour casually walked from the blazing inferno of cosmic, green that was the building. Her mind was a frightened blank with only snatches of memories and feelings but there was one thought going through her mind. A cape? A cape? Seriously? The man in the green cape and full body armour was good looking with his angular cheek bones, dark slicked back hair and serious expression. Finally he stood not one foot way from her, staring down at her with half-expectant, half-crazed eyes.

"Are you a survivor?" She asked in a monotone voice, nodding towards where some of the scientists were hurrying away in their jeeps. Max already knew the answer and somehow found that she didn't care. She didn't know why, she should be horrified that so many people had died and would've been in different circumstances. If only she knew what the current circumstances were she could make something of her current apathy. Loki lazily looked over at the escaping scientists, his mind forming a plan for them already.

"No." He turned back to Max "I am the cause. Does that trouble you?" He stepped aside to take in the flames with Max by his side once more who seemed entranced by them.

"It should shouldn't it? But it doesn't. I don't know who these people were. But I think they took something from me, someone important, and I hate them for whatever it was. I can't remember it… him… anything actually. Did they take something from you too?" Finally she looked back at him, her hand over her eyes to shield her from the sun. Loki's heart sank as she looked at him with no recognition, just apathy, like the face of a bored child. But he would change that. And after that he would destroy the rest of SHIELD using Eric Selvig as his pawn.


"Will you get it back?" It was like they were complete strangers, as if Max had never kissed him or asked him to fall in love with her. It made his chest clench in a place he never knew actually existed up until now.

"Eventually." He replied slowly. It would take some time for him to figure out to make the antidote for her and then some time more for him to persuade that revenge and brimstone was the way forward, "How much do you remember?"

"Snatches here and snatches there. Enough to know I've heard your voice somewhere before and enough to trust you." Then, as if to prove her point, she slipped her hand into one that was dangling by his side. They both looked down at their entwined hands, him with a faint hope and her with a faint curiosity.

"Where would you like to go? Someone made me a List once and then promised to show me the rest of the world. Would you like to do that?" He spoke as if speaking to a complacent child because for the moment he was. Finally a dreamy smile broke through Max's apathy and she looked up at him with her eyes alight with an emotion he knew she wouldn't be able to figure out for a long time yet. Like she loved him.

"Okay. But first can we go home?"

And for the first time in Loki's life he knew exactly where that was.