Sphere of Trust

This is an AU based on the premise: what if Velma had confided her suspicions about Angel Dynamite to the gang first, instead of going to Angel about it? Disclaimer: I don't own any of these characters. Spoilers up to episode 26.

Chapter 1 – The Break

The gang was driving home from the beach after another successful case. The Fish Freaks had been caught and Dr. Cavenaugh rescued, along with the two Skipper Sheltons.

Velma brooded. She had trusted someone and been betrayed. Yes, Amy Cavenaugh promised to keep in touch. But it wasn't the same as a secret friendship with a real live mermaid. Who could she trust? Her friends, who had been with her in life-and-death situations over and over, that's who. She came to a decision.

"Guys, I need to talk with you about something," she told the others.

"Go ahead," Fred said.

"Yeah, ro ahead," Scooby said.

"It's about Angel Dynamite," Velma said. "I don't think she's who she says she is. That business about the oil drilling being kept out of the papers... she lied. She said it was in all the papers and that's how she knew about the environmental heebity-jeebity stuff. She had to have been here back then."

"Like, it can't be," said Shaggy. "She's been helping us so much. She's, like, a good lady."

"Helping us too much, with information she shouldn't have. Like that Cassidy Williams diary she said Mr. E left on her doorstep."

"I wondered why it didn't have his seal," said Daphne.

"What are you getting at? If she's not who she says she is, who is she?" asked Fred.

"I think she's really Cassidy Williams, one of the original group of mystery-solving kids who vanished twenty years ago," Velma said. "That's why she had the diary."

"Woah," said Scooby. "Angel isn't Angel? She lied to us?"

"That's a huge lie," said Daphne. "This whole side case is supposed to be about finding the missing kids. Now we find out there's one under our noses the whole time, who must know what happened, and she's just been leading us on."

"Her and Mr. E," said Shaggy. "He's got to know that about her."

"So, my question to all of you is: what do we do about it? Stop talking to her? Pretend we don't know? Or confront her?" asked Velma.

"Pretend we don't know while we keep gathering evidence," Fred said. "We work out by ourselves what she and Mr. E are really up to, if there is a Mr. E, and then we trap them."

"We could learn more if we talked to her," Velma said.

"No. She's lied to us and nothing she says can be relied on. She's outside our sphere of trust, and that's how it's going to stay," said Fred.

"All right," Velma agreed with a sigh. "She's outside the sphere of trust."

"I'm sad," said Scooby. "I liked her."

"Like, me too," said Shaggy. "This sad stuff is making me hungry. Scooby and I already finished the bucket of frosted clam turnovers Skipper Shelton gave us for saving him and his brother. How about we run by a pizza place or two on our way home?"

"Or three," said Scooby-Doo.