Uzumaki's Wrath

Chapter 1

Just so everyone knows, Naruto and the gang will be a few years older than they are in the anime. Anyway, this is but a challenge from The Best of Naruto. I hope you like our combined idea. I am posting this because i am waiting for a few authors to message me back for Forxfire.

A five year old Naruto Uzumaki ran for his life as he was being chased by an angry mob of civilians and ninja. Why is this you ask? Well, every year on his birthday, which is the Kyuubi festival, the said people go on a fox hunt, only the blond is the fox.

Panicked, Naruto ran faster than his 5 year old legs could take him. He didn't understand it. He was nothing but nice to these people, yet they always glare at him and on his birthday, they try and kill him.

Up above, a figure of the past watched sadly as one of his descendants was treated in such a way. If this boy had received his bloodline, he was sure this boy would have been treated as a hero as he should have been for jailing one of the beasts that he had split from the Ten Tails. Unfortunately, another Uzumaki by the name of Nagato had his bloodline and it only activated if there is not another Rinnengan user around.

The spirit of the Sage of Six Paths narrowed his eyes at one of the ninja who had brought out a tanto. He knew that this time that these…people…were serious. He had to stop them somehow. He smiled sadly, this would drain his spirit form for a long time, but it will be worth it.

He dropped down in front of the young boy in a protective stance, but all the humans could see was the ghostly figure of the old sage. He brought up his hands to both sides and said two words that were silent to the people watching. That set off something the blew away everything and knocked the blonde's attackers far away. Most of the nearby buildings had been reduced to rumble as well.

The spirit turned to a wide eyed Naruto and he could hear what was said. "You have endured much, so I shall take you away from here to live a happy life."

"Wait! Who are you?" Naruto asked.

"Just someone from the past." The figure said as he help out a hand and Naruto started to disappear.

Naruto stared at his hand as it begun to be transparent just as the Hokage and his ANBU appeared. When the blond looked up, he saw them and he disappeared. The old man stared in shock before his gaze switched from the spot Naruto had recently been in to the familiar sight of the transparent Sage.

"W-what are you doing here?"

"Helping a child in need." The figure of the sage said before it disappeared as well.

"Sir, what the heck happened?" asked one of the ANBU.

Old man Sarutobi sighed as he said, "I failed, that's what happened."


Naruto suddenly appeared on the path to a large city in the distance. Luckily, he appeared when no one was around, so right now he was safe. Looking to the nearby city, he knew had to get food soon and he was basically a street rat, so he had to steal the food. Smirking, he knew that not even the ninja back home could catch him when he stole any food, so he really doubted that anyone in this place could do it.

So the small blond boy quickly made his way to the nearby city and thanks to the nice old lady in the library, he was able to find out that this place was called Gaoling.

Walking around for awhile, he found that barely anybody had blond hair like him, so he new this was going be hard, but he was one to never give up, because if he did, he was dead.

Walking around, he noticed a young girl in the park, with her parents really close by. Upon closer inpection, he noticed that these people were like the white eyed people from back home, so that must mean there rich.

Not really caring about that, his short attention span went from food to wanting to play with this girl. So, walking right up to her, he said, "Hi!"

"Huh? Who is there?" the girl asked.

"Uh…I am right in front of you. I am Naruto by the way."

"Well, you must be stupid if you can't see that I am blind. I cannot see you." The girl laughed, although she was annoyed. "I am Toph by the way."

He looked at her closer and saw that her eyes were like the white eyed people, but also a bit different. "Oh, sorry. So you can't see? No biggie! You don't have to see things to have fun!"

"Really? Sweet!" Toph said but before they could do anything, her parent rushed over.

"Toph dear, a girl of your statue should not be hanging around a street rat." Her mom said.

"But, he is my new friend."

"No. A low level commoner has no place being you friend." Her father said sternly. "It is time to go home."

Naruto sadly watched them walk away, with Toph looking back at him with a sad face. "Well, at least they were not mean about it like the people back home." Naruto said to himself before he remembered that he needed food. "Oh yea." He said before following the girl and her parent home. The rich always had food to spare!

However, he never noticed a small red fox trailing him.