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Kagome's P.O.V. (flashback mode)

Once upon a time a girl like me would of never of believed in ghosts, demons, or falling into a messy and unpredictable love, until I went into room 415. My story is like no other and it all started on April 15th when my Gramps, the owner of Paranormal Actions, assigned me the case of a haunted hotel.


April 15th 10:00 AM

Gramps' business is busy as usual and as usual I try to hide in my secret lair, my room, until closing time, but today my secret lair was found, which was not hard to do, and I have been forced to go on a mission of the Youkai Hotel.

Yes the hotel where supposed wondering spirits of demon ghost roam around freely and apparently most of the hauntings happen in room 415. My question is why people still want to actually stay at this hotel. Just great right as when I thought I could escape.

"Kagome this is an important mission, so don't disappoint me. I have hired another person to help you with this case, Hojo, please come and say hello." Gramps explains to me.

Out of the corner of my eye I see Hojo come slowly over to me. I already knew Hojo and I knew he had the hugest crush on me. Not only has he asked me out, he practically stalks me everywhere.

When Hojo enters in all the way and he is very close, I put on a cheap sweet smile and say, "Hello Hojo. I am so happy about the help I am receiving from you." I see his eyes light up like a child opening that long awaited Christmas present. He also nods to show that he accepts my thanks, but while this is happening I send Gramps evil glares, but Gramps just smirks and walks away.

I walk over to our ghost tracking equipment and start for our mission. Hojo just stared at me as I counted and packed. I was trying to hide my annoyance that he was here, but I could sense his eyes boring into my back. It's hard trying to concentrate when someone is watching your every move, but somehow I managed and when I was done I turned around and gave him a sweet fake smile and said, "You ready to go?" He smiled back and nodded and then we started on our way to a long ghost mission.

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