Hey guys. Long time no write, I know. Life tends to get in the way sometimes and I know that is an old, over grown excuse but that's the only one I have currently.

I'm just letting you know that I am currently editing A Year and A Day so some chapter might go missing or you might get flooded with a bunch of notifications for it. This might be a long process so please bare with me as I update everything and tweek everything a bit. I'm already half done in the editing process and hopefully I will be completely done in a few days.

Also, I got a reviews stating that having Hermione at 30 was too old and I just wanted to explain that in the universe I have them in, wizards and witches can live to be 150 to 200 years old so Hermione technically isn't that old. Just a little bit I figured I should share.

Thanks anyway for your patience guys.