A poem for all those who were lost before their time.

Dedicated to visions of a scarlet night.

Though you are g o n e,

you are not forgotten.

We all love you and miss you

and you will always be in our hearts.


For James and Lily,

you died to save your son.

You made the ultimate ::sacrifice::

and we will remember you forever.


For the McKinnons, Bones and Prewetts,

who died like heroes, but who so many barely know.

Those of us who do p r o m i s e

to keep you in our hearts.


For Cedric Diggory,

taken from us so young,

we never really knew you

but we still l o v e and remember you.


For Sirius Black,

you should have had {longer} with Harry.

We wish you had had more freedom before you died,

so all those months didn't seem like a waste.


For Hedwig,

Harry's first friend.

Stretch your wings and





Nothing can hurt you now.


For Mad-Eye,

who died in the pursuit of what was right.

"Constant Vigilance"

wasn't quite enough.


For Dobby the House Elf,

you died for your f r i e n d s

and you died free:

that's what's most important.


For Remus and Dora,

there's so much you missed out on,

watching little Teddy grow up

and getting to be just TonksandLupin, one last time.


For Fred,

one ha


of the ((Weasley twins)).

Every time someone makes a bad joke

or we see a firework,

we'll remember you.


For Severus Snape,

because you weren't all bad

in the [end].

We hope you find happiness, wherever you are.


And most of all for Alex,

taken from us fartoosoon.

We hope you can see us from up in {Heaven} -

of course that's where you'll be -

and can see that we m i s s you.

Sleep peacefully now, Alex, dear.