What any otaku would give for their favorite characters to be real... Actual beings that they can hug, kiss and glomp. But be careful what you wish for, because while you would surely be thrilled about such a reality, it would not be in everyone's favor. The characters themselves would be stripped from their lives in their own worlds just to join you, of course, but the torture goes beyond just fangirling. You see, odds are not everyone would want a bunch of random anime characters appearing in our world. In fact, I'm sure someone would want to get rid of them entirely. And if they can't send the characters back into their world, then the only way to get rid of them is... well, it's just a hypothetical anyway. Do you expect real anime characters to appear?

... Actually yes, as you may have guessed, that's what's going to happen. Characters from a variety of different animes will experience nothing but a bright purple flash in front of them before they see that they're no longer home where they belong, brought into a foreign world by some unknown force. As for what happens to the characters... well, that's for you to find out, isn't it?

"What... just happened?" A young boy asked no one in particular, looking around at the barren landscape in front of him. He was a character, presumably, who had merely been lying around with nothing to do until just a moment ago, when a bright flash lit up his bedroom, and when the light cleared, he found himself in this strange place. He ran a hand through his blonde hair, not quite sure what to make of the situation... it wasn't every day that he was suddenly teleported to another place like this, but at least he didn't panic. The character then glanced at the sunrise on the horizon, it was barely morning. Let's see... maybe if I find someone, I can ask where I am... he thought, still unsure.

Lucky for him, it didn't take long for him to spot a male figure in the distance, a bit oddly dressed, though, seeing as how he was wearing a long dark cape and such... And the man seemed to be just as confused as he was, perhaps even more.

The young blonde thought that maybe they were both brought there for the same means. "Hey," he called in his not only high-pitched but also digital-sounding voice. "Do you know where we are, or at the very least, how we got here?"

Unfortunately for the poor vocaloid, he did not expect this man to be from an anime a bit more hardcore than his. The man spun around, expecting this kid to be some sort of threat, and glared at him with his piercing sharingan eyes, ready to attack.

This, of course, scared the crap out of the innocent little blonde. He stumbled backwards onto the ground, certainly not expecting anything like what he just saw. "Wh-who are you? What happened to your eyes?" he stuttered.

The ninja's eyes faded back to their usual dark color, this child was no threat, at least. Who is this girl... he wondered, mistaking the high-pitched vocaloid for a female, as many do. He turned, about to walk away. "There's nothing wrong with my eyes," he replied. "It's called the sharingan, a special trait belonging to members of my clan..." he explained, ignoring the digital sound in his voice. "Anyway, who are you?" the Akatsuki member asked, thinking he could get some information from this 'girl'. "And where are we?"

The vocaloid was still confused as to what exactly a 'sharingan' was, and who this weird man was. "Eto... I'm Len Kagamine," he answered. "But I have no idea where we are, or what this place is..." he explained. By then, it was pretty clear to him that they were both brought there by the same means, but neither had any idea how they got there. If he's not from around here, and he's clearly not where I'm from, then I wonder where this guy came from... Len wondered.

The ninja narrowed his eyes. This girl isn't helping any... he thought, about to walk away. The Akatsuki member thought that perhaps he was in some sort of genjutsu at first, but that was beginning to look less likely.

Suddenly, the Akastuki froze, spinning around to see the red-haired Jinjuriki that stood only a few yards away, a large gourd slung over his back.

The newcomer walked up to the two boys and glanced at Len, inspecting him quickly. He poses no threat... he thought.

In turn, Len took a moment to look over this second ninja. No swirling red eyes, at least... but he couldn't help but wonder what was in that gourd he kept with him; bodies? Len stepped back slightly.

Mainly ignoring the young vocaloid, the ginger turned to the other ninja and asked, "Did you or any other Akatsuki member take me to this strange place?" he wanted to know how he got to this place, and if the Akatsuki was the reason, then he wanted him to send him back, even if he had to force him. He glared slightly at the other ninja, awaiting an answer.

"Hn." the cloak-wearing ninja grunted. "No, I am just as confused as you are." he replied honestly. "One minute I am headed to a meeting, the next I am here."

"Eto..." Len spoke up, glancing between the two. "Are you guys, um, real ninjas?" he asked unsurely. He was wondering if these two just looked scary or if they were actually dangerous.

The ginger returned his attention to Len. "Yes, we are real ninjas." he answered simply. His voice sounds... inhuman... he thought. His body was stiff, ready to fight the Akatuki member if needed.

The silence was broken at the sound of a slightly confused teenage girl. "Hey! Random cosplayers!" she called. "What are you doing in my backyard?"

All three heads turned to the otaku. She was pretty short, so the two ninjas could pretty much tower over her. But her most distinguishing feature was her hair, which looked extremely fluffy and curly. While it only reached down to her shoulders, it poofed out several inches from the sides of her head. Also, a very confused face was positioned behind her glasses.

The Akatsuki's head whipped around. "Perfect," he growled, glaring at the otaku.

"Oops, I didn't realize we were on someone else's property..." Len commented innocently. "Wait, cosplayers? You sure look like 'em but aren't you real ninjas like you said?" he asked.

The redhead nodded slowly. Cos... players...? he asked himself, confused on the very meaning of the word. He then turned his attention to the other ninja. "She looks like she's from here." he commented. "We should go talk to her." He began to walk towards the girl, the two others following.

"What are you screaming about now, Alyssa?" a slightly irritated voice asked. Following outside behind the first otaku came a second, one that was nearly a head taller than the first, also with shoulder-length brown hair but strait hair that was much more tamed. Her eyes quickly fell upon the Akatsuki cloak. It was the best Itachi cosplay she had ever seen, every detail was perfect. The others were equally impressive. "Those guys are really good cosplayers..." she started. "But what are they doing here?"

"I was thinking the same thing..." Alyssa commented.

"Ooh! Ooh! What are we talking about?" a hyper third fangirl called out, running between the two others. She was practically bouncing, like she had just drank at least three cups of coffee. Scary thing is, that's what she's usually like, without a drop of caffeine in her system. She froze and stared in awe at the 'cosplayers', particularly the ginger, Gaara. Gingers were among her favorite anime characters.

The three characters glanced between each other unsurely. The whole concept of the situation only confused them the longer they were trapped in it. Len hesitantly made his way to the front of the group of characters. "Ahem, um, none of us are cosplayers..." he told them a bit unsurely. "But anyway... we were just wondering where we are, and how we got here, if you girls have any idea." he said, trying to sound friendly.

His timid request for help was met with a spaz attack from Alyssa. "HOLY CRAP MAN HOW'D YOU DO THAT TO YOUR VOICE?" she shrieked, suddenly shaking him by the shoulders. She had caught the digital tone he had rather quickly. It sounded exactly like Vocaloid software. No cosplayer is that good. "Taylor-san! Grace-chan! Did ya hear that?"

"Ah! What?" Len exclaimed back, breaking away from Alyssa's grasp. "Whaddya mean? My voice has always been like this!" he told her. This surreal reality definitely got stranger the longer one was in it.

"Yeah... I heard..." Taylor, the tall one, replied. There... there's no way they're real... she thought.

Grace, the hyper one, considered the possibility of what Alyssa had implied. OMG REAL ANIME CHARACTERS? she screamed in her head. She then turned to Gaara, and started really losing it. Oh my god... I'm dreaming then. I'm dreaming! There's no way that's the real Gaara!

Taylor stared at Itachi, and he stared right back at her. "You... you guys aren't cosplayers, are you?" she asked cautiously. They couldn't be, they looked to real. And as Alyssa had pointed out, they sounded too real.

"I have never heard of these... cosplayers..." Gaara replied monotonously. "We were just wondering if you could help us."

"Th-then you..." Taylor's eyes widened, and her gaze snapped to Itachi. "Guys, be careful..." she warned, pointing to Itachi. "He can be dangerous."

Grace barely managed to approach Gaara without fainting. Oh my god... there's no way this is happening... this is too good to be true! Then she glanced towards the other character from the Naruto series... Itachi Uchiha. "I-Itachi?" she asked shakily. "Oh my god we're so dead..."

"So you've heard of me?" Itachi asked, showing no signs of emotion.

All the otakus plus Len stayed silent, afraid of the most dangerous character from the Naruto show.

A/N- Yay my first fanfiction! I should point out though that this is actually based off of a roleplay thread I did with a few close friends, and therefore Cheetay and Animegal1251 deserve some credit for their character choices and driving the storyline and all that. Also... more animes to come! I promise!