'In one fateful day I was created'

'A mission and destiny was set on my fate'

'Protect the world'

'Protect the inhabitants'

'Through thick and thin of difficulty'

'The world is at the edge of peril'

I'll sleep when I die…

A challenge, a nightmare, an enormous responsibility,

A wavering heart, a difficult obstacle…

'I want to save my world'

'I want to protect my people'

'I want to protect their dreams and hopes'

'I would not let any harm befall my people'

'I will fight until the world is saved'

'I do not desire to be lost in my path'

'I have to be stronger'

'To be the best…'

'But why does my heart leaps every time I see him?'

'Why does him so obstinate to keep me from any harm whilst I am the one that must protect him and the others?'

'Why do you care about me?'

'Why do you risk your live to protect my live?'

'Why does my vision get blurry?'

'….Why does my tear could not stop?'

'Someone…Please guide me…'