Season Occurring: Summer

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"Sei…, YAH!"

"Aqua Edge!"

Battle cries and the sound of combat could be heard from inside the world tree as the duo continues to fight. Genis took the liberty of casting while Layla took the job of keeping the Rhinossus away from the mage.

The girl swiped down her staff with all her might to one Rhinossus head as it roared in pain and slowly dissipates into stardust. The girl had no time for relax as she felt force her on her back, sending the girl away and painfully landed on her face, mostly her right cheek.

Layla tried her fastest to stand up, and her attention quickly brought to the unaware mage. The Rhinossus are advancing towards Genis with dangerous speed. Layla quickly positioned herself into spelling stance.

"Those who ignore the divine force shall burn! Fireball!"

She chanted almost too quickly as three rather large fireballs flies to the Rhinossus, stopping the Rhinossus in its track. As if on cue, Genis had finally finished his spell.


Jet of water shot out from the ground enveloped the Rhinossus. When the water dies down, the Rhinossus also disappear.

Layla wiped the beads of sweat that trailed down from her forehead, and she realizes that her glove is in shamble. She frowned, she have to throw it away later and buy another pair of glove another day.

"I think that's the last of them, let's head back to town!" Genis said with a grin.

"Yes, I suppose so. Mormo, if you will—Mormo?" Layla looked around with confusion and realized that she hasn't caught any glimpse of Mormo during the battle. Looked around with slight panic welled up inside her mind, she finally sighed with relief when she sees Mormo flies towards them without any harm.

"Mormo! Where have you been? Don't tell me you've been hiding in this whole time!" Genis said and stomped his feet.

Mormo only smiled sheepishly and scratched his head, "Hahaha…Well? What do you expect? I can barely fight anyway…"

Layla unconsciously gripped her rod harder until her knuckle turned white.

Yes, she must do her best to save her world…

…Along with the others…

For Mormo's sake…

For her people's sake…

…For the World Tree…

'I must get stronger…To protect my world, the World Tree…' She thought 'But perhaps I should fill myself with more knowledge of the ancients, they should have enough information about The World Tree…But will I have enough time to do that?'



'Ah, no…I might not have enough time for that…'

"Layla did you hear me?"

'But again…'


'Maybe I should…'

"Genis, that wouldn't do. Watch me, I have found a way to tap Layla out from her little daydreaming!" The Yaoon Descender jabbed his paw to his chest and smirked. He flew to Layla's earshot and shouted.


After the said sentence spoken, Layla instantly readied her staff with awareness. "Where?!" She practically screamed and realized few seconds later it was another Mormo's attempt to snap her out for her bad habit that she has found out, to be lost in thought. She sighed, and lowered her staff. "…Again? Could you find another way but that?" She then shivered at the thought of flying spider.

Genis laughed in the background, "Hahaha! Apparently not Layla! C'mon, let's go back to town! It's lunch time already!" He then wiped some tears from his eyes.

Layla subconsciously puffed her cheeks a little but agreed.

She later made a mental a mental note that she must be a little more composed than now.


"Ahh…, It's soooooooo hoooooottttt…"

Layla glanced to the boy that whined how hot the current temperature is. She had to admit that she is feeling rather uncomfortable with the heat of the blazing sun. A Descender sitting on top of her head is not helping at all.

Trying to brighten the mood, Layla finally speak first. "…Let's proceed on reporting the quest and get ourselves some lunch."

The boy looked up to the girl with squinted eyes due to the brightness, "That's exactly what I want to do but…Is it just me or is the panorama seems to be all…squiggly?"

Layla raised her eyebrow at this, 'Is it that bad?' she thought to herself. Maybe Genis is just exaggerating about the heat. She shook her head a little. No, she has to admit it that the panoramas are all squiggly.

"We are…. almost….there…!" Genis wheezed when the guild came into view.

He SLOWLY opened the door and stepped in to the rather cool Guild and walks over to the chairs and fell onto them. Behind him Layla trotted, looking rather better than Genis. She walked to the counter where Raine was staring rather worryingly at her little sibling. Layla coughed into her to gather Raine's attention to her.

"Professor Raine, I have finished the quest that concerning about the Rhinossus from Genis. We only received minor injuries, excluding the heat affecting Genis." Layla said with flat look.

"She…did…A got job…for a newcomer…" Genis said with exhaustion in his voice.

"Ah? Really? I should really say thank you for helping Genis, Layla." Raine said softly and patted Layla's head. The girl just blinked in surprise, this strange response didn't go unnoticed by Kratos.

"Ee..., I-I…Thank you.." She said a little too soft to be heard, not accustomed in this kind of affection.

"Nee, Raine. Isn't it a little too quiet? I mean, there's not much people come to post request compared to yesterday."

"Maybe it's because the summer has reached to the peak, the citizen must be avoiding the heat inside their house." Raine answered.

"Oh, well. That's means less work for both of us for today, Layla!" Genis stretched his body and stood up. "Oh, here's your reward for helping me." Genis handed out three books from his bag which Layla took with a nod.

Layla examines the book which titled, 'The History of Terresia', 'Spells and Incantation' and 'The Great Etelestia War'. Layla's face brightened up visibly, these books are just what she needs. "Huaaa…Thank very much! These books are the one that I've planned to look out in the spare time!" She said with bright smile.

Everyone in the room stared at the girl. They remembered the moment when she entered the Ad Libitum building for the first time, yesterday. A black haired girl with mismatched dazed eyes, lead by seemingly a flying fox. The emotion that she currently showed really contradicts what they thought her personality would be. The girl put the books inside her bag and smiled gratefully at Genis, she then turned to Raine.

"Is there any other available requests for today?"

"Eh? Well, there's not much since the citizen cannot even stand the heat for maybe a few minutes outside…" Raine answered.

"Tell me about it...I want to sit down first and cool myself before getting some lunch…" Genis groaned.

Mormo flew to her side, "Why don't we just go to the library first before lunch? Yesterday you said that you would like to check the library if there's any spare time." Layla punched in her hand at having remembered something. "Ah…Yes, I recall I have said so." She turned to Raine, "…May I..?"

"I don't see why not. After all, we couldn't test you if there is no quest." Raine nodded. " But, can you please pass this letter?" Raine handed Layla a letter which she took it carefully.

"To whom I should give this letter to?" Layla asked.

"To the one who owns the library, his name is Cheren Tenos."


"I…Can't see…THE FRICKIN LIBRARY!" Mormo howled.

Layla paid no mind to Mormo's protest, she is focused on going the right way to the library. Raine was not exaggerating about the heat. It is truly hot outside, no one was seen in the street. She walked rather fast, wanting to get to the library faster. Few seconds later, she could figure some of the library outline. She brought up her hand and pointed the library.

"…There's the libra-"


"-ry…." Layla sighed as she followed Mormo who just zoomed to the library. She slowly opened the door and let herself in. She was greeted by an unknown smell to her, as she inhaled her every breath she began to like the smell. She started to look around her surroundings. She saw tall shelves full of books every angle she looked. She walked further into the building and felt at ease. She didn't know why, but she love books. The first book she has ever read is the 'History of Terresia' which Mormo gave to her in order to her for understanding the history of her own world. Now, she began to wonder how come she managed to read the book if she has never saw any letters before reading the said book.

She passed alleys of shelves and stopped, in front of her, placing the books in the shelf was a young man who looked like in his early twenties. He has dark blue hair and wears a white and blue robe. He seemed to acknowledge Layla's presence and turned to her direction. When he looked to her direction, Layla finally noticed that he has a pair of blue eyes that gradually widen at her direction. She tilted her head, she is confused why would anyone looked surprised at seeing while herself were just born, when? Like…yesterday?

"Y, you…" The man spoke with a deep and husky voice.

"Yes…? My name is Layla, I'm here to deliver a lett-" Before she could finish her sentence she found herself being hugged by a person; the man to be precise.

"…ARE SO CUUUTEEE!" Perplexed by this action, Layla just stayed quiet while the man keeps saying about her 'adorable' features.

"Are you Cheren Tenos?" Layla asked between his rambling. The man finally stopped, one hand still on top of Layla's head. "I am, but you can call me Ren."

"Professor Raine asked me to deliver this letter to you." Layla said as she handed the letter. Ren took the letter and tore it open, eyes scanning the content of the letter. "Ah…I understand. Layla, isn't it? Would you like to borrow some book?" Ren asked while pocketed the letter. Layla answered with a simple nod. "I would like to…But I'm not sure what to borrow…" She said hesitantly.

Ren patted her head, "It's okay, what kind of information that you are looking for?" He said as he took Layla's hand in his. Layla was about to answer the question when Mormo appeared between the female Descender and the Librarian.

"She would need information about weapons and magic." He said with a smile.

Ren's eyes twitched, "…Heee? Is that so? Why would you know what she wants to read?"

"…Because I'm her GUARDIAN." Mormo upper lips twitched.

"MEH! A guardian of an adorable teen girl, in that small size? Doubt it!"

"Why you…! Stop calling me 'small'!"

"What should I call you then?! 'Tiny'?!"

" ! ! ! ! ! "

Between the childish ranting of the librarian and the Yaoon Descender, Layla slipped away to the other sector of bookshelf, looking through its title to find if there's any book that interesting in her opinion.

She found some category of books that Mormo mentioned earlier and some to her interest. 'Weapons and Armors: Basic', 'Spells and Incantations', 'Story of Wasteland and Forest and Magic', and 'Record of Flowers'. She stared at the four books before adjusting her arms in carrying the books. She was about to tell Ren what books that she will lend before her eyes landed on a display case in the far end of the shelves.

She slowly made her way to the display case and stopped momentarily. She blinked when she realized that there was a drawn circle glyph surrounding the display case. She shrugged it off because she found nothing odd about the glyph and keeps walking until she was exactly in the front of the display case. Inside the display case was a book that looks pretty old. She put the books in her arms to the table nearby. Slowly, her hand went to touch the display glass. The smooth surface felt nice to her skin, she stroked the surface a few times while examining the book. While stroking, she found a small lever that she thinks that for opening the display case.

She pulled down the lever, feeling a little strange since the lever didn't have smooth surface like the glass did. She opened the display case and held the book firmly in her hand. She took the book out of the case slowly and examined the title.

'Celeste di Fanthasm di Ignaite di Shinkaite di Galleon di Terra*'

Her eyebrows furrowed. 'What kind of language is this?' She opened the pages randomly and gasped in awe, the page contained difficult and complex glyph and incantations. She skimmed trough the other pages, mesmerized by the incantations. She kept skimming through the pages until she found a page that leads into different chapter from before.

'Rulia ne Hymn'

'Rulia…As in the hero of The Great Etelestia War?' She recalled the context of the history book in her head. She scanned through the chapter slowly.

'This way of writing…It's kind of difficult to figure it out at first, but…This is surely music notes…This one is…'

She hummed the melody in the first chapter.






"LITTLE-Wait…" The blue haired man shushed the flying fox(?) and went silent for a while. His eyes widened much to Mormo's confusion. "N-no way…It couldn't be…Is it?" He muttered and dashed to the sectors of bookshelves.

"H-hey! Where are you going!?" Mormo's shouted and chased him.


Layla huffed in annoyance. She couldn't figure some of the words. She found the melody quite interesting, and the choice of words was very deep. She closed the book and was about to put the back to its place. Considering it was placed in a secured display case AND circled by a glyph. She carefully placed the book and moved her hand to close the display case.


She tilted her head and saw Cheren stared at her with a flabbergasted gaze. She saw him walked rather quickly to her. She felt his hands grasped her arms, which she responded by a flinch.

"Layla…Di-did you read that book?" He asked seriously with a dead-on eye contact.

Layla felt a little scared by his seriousness and hesitantly nodded.

"Are you…hurt?"

Layla blinked in confusion, but she shook her head to answer nonetheless.

"…I…see…" Cheren muttered and let go of Layla's arm. In this moment, Mormo popped out from the corner.

"Hey! What was that about?!" He said, annoyed.

In a blink of an eye, Cheren serious demeanor changed, "SHUT IT! YOU'RE NOT SUPPOSED TO SHOUT IN A LIBRARY!" He snapped.


Layla sighed at the commotion and went to pick up the book that she left on the nearby table. That, before she heard Cheren voice.


The said girl soon faced the librarian with a questioning look.

"Here, you may have this." He said while handing the book that just Layla read.

Layla hesitantly accepted the book. "…Are you sure? This book seems to be important…" She asked.

Cheren waved his hand in a dismissing gesture. "Nah…I'm just surprised you can touch the book."


"Never mind…so! Did you finally found the book you wanted?...I see…So you're gonna bring those…OK! Now, shall we go to the Guild?"

Layla blinked before nodded, she stored the books before walking away to the entrance with Mormo.

The librarian soon sighed after Layla was out of sight. He shifted his gaze from the direction to where Layla left to the display case, his eyes turned solemn.

"…So…It has begun…"

*I made up the title.

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