"Have you ever noticed that pickles look like cucumbers?" said Cat to Robbie.

"CAT!" yelled an angry Jade as she walked towards Cat. "Why did you do that?" Jade yelled. "My brother does it to our puppy sometimes." Cat said and giggled.

"Hi ever- Oh my gosh, Jade" said Tori as she saw a soaked Jade. "Cat dumped a bucket of water on Jade" Andre informed Tori. "You know what, never mind" said Jade and walked away.

During lunch, Jade came up with a devious plan of revenge on Cat. A rumor had gone around that Cat disliked Peanut Butter, nobody actually knew why, but that didn't matter to Jade as she replaced Cat's Turkey sandwich with a Peanut Butter sandwich when nobody was looking.

Jade grinned wickedly as she saw Cat about to take a bite of the Peanut Butter sandwich. As Cat was about to take a bite, Tori sat down at the table, annoyed, Jade forgot about her own sandwich. "Can you believe it? Danny has texted me 6 times today, saying he wants me back." Rolling her eyes, Jade said "Well, isn't that just a pity?" Jade said in a 1940's actresses voice, as Tori called it.

Suddenly Cat screamed. She had taken a bite of her sandwich and Jade hadn't even noticed. Everybody stared at Cat as she made odd noises, eventually when the noises stopped, Cat asked a question. "Where's my Turkey sandwich?" Jade grinned wickedly once more "Check the garbage, Caterina." Cat ran off to the garbage cans.

Just then Sinjin came over. "Jade." "What?" half-yelled Jade. "Do you know why Cat doesn't like Peanut Butter?" Jade was interested in this bit of information. "No." "Because it gets stuck on the roof of her mouth."

"IS THAT EVEN POSSIBLE?" Yep, that's Caterina Valentine for you!