Hey! What up! Nothing much? Doing good...Beastboy! I'm too lazy to do everything you do it!

Beastboy: Lazy! Why do I have to do it!

Me: Cause if you don't I'll make sure you test stars cooking in the story! {Evil Grin}

Beastboy: Dude! I think you've been around Raven too much!

Me: Why do you say that?

Raven: Cause that was almost worse than me sending him to another dimension. Good job.

Me: thank you!

Beastboy: You guys scare me sometimes.

Okay, so like wildlife doesn't own us even though she is controlling us in her stories. (Wildlife jabs him in the side.) She doesn't own teen titans. She also doesn't own the song bringing home a baby bumblebee. There ya happy!

Me: Yep! : )

~To the story~

Psst! Raven! Psst! Raven! Raven heard someone calling her. She groaned and rolled over half asleep.

"Jinx? What are you doing here?" Raven asked seeing the pink haired girl in her room.

"That's a long story. Can I stay here?" Jinx asked giving her best puppy dog impression.

Raven was too tired to get her to talk so she nodded her head and moved over so Jinx had room to sleep.

"Tomorrow you're explaining though." Raven said getting comfortable again.

"If I'm right I won't have to." Jinx said falling asleep.

*****************************Next day! *************************************

Raven and Jinx were the first up. Then Cyborg came in and did a double take.

"Raven, I think you found yourself a little lost puppy." Cyborg said grabbing his pans and meat to cook.

"Shut up cyborg! At least I'm not bringing home a baby bumblebee." (AN/ I have that stupid song in my head!) Jinx said giving him an evil smile.

Cyborg froze. He slowly turned around to face the girls, pure terror on his face.

"Who knows?" Cyborg asked starting to shake.

Jinx smile grew. "Just me, you and your little bumblebee. For now." She said evilly.

"Jinx, I will do anything as long as you don't say anything." Cyborg said getting on his knees to beg.

Jinx looked thoughtful for a moment. She glanced over at Raven, and then whispered something in Cy's ear.

Cyborgs terrified features began to turn into an evil grin.

"Ya think ya can do that?" Jinx said sitting on a stool beside Raven.

Cyborg nodded his head and went back to his cooking.

"What was that all about?" Raven asked drinking the last bit of tea in her cup.

"Oh, nothing. Just having fun with some people." Jinx said taking the last drink of her tea as well.

"Hey guys!" Beastboy said walking in the kitchen.

"Well you're bright and early." Cyborg said pointing to the clock that read 6A.M.

Beastboy shrugged and walked over to the stove to examine what was being cooked. As usual, Meat, and Ravens tea pot.

Beastboy glanced over his shoulder and saw that raven (and apparently Jinx?) was out of tea. So he rushed over picked up both of Raven and jinx's cups poured the steaming hot tea in the cups and had them back to their owners within seconds.

"Oh, well thank you Beastboy." Raven said taking a sip of her refreshed tea.

"Yes, thank you Beastboy." Jinx said slightly licking her lips, leaving Beastboy frazzled.

"Raven defiantly noticed, and Jinx noticed she noticed, which meant her plan was coming together.

"Uh, um…You're welcome" He stuttered.

*************************After Breakfast************************************

"Jinx, I think you need to explain now." Raven said looking at her company on the giant white couch.

"Well me and Wally kind of had a spat." Jinx said stretching as she stood up.

"I was hoping he would have found me and apologized by now, but you know, he's physically fast, mentally slow. She said sitting down once more next to Raven.

"Ya, I guess. What was the fight about? Raven asked.

"Um, well, uh, the…shower?" Jinx said panicky.

"The shower? Really? Raven asked with a suspicious look on her face. What about the shower.

"Uh, we, he…thinks I take too long of showers and…I said he took to short of showers. It actually got pretty ugly." Jinx said calming down slightly.

"Ok." Raven said pulling her book in front of her face.

Jinx let out a sigh of relief.

"Um, I'm going to go to the bathroom real quick, k? Jinx said inched off the couch.

"Sure." Raven said from behind her book.

**************************Jinx sneaking************************************

Jinx didn't lie; she did go to the bathroom, just not to use it. She had her communicator out and called her boyfriend kf.

"Hey babe! Any luck or do I have to come in and help?" Kid flash's voice rang threw the communicator.

"Hi, my name is jinx not babe, no not yet and no I'm winning this bet!" Jinx said. By the way, if anybody asks why I'm here, we're fighting over the showers. You say I take too long of showers and I say you take too short of showers. K?" Jinx said hurriedly.

"Um, ok. He said slightly shocked.

"K, good bye!" Jinx hung up and went to find Cyborg; it was time for the next step.

$$$Well watcha think? $$$

Kid Flash: They hate it!

Me: How rude!

Kid Flash: Ya, watcha gonna do about it?

Me: Oh, you'll see soon enough! Muhahaha!

Jinx: Wow wildlife. There's something wrong with you.

Me: Ya but that's why you all Loves Me!