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Beastboy made it a point to get up before Raven. He couldn't wait to tell her. It wasn't good news so he decided to do something nice just for security.

He got out her pot of water and boiled some water. That was the easy part. Trying to figure out which tea was hers. Not so much. He opened the cabinet to see six different boxes of tea.

Raven woke up at her normal time. She was in her room as if she had been sleeping there the whole night. She then knew that knowledge had come out that night.

She got dressed and walked to the kitchen. She walked to the couch first to get the book she had set there a while back. But she heard mumbling. It was coming from behind the counter.

"Beastboy?" Raven asked pearing over to see Beastboy with all the tea boxes around him.

"Oh, hey Rea! Um, which tea do you like best?" He asked holding up a few boxes.

"Beastboy, what are you doing?" Raven asked somewhat annoyed.

"What does it look like im doing? Im trying to make your favorit tea! I just don't know which one is your favorit." He said going back to reading the box names.

Raven siged and walked around to fix Beastboys mess.

"What are you even doing up this early?" Raven said putting the boxes up.

"Well I wanted to tell you something but it wasn't exactly good so I decided to make your tea for you." Beastboy said placing the last box back where it belonged.

"Well what do you want to tell me?" Raven said grabbing a tea bag.

"Aha! I knew you liked the stuff in the green box!" Beastboy said seeing the bag.

"Beastboy, stop celebrating and get to the part where you tell me what you wanted to tell me." Raven said threw gritting teeth. This was her time to relax and now she had to deal with him.

"Oh ya! I solved your whole emotion escape thing." Beastboy said proudly.

"And my problem is?" Raven said walking to the table.

"Your gem thingy is broken. Know said that it was because one of your strong emotions were throwing a fit." Beastboy said sitting next to her.

Raven looked at him. He was really being serious?

"I think I'm going to nevermore. Maybe knowledge can explain what you just said." Raven said getting up with her tea.

"Can I come?" Beastboy said standing up as well.

Raven turned to face him.

"You can't really be asking me that. Remember your last visit?" Raven said trying to con him out of it.

"Ya but oh well. Please Raven I won't touch anything. I'll even be real quiet!" Beastboy said getting down on his knees.

Raven looked into his pleading puppy dog face and couldn't say no even if she wanted to, and believe her, she wanted to.

"Fine! But if you do anything without my permission I'll lock you up with Rage." Raven said glaring.

Beastboy just gave a toothy grin and nodded his head.


"Ugh! Remind me to never take another one of your portals!" Beastboy said falling out of Ravens portal felling sick and dizzy.

The walked along the dark area until the past into a pink world.

"Raven!" Happy yelled grabbing Raven into a crushing hug that would make Starfire's hug look gentle.

"Beastboy! Happy yelled grabbing him in a hug as well.

"Happy! Can't breathe!" Beastboy said between breaths.

"Oh, sorry!" Happy said letting go.

"it's ok." Beastboy said catching his breath.

Happy giggled. Beastboy looked at her. He liked it when she laughed.

"Happy, we have to go see knowledge" Raven said dragging Beastboy out of the pink world.

"Well ok, bye Raven. Bye Beastboy! Happy yelled watching them disappear.

The next world they ended up in was Timids world.

"Hi Raven. Hi Beastboy." She said in her sorrow filled voice.

"Hi Timid. They both said trying to avoid her tear fest

The next world they ended up in was bravery's world. It looked like a giant gym with a boxing ring. She was sitting in a corner watching a video on a computer though.

"Oh, Hey Guys! Raven come here!" Raven walked over and looked at the screen. It was like watching the fight between Brave and Beastboy threw Braves eyes.

There was Beastboy saying he didn't want to fight because his ribs. There was Him charging her as a rhino. She watched as bravery tricked him by saying her foot was hurt, and when he was examining it she kicked him in the head.

"Here is my favorite part." Bravery said pointing to Beastboy raping his octopus tentacle around her waist, wrists, ankles, thighs, and one around her neck.

"See he had his tentacles in the wrong places for especially for your taste." Bravery said pointing at her thighs, and her waist.

She heard her taunt and say the octopus blush and let go.

She looked back at Beastboy as he blushed again.

"Well we have to go." Raven said walking past Beastboy.