Chapter 1 - Sowing the Seed

He needed a queen.

He needed one, a physical ache that sat inside him constantly like his body's need for blood. He needed a queen, any queen, for her blood, for her power, for her beauty. He needed one. Without a queen, his dreams, if he could even call them that, would never be realised.

His need, his precious, his beloved, his experiment that had filled the hole inside him had been Diva. It used to be Diva.


The word, the name, the memories; they all brought a tightening around his eyes when he thought of them. It had been Diva. She had been his sun, his moon, his earth and sky. She was his true queen; his mother. But Saya had killed her.


She was a queen too, he reflected. Yes, she was a queen, perfectly capable of filling the hole, though not perfect. Not perfect. She would not do, compared to Diva she was a sparkly pebble to a diamond. No comparison. She would not do; she was too violent, too dangerous to be his tool, his experiment, his love.

Saya. She had opened up this wound inside him. She had killed his Diva. Now Diva was gone.

No matter; Diva was just one queen, and there were more. He did not despair; Diva's children. Two queens! Think what he could have accomplished with two precious queens of this fascinatingly powerful creature he was now one of. But Saya stopped him. She 'protected' them. She nearly killed him.

Not quite. Not quite; she did not finish her job. Hagi lived, and so did he. Silly girl. She was not worthy of being related to his beloved Diva, not worthy of her title of 'queen'.

She did not finish her job. She had not 'saved' the twins yet. Not yet. He tried and tried and tried; he haunted them, desperate. So desperate he felt ashamed, but desperate nonetheless.

Why could he not get the twins? Why was it that the combined efforts of two queens too much for him? Just two… and when Saya awoke, they would become three. He had thought himself unbeatable; only his queen could make him bow. He had come so close to killing Saya many times with her powerless to stop it; surely that showed something? But no, he cannot get hold of them. Hibiki and… Kanade. Kanade… she is the one whom he most covets; he wants her more than her red-eyed sister.

For she has the blue eyes of her mother… but her spirit, her will, it is like Saya's; fiery and feisty. But Hibiki is like that too; they are twins… looks is as far as their resemblance to Diva goes. But they are still queens. They are still the only thing he wants… but he cannot get them.

The Red Shield, they protect them, but they can protect themselves, and they do not want to come with him. At this rate, his need will never be satiated.

But the twins will not do, Saya will not do. So who will?


Of course. Why hadn't he thought of it earlier? He could bring her back. The number of samples he had from his beloved queen; the knowledge of her he had carefully collected of her over the years, it was enough to make an army of Divas. But he only needed one. Just one.

He could clone her. That had been his plan; his course of action. But the twins could not leave him alone; they didn't stop at being inaccessible, they had to hunt him too. And they did, with meticulous precision. He had never foreseen the combined power of two queens, working in tandem.

It was powerful, to say the least.

Their relentless pursuit, unpunctuated by sleeps, gave him no time. He was a rat; always on the run, always on the move. He did not have time to secretly grow Diva a new body. Of course, it would not be Diva; it would simply be like her. An exact replica, as if she had been reborn; without memories, the bad memories that had always made her mistrust him slightly. It was ideal, when he thought about it. But he had no time.

Although, running away did give him one kind of time; time to think. And he realized what possibilities there were. Diva's blood had worked in strange and powerfully transforming ways. Why not her DNA? If a human were to be injected with Diva's DNA, how would they change? He had tried it with samples, during a brief lull from running in Germany. And those samples gave him the desired answers.

While her blood changed a human into a chevalier, her DNA, her genetic structure; that overtook the human's DNA, rewriting it to match her own. A foolproof way of surviving. Except then the human cells died. Fourteen human females of around Diva's age had all been tested and died during the transformation process, coughing up blood, choking on their own fluids, bleeding from their eyes, ears, mouths. That was all he could discover before the twins found him once more.

There was something missing, and the thought nagged at him all day and all night, an incessant, unreachable itch. Even now, as he staggered, bleeding, through the hospital wing with the twins hot on his trail, part of his mind turned over the problem over and over again.

Why did they die? What was missing? What was the solution? Science and reasoning spun and danced in his brain, but no answers were forthcoming. A gurgle of blood, and he finally healed. The twins' blood was not fatal to him; a chevalier of the previous generation, but it did slow down healing, which was most irritating. It was only by getting in through a window that he'd managed to pass through the hospital unnoticed.

His stride quicker now that he no longer had a gaping gash in his abdomen, he hurried through the near abandoned wards; it was, after all, late evening, well after visiting hours, and not many people were about. He passed a sign which told him he was now in the maternity ward; a fact he took in but did not consider.

Not until later.

It was the slap of running feet that had him ducking into an open doorway to hide; and he felt ashamed. He had once been proud, and now he was hiding like prey. It irked him, but had to be done; the twins were fearsome. In that way they were also like their mother.

He shut the door just in time, as Hibiki and Kanade came whirling around the corner, blades flashing and hair swinging, followed by the faithful Hagi and Solomon. They cast about, but they were unskilled; they did not sense him, and hurried on past. Straightening, he took in the room. A pregnant mother, blonde, lay asleep on the hospital bed by the window. It looked like a check-up; the young thirty-something year old could not have been more than nine weeks pregnant.

It was then that it hit him. Of course, of course. The change of transforming into Diva was too much for fully formed humans to bear, but an embryo? That was still growing? The DNA would work itself into the unborn child's, and take over the child's original DNA structure; causing the baby to be born an infant queen; Diva. Then he would have his beloved queen, his cherished Diva, once more.

It was crap science, and he knew it, but he was so, so desperate, and clutched at the hope. Taking the precious syringe from his pocket, he crept forwards.

The mother was still asleep, and as he looked at her he noticed that although they were in Paris, she did not look Parisian, but rather 'English Rose', as it were. Although that did not mean much, especially to him. Leaning over, he silently slid the covers away from her barely rounded belly, and slipped her hospital gown up. He probed gently with his fingers, searching for the place where the unborn was closest to the surface of its mother's skin.

Then another thought hit him, and he cast around for the records. Thankfully, he found them fast, and flicking through them he discovered to his relief that the unborn was a girl. That made it easier. Returning to the slumbering pregnant woman, he found the baby's half-formed face, pressed against the surface of her mother's skin. There.

When the mother woke to a slight stinging sensation, he was long gone. Dismissing it, she went back to sleep, unaware that her daughter was no longer hers.

"AMSHEL!" the angry, frustrated cry from one of the twins wrought through the night, and woke up most of the the patients in the hospital. Amshel, on the roof, grinned. His work was done. He would wait, he would lie low. He knew how to. He would hide, and wait for his queen to be born.


Amshel stood, masquerading in a white doctor's coat, by the side of the mother's bed. The baby who had been injected with Diva's DNA was being lifted from her mother's cut open stomach, wet and sticky. He had nearly lost hope when after 24 hours of labour the infant had still not been born. He had begun to panic that the change meant the child couldn't be born like a human; after all, the original Diva, her sister, and Diva's children had all been cut from their mother's stomachs, not birthed naturally.

He had suggested that a caesarean was in order; careful display of 'concern' for the baby's heartbeat was enough to convince the doctors. So now the child was finally breathing for the first time. Eager, Amshel leant forward; ready to behold his Diva, his new queen, at last.

Throughout the months of this child's 'mother's' pregnancy, he has waited, bided his time. He kept tabs on her throughout; though no one was aware of it, the unborn child had the best protection. If there was so much a whisper of a threat, Amshel extinguished it, driven desperate by his need.

And now, finally, the new born was being handed to him to clean. The tiny, fragile life beat in his hands, and for a moment he felt a wild, exhilarating joy. But then it was abruptly cut short. It was wrong. It was all wrong. The child was human.

He could feel it in his blood; the baby he held was purely human. It was not a queen. His hands tightened, and the baby came within an inch of being crushed, but she did not cry out. She simply opened her eyes, still silent, as she had been from the moment of her birth. Amshel's angry, frustrated gaze met the infants, and all of his anger was quenched. The baby might be human, but it was Diva. Her eyes confirmed it.

They were blue. Which was not so unusual, but they were a blue so intense they were practically violet. And they held an inner peace, an unreachable, closed off part that had been present in Diva's eyes and Saya's too. Probably Hibiki's and Kanade's as well. A part that, while visible, hinted at a different understanding that would always be unreachable to someone not of their kind. It had always frustrated Amshel, that unknown gleam, but this time looking upon it gave him hope.

This child surely had something of Diva in her. And that meant that there was still hope.

Amshel left quickly after that, but always he kept his eye on the child. Further experiments and logical thinking brought him to this conclusion; Diva's genes were there, buried, hidden and twisted into the human ones, taking no effect. But at the time when the original Diva had ceased aging, at the time when she had truly awoken, Amshel suspected that Diva's genes would awaken, changing the human girl into his queen.

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