Brief explaination of what the hell all this is:

Okie dokies, I write fics for the batfic_contest over on livejournal. Every two weeks there's a new prompt; either for drabbles of less than 500 words or one-shots of more than 500 words. Previously I've posted these as separate fics but I have been rather [read "appallingly"] lax and haven't posted any since last July, so to save completely spamming the place I'm sticking them under one story but in separate chapters.

These fics are of varying length, feature various characters, and are of distinctly varying quality! I don't edit or re-write them – this is pretty much just an archive record of what I've entered for the comm – and some were pretty last-minute rush jobs on the final evening before the deadline. To be honest I have very little memory of even writing some of them (I assume they're mine because I don't know why anyone else would break into my house and write Bat-fanfic on my computer in the middle of the night...) Apologies for any glaring errors or inconsistencies, or slightly dodgy formatting – uploading them all takes long enough as it is, and I am decidedly lazy about grammar-proof-reading something ten months after I actually wrote it.

Harley Quinn and the Joker are my primary characters, with a JxHQ pairing in mind, but I believe that this bunch of fics also includes the Riddler, Bruce Wayne, Dick Grayson and some OC's. Each fic will start with the headers from the comm so that covers who is in what, any relevant warnings, ratings and so on. There are also the original author's notes at the end, which are mostly throw-away or just bizarre and make little sense even to me! Those aside, hopefully it's all fairly self-explanatory and you might find something interesting. All being well, more "chapters" will be uploaded as I go along.

All comments are very welcome, and thanks for reading.