-One year before Robin returns- Sparrow Little was with her mother in the market trying to haggle with one of the merchants for some spare scraps of anything he had to eat.

"You sure go through a lot of scraps, Fanny." The merchant said good naturedly.

"I've got six little ones to feed so o' course I goes through a lot of scraps." Just then the sheriff and his cousin walked up to the two women and the sheriff gave a lecherous smile to Sparrow.

"Perhaps I can be of assistance." He commented as Sparrow hid behind her mother. "In exchange for a small tax, of course."

"Thanks but no thanks." Fanny said grabbing her basket and heading home. Guy of Gisborne circled around and knocked the basket out of Fanny's hands, and dutifully Sparrow knelt down and picked up what little they had gathered.

"I expect to see the girl in my chambers tonight and I will reward you greatly for your cooperation." Sparrow was a young woman of sixteen who spoke very little, you'd think there would be a swarm of men wanting to make her their bride but there wasn't so her only protection was her mother.

"Sparrow listen to me I want you to leave when we get home, remember what we talked about?"

"Yes, mother, but if it could help feed us wouldn't it be better for me to-"

"Hush your mouth child! I'll not be having a child o' mine whoring herself to the likes of Nottingham for a piece of his mercy. I'd rather eat straw."

"Yes, mother." And so when the two women returned to their house Sparrow quickly donned her cloak which was barely thick enough to keep her warm and slipped out of the village. Hungry, cold and tired by the time she reached the river in Sherwood Forest Sparrow had no strength left and collapsed as she was crossing. John rushed out of the brush after he saw his oldest child walking toward him.

"Sparrow!" He yelled running across the river. He picked her up and cursed feeling how little she weighed.

"Father!" Wulf came out of the brush and stared at his mighty father holding what at one time had been Sparrow Little.

"Damn Nottingham, look at what he's done to my beautiful daughter." John cried as they headed for camp. He laid her down in one of the huts and she groaned in her dreamless state.

"Father is that you?"

"Yes, Sparrow, I'm here you rest." He and Wulf stared at the girl. Her bright red hair that she had inherited from her mother was braided down her back and she looked like she hadn't eaten in a month. Will Scarlett came in and stared at all three Littles, apparently neither John nor Wulf could think of what to do about the girl's health.

"Wulf, go hunt down a rabbit or a chicken if you can find one. John go and boil some water, we need to make a broth for her." Will directed and was relieved when both men followed his instructions. He looked at this young woman and wondered what could have driven her to seek out shelter in Sherwood.