They made their way back to camp and tried to slip in unnoticed but were spotted by Wulf who didn't say anything but was most curious as to why his sister was wearing Will's vest, he slipped over to her hut and stood silently outside the door listening.

"Thank you, Will. I'll mend my dress tonight and sleep late in the morning." Sparrow sounding tired.

"Is there anything I can do to help with the pain?" In the small hut Sparrow looked at Will and he could read the reply there, he'd done all he could for her. He wanted to ask about the promise the Elizabeth had been talking about but knew it wasn't his place. "Take it easy over the next couple of days and give yourself time to recover." Sparrow smiled her gratitude to Will who then stepped out of the hut slipping his vest back on, unaware of the eyes that followed him. She slipped her dress off then began to mend it the best she could, crying silently. Not that long ago she had told Will that she would trust Elizabeth and Arthur with her life and Elizabeth had attempted to take her life, because she had forgotten a promise she had made on their wedding day. Sparrow rubbed her throat thinking about the rope that had been placed there only an hour ago. The next day she slept long past the morning hour and still felt too sore to get up, but knew that if she didn't then the men would be worried. Wincing she got up, got dressed and then stepped out of her hut to see all the men staring at her. She smiled weakly and grabbed her basket of scraps.

"What are you making this time?" Wulf asked sitting next to her and noting how stiffly she sat.

"A blanket for you, winter it coming fast, little brother." Sparrow replied, as her fingers nimbly worked on her newest project. She stared unseeingly at the center of camp thinking of Bartholomew. He'd been such a sweet young man who would meet her just outside of the village only for the pleasure of her singing. It had broken her heart the day a half starved beggar had murdered him just for the coins in his purse. Sparrow had only been standing a few feet away and seeing something so terrible happen to someone so kind had stolen her will to sing.

"Why are you crying?" Wulf's voice jerked her out of her thoughts so fast it made her jump.

"Just visiting a sad memory, you run along now, while I work on your blanket." She told her brother. He nodded and walked away wondering what had happened between Will and Sparrow yesterday.

Will in fact was by the river carving some chimes to hang in the trees and help with their haunted forest claims his mind like Sparrow's was far from his work though. When he woke up this morning one of the men insinuated that he had deflowered John's precious daughter. He had tried to tell the man that was not what happened but the man was adamant saying he'd heard something about pain, the girl taking time to recover, and then out walks Will redressing. Will frowned, he couldn't let that rumor spread around camp and ruin Sparrow in the eyes of the men. He stood up with his chimes and made his way back to camp to talk to John.