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Explosions gutted the vessel as the squadron of UNSC ships tore the Xanatos [1] apart.

"Shield integrity at twenty-per cent, sir!"

"All Starboard weapon ports are offline! Dear god…all secondary weapons are down!"

On the bridge of the renegade ship, Spartan-Commander Samuel ceaselessly yelled out orders. "Divert all powers from the lower decks! I want the shield back up and operational when those bastards recharge their MACs!"

Samuel was a giant. Even amongst the Spartans. He spoke with a gurgling voice that resembled of a man chewing razorblades.

An engineer protested "But that cuts off all the power away from the Unggoy quart-"

"I do not care for the lives of aliens! I want my ship intact!" Samuel growled.

Biting down further remarks, and fearful to dare question the Spartan-Commander, the engineer typed a series of codes into his console. He knew he had consigned the deaths of hundreds of Unggoy to a cold death.

"Sir, all done. None-essential power rerouted towards shielding and FTL drive. We only managed to-"

A sudden explosion rocked the entire ship. Communication consoles burst into flames and threw the entire bridge in darkness.

The UNSC frigates had fired.

Mac rounds and Archer missiles streaked from the enemy ships. The Xanatos held on as scores of warheads detonated against it's hull.

Samuel grunted as he picked himself up. "What is our drift-" He stopped as he suddenly realised that half his bridge crew was dead. The body of an ensign, decapitated by a piece of shrapnel, slumped in the chair of the engine reactor readout. The screen was blown outwards.

Samuel called up the energy readouts from his HUD and assessed the situation. He swore as he saw the shields were less than thirty-precent charged. They were scrapping as much juice as possible to survive the next volley before attempting a jump.

Innumerable flashing icons arrayed in front of him. The X-Type 32 interface for his command variant armour allowed the user to act as a portable command unit on board a ship. It was specially designed for Spartan-Commanders to lead naval engagements.

The layout of the Xanatos displayed across his HUD.

He saw that there were several hull breaches indicated by angry red flashes. A few of them could be isolated by sealing them until repairs could be made when safe. However, the breach on the third deck showed a sizable breach.

"S-sir! We ha-have boarders!" one of the surviving officers cried out, confirming his fears.

Samuel cursed out loud. The last impact was meant to cripple its engines and lower it shields enough to send boarders in to storm the ship. The three Ravager-frigates had enough firepower to destroy the Xanatos, yet they risked to engage a boarding action.

"Call all teams to contain third deck! Repel boarders at all cost!"


The sleek shapes of the three Ravager-class frigates descended on the renegade ship.

It had been nearly six months since the Xanatos ran through the naval blockade around New Constantine. During those six months, elements of the sixth fleet were tasked to hunt down the rogue Spartan and his crew.

Captain Richards was a career navy man. Having spent a good part of his adult life fighting the Covenant in the Prowler Corps, he saw hunting the rogue Xanatos a challenge worthy of his skills.

Richard's Prowler Corps were the wolf packs of space warfare; they were the subtle knife cutting off the enemy's life line. Striking from hidden bases, they mount raiding attacks on Covenant shipping making merry hell with their logistics.

Worlds were saved with a timely strike at a Covenant supply line. Covenant armies were left without food and ammunition, fleets without plasma and fuel.

What Richard did not understand was why ONI wanted the ship to be captured rather than destroyed. For this task, they sent in a company of ODSTs specially equipped for boarding actions. He had seen them embark at his ships on the onset of the mission. Ninety of the most ruthless and cold-blooded soldiers not wearing a suit of Mjolnr armour.

He had precise orders not to destroy the ship. Instead, cripple it and let the ODSTs take it over.

"Captain, the boarding parties have stormed the ship. All CIWS has been eliminated. The ODSTs entered without a hitch."

Richard nodded. "Stand at the ready. I don't want any surprises; the Xanatos is a Halcyon-class cruiser, a ship known for their durability. The Xanatos stood against three Covenant frigates and emerged victorious."

The Xanatos during the Martian campaign had, in a fit of suicidal bravery, took down two enemy frigates and crippled one before escaping.

Richard had read the reports. It was a manoeuvre worthy of being listed alongside other exploits such as the Keyes Loop and the Cole Gamble.

Now they were marked as traitors and hunted down like pirates rather than hailed as heroes.

Richard surveyed the wounded prey in front of him. He wondered how the crew of the Xanatos were holding up.


Saito-432 fired a burst from his machine-gun. The first few rounds deflected from the energy shielding surrounding the ODST's powered armour before the heavy calibre rounds overloaded the shield. But the ODST were already in cover with the rest of its unit before Saito could finish him off.

He cursed. They were good; Saito had to give them that.

Barley twenty-minutes had passed since the enemy stormed out of the third deck and spread itself throughout the ship like vermin. An apt comparison, he had to admit.

Saito keyed in his inter-unit radio. "Theta-3, this is Theta-2. Where the hell are you?"

A female voice replied with the chatter of heavy gunfire in the background. "We are engaging heavy fire from the mess hall on deck 2! The enemy is approaching the bridge. All Unggoy auxiliaries and naval troopers are down, it's only Theta-3 left!"

Saito pulled out the layout of the ship and saw the blinking icon of Theta-3. He was glad that the UNSC had not yet hacked into the ships battle-net. They still enjoyed the luxury of unencrypted messages but it was only a matter of time for their much more advanced AIs to break through.

"Shit. Hold your position, Lisa! I'll take Theta-2 and rendezvous with you."

The fire was getting intense. The ODSTs were in squad strength, ten of them spread out across the corridor. A few had heavy boarding-shields and were providing cover for their comrades while they advanced. More were coming by the sounds of radio chatter.

"Oh shit," Saito swore.

A Spartan exploded from the air-ducts. Dan was a heavy set man clad in a suit of Mjolnr mark V. It was a rarity for those aboard the Xanatos to be wearing their original issued equipment. The years following their self-exodus had made them more reliant on raiding for supplies. Saito himself wore a bastardised mix of parts. His original Mark VI was all but replaced saved for his chest piece and left pauldron.

It was a trap. Saito had been the snare and Dan the hammer. And now the tables have turned.

Dan had planted half a dozen directional anti-personnel mines beneath him. As soon as the ODSTs made their way towards Saito, the mines detonated forwards towards the heads of the advancing ODSTs. Explosive shrapnel rained downwards and eliminated half of them outright and putting the rest into shock.

Dan brought out his weapon, a hand held flamethrower. The ODSTs screamed as they were lit up like Roman candles.

"You want me?!" Dan screamed, almost psychotically. He forged a path with his weapon, his own shields deflecting the rounds firing at him.

But more and more ODSTs were coming through. Dan had made a hole for them to escape from the ever tightening grip and they ran. Gun fire chased them, too many had found their mark but their energy shielding negated their effect.

"Move to deck-2. We meet up with the rest of Theta," Saito said. "We are too spread out to cover all boarding teams as well as critical areas. We have to break out from their cordon and strike at them."

"We can't go anywhere," said Dan. "Our exit is blocked by ODSTs; we have to go around engineering and into the service maintenance walk ways. Though I would expect they now have that covered as well."

"Tom and Theta-4 have engaged in the hangar bays. Maybe we can gather them- hold on." He raised his weapon and took down one of the ODSTs advancing with a primed grenade. The force of the bullets knocked him back and the grenade detonated prematurely in his hands.

Blood and bone fragments splattered the Spartans. The sergeant was still alive but his right arm ended at his elbow. Saito and Dan just ran past the screaming soldier.

"Fuck, these bastards are tough." Saito remarked as a hail of rifle fire came from a group of ODSTs that appeared right around the corridor. He returned fire from his light machine-gun. The weapon's buckle was barley felt in his gauntleted hands.

"The enemy has railguns!"

"Shit, powered armour and anti-Spartan weaponry? ONI really hates u-."

There was a sound of electrical discharge and then a whoosh as the railgun fired. Dan pulled Saito to the floor. "Get down!"

At such close range the ferro-steel slug would've liquefied the Spartans regardless of their shielding. During that split second before impact and detonation, Dan and Saito diverted all power towards their energy shielding.

Dan's well maintained Mark V could safely use the armour locking capability without sacrificing processing power. This meant that he could be combat ready as soon as his shield was back to normal.

Saito had no such luck. The overcharged shielding had taxed his fusion plant to the limit. He felt his vision go dark as the HUD shut down. He could not move.

Dan swore colourfully as he saw the ODSTs advanced from cover. The crack from their rifles meant that they were throwing cover fire for their advancing brethren. He fired off a gush of flame towards the ODSTs. It incinerated the man with the railgun.

"Get the hell up, Saito!" Dan cried.

An ODST with the stripes of a sergeant was incinerated as Dan sent another stream of flames at the advancing enemy. Two others yelped and screamed as the flames caught on. The chemical reactant within the gout of flames caused the ODST's shields to flicker and die before consuming them.

Inside the suit of armour, Saito swore at his helplessness.

No! I will not fail!

He fought against the restraints of his armour. He saw his 10 year old form, his wails and cries against an uncaring universe. He remembered the state of his comrades on Mars, Reach and numberless other battlefields as they were flash fried from Covenant weapons.

He heard a yell of pain. It was Dan.

"Dan! Dan! Are you okay?" Saito yelled into the radio.

Static answered him.

He heard more gunfire; more screams and the smell of bunt flesh and napalm.

Is he hit? Is he down? He attempted to turn his view around to try to see what was going on. His visor showed nothing but blank static. The stolen helmet was an old Mark IV model which did not allow for depolarisation.

Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! I have to help him! I will not be confined like this!

What seems like an age, Saito sensed a flicker of power flowing through his neural interface. Data streams and targeting solutions scrolled down his HUD as his systems restarted. He felt his fingers curling as he manipulated it through his gauntlet.

Finally, his armour whirred into life. He cranked his head around to see his comrade.

Dan lay slumped against the blast barricade. A group of ODSTs surrounded him. The big Spartan was still alive, judging from the life signs showing in his unit HUD.

Only barely.

"Finally got one, huh sarge?" One of the ODSTs smirked.

"Think he's alive." The Sergeant remarked.

"What? We put enough holes in him to down a goddamn Elite!"

"Take his helmet off. I want to see the bastard who gutted McArthur."


Saito could do nothing but watch. Rage boiled up inside him.


He willed with all his might to move, to reach out for a weapon. Something he could do to save his friend. He thought to scream out, to distract them from finishing off Dan.

"Don't do it, Saito." That came over the radio link. "I'm dead anyway, my spines cracked and can't feel anything. Unlike you, I don't have the chems in my brain to keep me moving."

"I. Will. Not. Leave. You!" Saito said through grated teeth.

Dan's only reply was a laugh. The ODST noticed this and immediately trained their weapons onto the downed Spartan.

"Shit," the sergeant remarked "he's awake."

"Just finish him off now!"


"Sir, slipspace engine charged! We are awaiting confirmation for the rest of engineering-"

"Do it!"

The space around the Xanatos exploded.


Dozens of crewmen and ODSTs were swept away as the Xanatos escaped into slipspace.

On deck three, having already been weakened by the boarding torpedos, it completely exposed itself to the mercies of space. The ODSTs, those not mag locked into the deck, were sucked out and into slipspace.

The death toll reached approximately 134 naval crewmen, 210 Unggoy labourers, 64 ODST troopers and 3 Spartans.

Saito 432 was amongst the losses.


Within the depths of space and time a cosmic sentience became aware of an anomaly. Its mind was ancient beyond compare, having been birthed before time became a concept of temporal measurement.

A mortal mind could not comprehend such a being. To even take a glimpse of this eldritch sentience risked having the fabric of reality warp and tear.

It was a pool of swirling energies, thoughts and emotions of a hundred galaxies. It was pure Chaos.

And something was wrong.

This sentinence detected an anomally. In a micro second, the eldritch horror calculated how this would affect his current plans.

It went through a hundred thousand possible lifetimes, seeking a way to use the anomally to its advantage.

The sentience gave an equivalent of a grin which would've been strikingly similar to an avian creature taking his hands and linking it together under its beak.

"Just as planned…"


Saito woke up to the sound of voices.

The first thing he noticed was a clear blue sky. He knew immediatley that he was not aboard the Xanatos.

The second item of interest was a crowd surrounding him.

They were clad in robes and capes which was alien to the Spartan. It resembled more of a fantasy land. The castle in the background and the strange animals seems to support that.

If this was what the afterlife was like, he was disappointed.

He felt the familiar shape of his stowaway weapon in his holster and the combat dagger in his boot.

He was not caught completely unprepared.

Where am I?

"Qui êtes-vous?"

Saito glanced at the direction where the question originated from. A short girl, who appeared to be in her young teens, approached him. She was wearing the black cloak like the other children as well as a white blouse and a grey pleated skirt.

Her hair was…pink?

"I-I'm sorry? I don't understand?" he managed to say. He didn't know if he should reach for his weapon or question them for answers. But that would be moot since they didn't seem to speak English.

"Par le Fondateur! Louise a convoqué un golem!" someone from the crowd of children shouted out and the rest of them laughed and jeered at the little pink-haired girl.

"I. .. J'ai juste fait une petite erreur!"

"De quelle erreur parles-tu? C'est toujours comme ça que ça se passe." A balding middle-aged man replied.

Saito speculated that he was in some sort of…school. It did not resemble any educational facilities anywhere in the UNSC.

Judging from the clear skies and the lack of any building of complex human origin, save the castle, he was in some fringe world in the outer colonies.

"Bien sûr! Après tout, c'est Louise La Zéro!" The crowd taunted.

"Attendez, je vais lancer un sort de traduction." The balding man waved his arms and incanted a stream of words. Saito felt a tingling sensation within him. He shook himself from the stupor and immediately drew out his firearm.

It was a trophy weapon that Saito had taken from the hands of an ONI operative. It was a civilian weapon, a loose variation of the popular M6 used by the military. Due to its large calibre and its ability to stop a raging Brute with a single shot, it has been affectionately called the Stomper [2].

"I demand to know where the hell I am!"

The crowd immediately gasped and drew back. A few looked as if they were going to faint.

"Holy Founder, He can talk?!"

"Forget about him talking. Why is a golem using a gun?"

Saito perked up. They're speaking English?

"You can hear me?" he asked hesitantly. His Stomper was on safe mode and finger away from the trigger. They are still children; surely they would not pose much of a threat?

"Louise, please continue the ritual."

"Y-yes," the pink haired girl stammered.

"What are you-" Saito was taken aback when the pink haired girl advanced towards him. She was short compared to the other children, only barley coming up to his chest. But she held a pose that reek of self-confidence and pride.

"My name is Louise Françoise Le Blanc de La Vallière. Pentagon of the Five Elemental Powers; bless this humble being, and make him my familiar."

Then she kissed him.

She had to tip toe up to even reach his neck. Louise would've never even reached his head if he had not tilted his head down to meet the girl. She kissed his visor. If the situation had not been so bizarre, Saito would've laughed madly.

Then he felt pain.

It was a burning sensation in his left hand. Saito felt as if someone took a burning hot poker and branded him. It was nothing compared to taking a plasma bolt head to the chest or feeling your own bones restructures itself after augmentation.

Still, it hurt like a son of a bitch.

"Now you are my familiair," Louise said, "you will now obe-"

Saito grabbed Louise with his left arm, taking her hostage. His Stomper pressed against her head.

"Nobody move! I demand to know where the hell I am!"



[1]The Xanatos

The Halcyon-class cruiser was first constructed over the shipyards over Mars in 2515 before its completion in 2519. Like all Halcyon-class cruisers, it was mothballed due to its advanced age. As the Covenant War progressed, these ships were taken out of storage and refitted to meet the Covenant threat.

The Xanatos was one of the many hundreds of ships refitted over Mars. However, instead of being diverted to the main theatres in the Eastward Rim or the defence of the Inner Colonies, the Xanatos was specifically designed for Spartan IIIs and ONI operatives where prowlers are often unavailable.

Instead of the modernised weapon systems other Halcyon-class incorporated, the Xanatos spotted an improved command and control relay for coordination between ground troops. A dozen Archer missile ports were taken away and instead the hangar space was enlarged in order to increase ground deployment capabilities.

Its first engagement was to suppress rebellions over Cyprus II where the Spartan IIIs took down insurgent strongholds in a matter of weeks. Rumours of massacres and heavy handed approach towards the rebellion were rife throughout the peacekeeping force.

From there, it participated in dozens of missions including liquidating rogue ONI cells and supporting UNSC engagements.

It was at the Martian campaign in 2552 where it truly excelled itself. The Xanatos, provided orbit to surface fire support for advancing UNSC troops to counter the Covenant foothold on the planet. Three Covenant frigates intercepted the Xanatos and destroyed its frigate escorts before taking on the lone cruiser. The Xanatos took the three ships head on and emerged victorious.

After the routing of Covenant forces from the Sol system in 2555, ONI declared the crew of the Xanatos renegades and charged them with treason. Instead of complying with the charges, the Spartan-Commander fought its way from New Constantine, crippling two cruisers and repelling boarders.

The treason of the Xanatos and her crew coincided with the surge in the rebellion throughout UNSC territories. ONI suppression teams found that their Spartan III troops turned upon them and joined in the rebellion. Entire planets and systems were engaged in fresh conflicts against the UNSC with Spartan cells joining in the endless round of warfare.

The Xanatos preyed on UNSC supply lines for months before a special task group were formed to hunt them down.

[2] Saturn Armouries Special .66 "The Stomper"

A civilian handgun used against big game, this weapon became used unofficially when against Brutes and Hunters due to its tremendous strength. The weapon is a close copy to the military's M6 with a slight modification in its gas output to handle its recoil.

Editor's note:

Welcome, readers, to my story, "Spartan of Zero". Here would be my own interpretation of Madork Gunna's Necron Familiar challenge. Obviously this is not Warhammer 40,000 but rather Halo entering into the world of "Zero no Tsukaima" or "Familiar of Zero".

Here Saito is a Spartan III belonging to a renegade faction in the post-Covenant War. While the reason for his betrayal is not stated yet, it would be elaborated later in the series. I have plotted another story related more to Spartan-Commander Samuel in my other main project.

The story would be diverging heavily from canon materials due to the new Saito. I would also be using my own interpretation of ZnT canon for story sake. So I guess its pretty AU in some points.

I'll also apologise for the raping of the French language and I beg forgiveness for any language errors.

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