"Time for your nap, Quinny!" Rachel walked into the living room where Quinn sat on the floor, watching Dora the Explorer and drinking apple juice out of her sippy cup.

"I busy. Come back later," Quinn said in her little lispy voice so later came out as waitor.

"Quinny, that's no way to talk to an adult. You will take your nap," Rachel said, bending down to pick her sister up.

"But I not tired," Quinn replied, trying to hide her loud yawn from Rachel.

"Yes you are, Quinny. Don't deny it," Rachel said, taking her into the toddler room, with toddler equipment specifically built for adults. She placed Quinn up on the changing table and took off the unused pull up and tossed it in the trash. She took out a diaper with the ABC's on it, and taped it up.

"I no need diaper," Quinn said, crossing her arms and furrowing hereyebrows.

"Yes you do, sweetie. You aren't fully trained when you sleep yet," Rachel said, carrying the girl to the large crib.

"I not a baby Rachel," Quinn said, pouting.

"I know, sweetie. But Dad and Daddy are the ones to decide when you don't need to wear diapers anymore," Rachel said, pulling the door of the crib up so Quinn couldn't escape for her nap.

"Why I sleep in a crib? I'm a big girl! I want a a big girl bed!" Quinn said, pounding her fists to the mattress of the bed.

"It's only for your own safety, Quinny. We don't want you falling over and hitting your little head!" Rachel said, putting one more blanket over Quinn over the bars before turning the lights off and closing the door.

Rachel walked into the kitchen, getting out another one of Quinn's sippy cups and filled it with chocolate soy milk. She took out an apple, and started cutting it into chewable pieces.

Half an hour later, Quinn had woken up again and Quinn went to go get her.

"Did you sleep well, Quinny?" Rachel asked, picking up the girl out of the crib and carrying her out of the room. Quinn just nodded, yawning and rubbing her tired eyes. "You want to sleep more or you want your snack?"

"Snack," Quinn replied, but her tired voice made it sound like 'snake'.

"Ok, sweetie. Just go sit down in the living room," Rachel said, placing Quinn on the ground. Quinn slowly crawled into the room, plopping down on her diapered butt.

"Want me to feed you or you want to eat it yourself?" Rachel asked, laying down on her stomach next to Quinn.

"Feed," Quinn said, blinking tiredly still.

"Ok, open," Rachel said, picking up a tiny piece of apple and inserting it in Rachel's mouth. She put the sippy cup in Quinn's hands incase she wanted a drink. Quinn mashed the food with her teeth and swallowed. "Open," Rachel said again, as she put another apple piece into her mouth. The door opened as her Daddy ran up the steps after shutting the door.

"Daddy!" Quinn eyes opened, clapping as the berry man came into her view.

"Hey Quinny," he bent down and kissed her. "Why you wearing a diaper, silly girl?"

"She just got up from her nap," Rachel said, putting another apple piece in her mouth.

"Ahh," he replied, shaking Quinn's hair before walking into the kitchen. "I'm going to start dinner. Pizza sound good to you guys?"

"Sounds good to me," Rachel said. "What about you Quinny? You want pizza?"

"Yes," Quinn replied, reaching for another apple piece.