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Summary: Luffy and Co. Arrive to a small island in the New World, Upon exploring, something dramatic befalls Luffy. Can the crew help him pull himself together? LuNa fic but with adventures and Straw Hats nakamaship.

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Chapter I: What is a Vulcan Anyway?
By Kaoru likes One Piece

Hell, the new World was a rookie pirate's Hell. And it truly was for a normal pirate crew. But Mugiwara no Kaizoku was NOT a normal crew, at all.

They had what their Captain believed to be the very best navigator in the world, now trained in the sky island Weatheria, and the very best ship built by Franky a man trained under Tom, the same man that built the last Pirate King's Oro Jackson. Yes, Luffy trusted his crew's abilities, but they were all getting tired.

The New World was getting on everyone's nerves, not only did they have to watch for the cruelty of this sea, but they also had to watch out for other very strong pirate opponents AND marine vessels constantly trying to hunt them down.

He wasn't as naïve as everyone thought he was, he had been watching his crew closely, Zoro and Sanji bickering more frequently, Nami's dark eye bags, the Navigator working double shifts, constantly on watch on this treacherous sea. Ussop's bullshit tales getting boring and Chopper's valiant effort to listen to them. He also noticed Franky muttering away while hammering random stuff and Brook getting on everyone's nerves with his creepy laugh. In resume, his crew was stressed and so was he. He did put a happy front, he was the captain after all, and felt part of his duty was to keep everyone happy, but if he had to be stranded on the Sunny (as much as he loved his Ship) for another week, he would eat his hat.

So, when he heard Brook's cry out "LAND HO!" from the crow's nest he was truly exited, to put it mildly.

"AN ISLAND! Nami, an ISLAND! Did you see!" he shouted to the sky and to everyone from his seat in Sunny's Lion figurine.

Nami could only smile at her captain's childish behavior, not bothered in the slightest by it.

Ussopp took his binoculars and looked for a few seconds before saying "looks like a desert island and mmm wait, there's a volcano!".

Nami double checked her log pose and sighed "This is weird; that is not the Island the log pose points to. I think this doesn't have a magnetic field of its own… but why".

"A Vulcan?" asked Luffy confused. "oi Nami what is a Vulcan?"

"VOLCANO, BAKA! It's a whole mountain whit melting lava inside, like the one we saw underwater, remember?"

"Really? COOL!" star in the captain's eyes.

"So we can land here without modifying the pose" Robin added.

"That… is up to him, ne Senchou" said Zoro seriously.

The crew stood silently while Luffy thought things over, the captain was looking ahead, towards the island, and they couldn't see his face. This island didn't smell much of an adventure to him, but they needed to restock as much as they could, they also needed a break

Then he turned around with a big smile "Shihihihihi!".

Nami laughed whole heartily "why do we even we bother asking"

Luffy jumped on deck and still smiling shouted to everyone to hear "then everyone! Lets take a rest here!"

A few hours later, they were having a barbecue on the beach, with the women lying on chairs and drinking tropical drinks, courtesy of Sanji.

The rest of the group was happily listening melodies sung by Brook while everyone had a big mug of cold beer in their hand. The island was small, had a rocky canyon, a forest of palm trees, the volcano sat on opposite side of the beach, and nothing more, there weren't any big animals nor many fruits, it was simple but breathtaking. Nami had the theory that it was a volcanic island, that is, an island created by time and countless volcanic explosions over the millennia, which could explain the lack of magnetic pull.

Luffy listened with an interested face and Nami noted that since they got together after the two year separation he tried to act more serious in certain situations, still, Luffy was Luffy, and as much as he nodded his head Nami knew he didn't understand a thing she was saying.

"So, to resume, it's a Mystery Island" She said smiling.

Luffy punched his palm and exclaimed "That explains it all!"

The crew laughed out loud.

Suddenly Usopp blurted "Oi Luffy, don't you think this island would be a good spot to hide a treasure?"

Luffy stopped chewing a big meat leg he had snatched and opened his eyes like saucers.

"Idiot" Nami said, "who would be so stupid as to hide treasure on an island like this? With no magnetic field, it would be impossible to find it back".

Luffy just stood up with a jump and stuck his tongue out to her, while pulling his eyelid "I smell adventure! Shihihihi".

Chopper jumped to his feet, bored as he was he longed for something fun to do. Nami didn't knew how, but bags and shovels appeared in Usopp and Luffy's hands from nowhere, with Chopper following close behind. The rest of the crew ignored they antics, deciding that they much rather take a rest than go walk and sweat in the heat.

Before the trio could disappear from view Nami yelled "Don't go too far and return before dark!"

The trio returned a distant "Haiiii!"

Robin laughed at their antics, and she almost told Nami that she would make a good mom some day, but resisted, Sanji was near and she didn't want the love-cook going into fantasy mode about being father of the Navigator's children.

About an hour later, around mid afternoon, Nami took chance while the cook returned to Sunny for more Ice cubes and she stood up, stretching "I'm going for a walk" she announced to the other woman. Robin understood that she wanted to have some alone time and just nodded, going back to her book.

The red head walked to the rocky area, west of the Sunny, that is where the canyon ended joined with the beach, she was on the mood for exploring and she also wanted to sketch the island, even if it wasn't big she was going to document it the ship's log.

When she reached the rocks she noticed an opening that lead to a cave, she climbed the slippery mossy surface and soon she was inside, gasping at the beauty of it all.

The cavern was hollow at the top, and the sun reached in a beam to a small waterfall that was in the back, it lead to a crystal clear sea lake, she could watch the ocean floor several feet deep, there was a coral reef and tropical fish all over, since it was shaped like a small pond, there was no risk of sea kings or other dangerous creatures about.

"wow" she whispered, her breath took away by such a beautiful display of nature. She took off her beach wrap and stood only in bikini, tested the water with her right foot and then jumped into it.

She swam gracefully for long minutes, eyes closed, just listening to the relaxing sound of the running water. As much as she loved her nakama and missed them terribly in the two years they were apart, she needed this break. Ever since they reunited they hadn't had a rest, first, the mess at Fishman Island, (she came to Hate that place), then, when they finally got into the New World, Marines were on their tales, and then, a bunch of aggressive pirates firing away to Sunny in the middle of the night.

She was deep in thought when a rumbling shout made her jump in surprise

"Oi Nami, whacha doing down there?" shelled Luffy from the very opening on the roof, his head peeking inside the cave.

-Goodbye to quiet and relaxing-, Nami thought with a chuckle. "Luffy, what are you doing up there?" her voice echoed.

The captain just smiled and with a joyful cry he jumped in, graving the cave's border, using his arm as a sort of jumping rope.

"Watch out Luffy the rocks are very slip…!"

Before she could finish the rubber man's sandal slipped and he fell to the water with a loud splash. Nami quickly swam to him and with some effort took him to safety.

"Baka" she whispered while panting with effort, her body full of adrenaline.

They both were lying on their backs for a while, taking big gulps of air until Luffy recovered and started laughing "I almost died!"

Nami frowned and punched him on his arm "that is not funny Luffy".

He ignored her, grinning, and just asked "so what are you doing here?"

"Exploring" he responded, simply.

Luffy sat on the edge of the rocks, with his feet touching the water, while Nami just jumped in and started swimming again. The Mugiwara boy was silent looking all the colorful fishes and the coral underneath, he spotted something shiny and shouted "Nami, look!" he said while pointing.

Nami looked and smiled with joy, "a clam!"

How could have she miss it before!

She submerged and Luffy followed her figure for a couple of minutes, he could see she was pulling hard at something. She went back to the surface and took a deep breath, and then she smiled widely.

"look!" she said happily, she reached for Luffy and took his hand, depositing something on it. When he opened his fist, he saw a white marble in his hand.

"Amazing!" he said exited. Then suddenly, he looked downcast and deep in thought.

"What Is it?" Nami asked,

"I cannot dive down there… and it looks amazing".

Nami just smiled softly "we were just at Fishman island a while ago, idiot"

"…not the same" muttered Luffy.

It was ironic, the Navigator thought, how could somebody SO strong, be so weak in the water, not only weak, totally helpless , she guessed it was the price to pay for his awesome gomu gomu no mi abilities.. but still, it was a little sad.

She felt something unpleasant in her chest when she saw his downcast look. "Ne Luffy, how much time can your hold your breath underwater?"

"About a couple of minutes, at most, but I do feel too weak… why?"

"I have an idea" Nami smiled.

Luffy, who was never afraid of adventure and also lacked any sense of self preservation didn't hesitate at all at accepting his navigator's crazy idea. She proposed that he should grab her from behind, with his arms around her neck, while she dived and took him to the bottom, where the coral reef was. She told him all he had to do was hold his breath and she would do the rest.

Nami hoped the plan went smoothly… or else… she shuddered at the thought of having to explain her fellow nakama why they were capitain-less over a crazy idea she got.

Never to refuse an stupid idea, Luffy took off his shirt, and Nami held her breath, the sun glistened in his strong abdomen, he was still wet from the previous accident and his hair fell messily all over his face. Nami stoped her eyes on his right shoulder tattoo… maybe that's why he now used long sleeves? 3D2Y…

Nami thought that he DID had grown in this two years. Her eyes stopped on the terrible scar in his chest, but before she could say something, he sat on the border of the rocks, waiting for Nami to came over and help him. She did so and soon, she could feel his arms around her neck… his chest across her back, and his chin in the hollow of her neck. She could feel his soft breath on her ear. She felt estrange, comfortable, warm, intrigued.

But before she got to ponder it anymore she interrupted herself "Take a deep breath Luffy, we are gonna dive".

He did, and soon they were deep in the water. Luffy's first reaction was to panic, but then he reminded himself that he trusted Nami, with his life. She would make sure nothing bad happened to him, and with that thought he dared opening his eyes and enjoy the sub aquatic view.

Nami turned to check his face every now and then, to make sure he was doing fine. Luffy pointed weakly to another seashell and Nami swam towards it, she took more time than she intended, fighting with the shell, trying to get another pearl out. As soon as she did, she could feel Luffy tugging at her. She turned quickly, searching his eyes and gasped when she saw his half drowned face, his eyes rolling back. Scared, she took his mouth to her, and breathed all the air she had left into him. She was an excellent diver, and she could hold her breath for longer than three minutes. Luffy opened his eyes in surprise, and was soon pulled to the surface at full speed, when they both came out taking deep breaths.

"Are you ok Luffy?" she asked agitated.

"Hai" he said weakly.

Nami thought he did not look so good and making use of uncommon strength for a woman her size dragged Luffy to shore where she pulled him with a mighty push above the rocks. She remained in the water, too tired to climb up herself and panting hard for the effort.

Luffy starting laughing out loud,

"Idiot… only YOU could laugh in the face of something so dangerous"

The captain stood up and reached a hand to his navigator, she smiled and gladly took it, and with a tug Luffy pulled her out the water, (he used too much force) and she fell over his chest, he graved her so she wouldn't fall.

Nami blushed when their eyes met. 'What Is it with me today' she thought.

Not breaking eye contact, Luffy whispered "arigatou… Nami". She only smiled a little, feeling very comfortable in his arms to make a move. They were like that for many seconds, until Luffy realized he was grabbing her waist and let go laughing stupidly.

The moment was lost and soon they were both getting dressed and ready to return to the beach with the rest of the crew.

As soon as they left the cave, Luffy offered his hand to help Nami climb down the slippery rocks, she covered her eyes with a hand "the sun is very strong in this summer island".

Luffy watched her for a few seconds and with a serious look on his face took off his straw hat and pushed it on Nami's head, not saying a word. She was surprised and smiled sweetly at him.

Over the beach, Sanji was preparing more tropical drinks, so when his Nami-san returned she could have a fresh cold beverage to cool off her pretty pretty body, his nostrils flared, the hentai thoughts were interrupted with the sound of laughter in the distance, he raised his head and could see captain and navigator, walking side by side.

Nami had Luffy's hat on.

He couldn't make out the words they were saying, but he could hear their laughing and see the playful pushes they were giving each other

If he didn't knew Luffy better, he would have thought they were flirting, but dismissed the idea quickly. Yeah right, Luffy flirting.

"Shitty captain" Sanji muttered.

Robin raised an eyebrow and looked in thought for a few seconds she then sighed, smiled and proceeded to say " So Cook-san, what are you preparing there?" crisis avoided.

They pretty much had a fun afternoon, and when the sun went down the bonfire was still going on, shadows dancing on the night. The Straw hat crew did know how to party away. Nobody wanted to keep watch that night, they were all full of grog and food but finally Nami offered to the task.

She smiled watching everyone asleep around the dying fire with their clothes on, only a thin cover over their bodies protecting them from the cool night breeze. Her eyes traveled across each nakama, memorizing the changes they suffered their last two years apart, Zoro had never explained the scar in his eye, Sanji had that funny goatee, she thought it looked kinda handsome but she would never admit it, lest the cook went into another love rampage. Usopp was a big change, she felt a sisterly pride when she looked at him.

When her eyes stopped on Luffy she just kept staring at the scar on his chest, she was sure he had gotten it in the war but how, it was another matter, and she didn't dare asking. Her eyes scanned every little feature, every scar, she noted he was more muscled, not bulky but definitely he looked stronger. He felt stronger… It was like an aura that irradiated of him.

"You will burn holes on him if you keep staring like that" Nami was startled when she heard the older woman whisper.

"Nani?" Nami asked as Robin settled beside her in a chair.

The archeologist smiled "I have noticed you acting different around senchou-san lately"

Nami blushed and looked away "I don't know what you mean" she tried to sound offended.

"…let's see, you never hit him anymore, you don't shell at him when he suggest something you may have declared idiotic in the past. You stare at him a lot, and I have seen you two chatting very late at night in Lion-chan's head… is that about right?"

-Perceptive witch- Nami thought of the other woman, she stood in silence.

"I'm sorry; you don't have to tell me anything navigator-san"

"It's not that Robin… I…. I feel like… I let him down…"

Both women were whispering, their intimate conversation was covered by the gentle sound of the waves crashing on the Sunny go and the rocks over the coast.

"How's that" Robin asked, surprised.

"I wasn't there"

Nami didn't have to explain anymore, since every crew member of the straw hats felt about the same, they weren't there in Impel Down, they weren't there in the war and they weren't there when Ace… died.

Nami covered her face with her hands, having been suddenly hit by a wave of memories "Robin you… didn't knew Ace… you don't know how much Luffy loved him, I can't imagine him alone suffering like that" it was a regret she carried for more than two years now.

A hand caressed her back and Nami started to feel better, she raised her eyes and could see Robin sipping some coffee. In times like these it felt good to be back with her adopted older sister.

"He is strong" Robin reminded "He is over it Nami-san, and he wouldn't want you or any of us sad over this"

"I know…" Nami whispered, cleaning her tears with the back of her hand "But sometimes when he thinks we are not looking… he…"

"I know" Robin just said. They all had seen him in Sunny's figurine, silent, staring at the horizon, deep in thought. "That is why we are all here, right?" Robin smiled

"Right" Nami did too .

"Go to sleep Navigator-san, you need it, this part of the ocean's making you work to exhaustion"

By now Nami felt so tired that she didn't protest and was soon asleep.

The next day everyone was up late, but soon enough their energetic captain was up to his antics again "So guys I wanna explore de volcano! I bet there's a dragon inside guarding a treasure!"

"Idiot, what makes you think that!" Nami asked, were did that idiotic ideas popped up from anyway?

"Because I said so then it is! There must be a Dragon guarding a treasure because there's a volcano and this is a Mystery Island so THERE!" Luffy logic.

"Can't beat that logic, Navigator-san" Robin said with a smile, Nami just sighed.

"So, who wants to join the volcano exploration team?" asked Luffy.

"Me me!" Chopper jumped up and down. Had Usopp been the same man of two years ago, he would probably say something along the lines of "sorry, I have the cant-go-to-volcano-disease" but since he was a little braver now.

"Me too! I want to see if there's treasure!" the long nose said with emotion.

"I have always wanted to see a real dragon! My heart is trembling with emotion! Oh. Wait, I don't have a heart! Yohohoho!"

Franky wanted to check out Sunny before their next departure, Zoro had a hell of a hangover, Sanji didn't care and Nami didn't believe there was a real treasure, so there was really no motivation for her to go and get all sweaty. Robin just wanted to relax.

"Sanji! Pirate Lunch!"

And then, the small group parted towards a new adventure.

Two hours later, sweaty and with tired feet they finally had reached the base of the volcano mountain. "It's sure is hot here" Chopper complained.

"Yeah Chopper but is nothing compared to that time I feel into a volcano, and was saved by running real quick over the lava!"

"REALLY?" chopper asked with emotion.

The group kept climbing up until they spotted a cave, upon entering, Usopp took out a lantern he had stashed in his handy bag, by now Chopper was really suffering the heath and was stopping to drink from his canteen every few minutes.

"Some parts of this cave sure look manmade" commented Brook thoughtfully.

"Man this is so boring, I wanna see the dragon" Luffy commented with a winy voice.

By the time they were reaching the end of the tunnel the heat was unbearable, Chopper ended up being carried by the sniper. Luffy's tongue was hanging out his mouth and he was dragging his sandals, the only one looking normal –that is as normal as a walking skeleton can be- was Brook.

"This place is making me sweat to the bone! Yohohoho!"

Skull Jokes never got tiring for Luffy but now he was too hot to care and he just made complaining noises. They finally reached the opening and gasped when they saw it reached into the heart of the volcano, it was hollow of course and it had a wide stone path that reached up to the center, surrounded by a lava lake. Surprisingly enough there was an altar at the end of the path, just in the center, right below the top opening-

Looking up, they could see the opening and the sky, clouded by steams of vapors coming out of the melting rocks around them.

"Amazing!" Luffy exclaimed.

By now Chopper looked half dead, with his little tongue hanging out, Usopp carefully helped him to a seated position over the cave's wall.

"I don't think I can go any further guys" the little reindeer commented.

"Don't worry Chopper, just rest here, we will explore the rest of this!" Luffy said with a smile.

"Luffy don't you think that altar looks suspicious? Man I wish Robin had come here" commented the long nose.

Luffy said nothing and reached the stone altar, there were engravings in the stone, they looked ancient and the symbols even if he did not understand them as Robin would it was obvious that the pictures represented sacrifices. They could also see a lizard of some sort eating the sacrificed humans.

"I don't have a good feeling about this… Luffy lets just go, there isn't any treasure here" Usopp added, dreading the troubles there sure were to follow, and pulling his captain's shoulders.

Just then, Luffy's stomach grumbled loudly "yeah.. let's get outta here and eat our lunches"

Usopp smiled, for ONCE his captain was taking a wise choice, even if he had decided with his stomach and not his head. "Mmm yeah I'm so hungry too, I feel hollow inside me! Oh, right, I AM hollow inside YOHOHOHO!".

As they were turning back, heading for the opening where Chopper was, something crawled from behind the three pirates, and made its way towards Luffy's back.

The Straw Hat boy just slapped the thing touching his shoulder "what is it Usopp I already told you we are going back"

The poking persisted, "Wadda ya mean! I didn't do anything" the sniper defended himself.

"Hey stop it Brook!" but when Luffy was complaining he felt something hot and wet in his neck, disgusted he turned around with a jump, and gasped.

The thing poking him was a very large, very reptilian tongue, attached to an enormous lizard thing that had suddenly emerged from the lava. It was as big as a sea king, his scales where red and black and they seemed made of lava itself or maybe it was hard skin, they couldn't tell and wouldn't care anyway, since the thing jumped outside the lava, leaping towards them.

"GREAT! A DRAGON!" Luffy exclaimed exited,

"IDIOT! That is no dragon you dumbass! it's a SA-SA…. A Gigantic SALAMANDER!" Usopp started to run away towards the opening of the cave.

"YOHOHOHO!" Brook screamed, either out of fear or out of emotion nobody could tell. Luffy just stood there and grinned "I wanna tame it!"

Usopp stopped in his tracks, and turned around just in time to see Luffy stand in front of the Salamander, he couldn't see his captain's face but he was sure there was a big grin in the boy's face.

"Luffy what are you doing, even if you tame it that thing is hot as hell! You couldn't ride it or anything!".

Luffy pouted childishly, "well then I only have to kick his ass, and then we can eat it!"

Usopp slapped his face in an exasperated sign and just sighed "Then…. GOOD LUCK!" he gave thumbs up for his captain and ran away towards Chopper. He wasn't being cowardly (or so he though) he just knew Luffy could handle that thing, is all.

"So you wanna eat us huh!" Luffy said, fighting spirit all out. The salamander, unaware of Luffy's four million Bery bounty just jumped towards his lunch, going all out to eat the human snack.

"Gomu gomu no! JET PISTORU!" the punch was so fast that the salamander didn't even saw it coming, and the rubber fist crashed right in his jaw, the poor thing bite its own reptilian tongue. It flew back crashing in the altar and crushing it in a thousand pieces.

"ACH CHI CHI CHI! HOT HOT!" Luffy said shaking his hand wildly and then blowing on it. "Bastard" he added looking at the gigantic reptilian.

The salamander was pissed too, and when Luffy thought the next punch was the last one he would need, the thing opened its mouth very wide and let fire breath come out in a huge wave.

Luffy jumped away, grabbing his hat in the process, more terrified that the straw hat would burn out than getting second degree burns himself. The reptile was very persistent, and kept chasing the Mugiwara captain all over the rocky path leading to the cave, all the way spitting fire at them.

"I had enough of you! Gomu gomu no, Elephant Gun!"

His hand became gigantic and at the same time turned black, hardening by using Busoshoku Haki witch granted him with an "armor" that could harden and protect his hand of the fire.

The punch was so strong and violent that the salamander flied all the way to the back of the cavern, hitting the rocky wall and falling with a loud splash in the hot lava. Of course, after such violent fall the lava river produced a big ass wave, which of course was flying directly to Luffy and co.

"Mmm. Guys, RUN!" Luffy said laughing and running towards the exit, Usopp didn't need to be told twice and picking Chopper up, the four Straw Hat pirates made a run for their lives. They could hear the rumbling sound of the lava in hot pursuit behind them, the cave trembling menacing to fall all over them any second.

Had anyone been outside at that moment they would have seen the group jumping out the cave, a lava rush flying behind them and the captain picking the Skeleton, Sniper and Reindeer doctor in one swift epic movement with one stretched arm, and balancing them out of the harm with another.

They landed after a violent crash above the cave that still was gushing lava out and Luffy started to laugh as if he heard the best joke ever. "That was so fucking fun!"

The rest of the crew sighed, no use in arguing with him about that.

A few kilometers away from the volcano, over the beach, a loud rumbling sound could be he heard over the distance, and when they turned their heads to see, they could see a gush of smoke coming out from the volcano's mouth.

"Those guys" Nami sighed. They all continued their activities without much worry.

It was getting dark, the bon fire was running high and brave, illuminating the entire beach and the crew had already dined, but there was no sign of the exploring party that had gone out at noon.

Zoro had said with a grumble that if they didn't come back by morning, they would have to make a search party and what a troublesome captain, he added.

A while after that, running huffs could be heard from the distance and then the figure of Chopper running towards them wildly in his original reindeer form appeared.

"Guys! guys! It's terrible!" he kept screaming. At the sign of the distressed doctor everyone of the crew gathered around him. Chopper tended to overreact sometimes, but not this much, and seeing him return alone and looking so distressed was to say the last, worrying.

"Calm down Chopper, what is it" Zoro demanded

"Its Luffy! They did something terrible to him!"

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